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SEO strategies to rank a business in a competitive market

SEO strategies

SEO is a digital marketing strategy and is an essential part of business as it seeks customers attention and visibility about their product and service in the online platform. More than half of the population compares products and services online before buying anything. The use of SEO strategies and tools enhances customer reach and is also a cost-effective technique. The traditional businesses that have not converted their business into e-business suffer a lot and have realized that they need to convert the business in order to compete.

What is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a process that helps a business to achieve a huge number of visitors and increase the visibility of the business website in search engines such as Google, Bing, etc. There are SEO strategies that a businessman uses to enhance their website while a person searches for a certain product or service.

Why is SEO important?

  • It helps the website to have a higher rank in search engines.
  • Increases traffic from people who search for goods or services to buy.
  • It provides a good customer experience which in turn increases sales.

What are various SEO strategies to increase the rank of the business?

The several SEO strategies are as follows:                                 

1. On-page optimization

 Improving the structure of the website along with good quality content improves user access. This can be done by improving title names, headings, etc. It leads to enhanced visibility of the website, more traffic, and users being converted to customers and increase your website’s presence online. This increases sales for the business and builds a good reputation and brand recognition in the geographical market.

For example, ZICA Indore is an institute offering several digital marketing courses in Indore. To attract more users, they can:

  • They need to make sure that keywords such as “Digital Marketing courses in Indore” are mentioned on the institute’s website, which makes them easy to find.
  • Nowadays, the use of mobile phones has increased and people usually prefer to search through mobile phones themselves. Thus, it is important to make the website user-friendly and easy to access on mobile phones.
  • People, when trying to access a website, do not consider waiting for a longer period of time for the website to load. Thus, the loading speed of the website should be fast in order to maintain the potential users.
  • A website containing several other internal links makes it easy for a user to have access to other related links and acts as a single platform.
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2. Keyword research

Sound SEO strategies recognizes popular keywords to attract users and increase ranking in the search engine. Keyword research helps people to find relevant products or services being offered by the business entity. Such information is then utilized by the entity to enhance the website and its online presence in the search engine, making it more likely to appear on the top list in the search engine1 when people search for the relevant products.

Easily recognized keywords help business entities to understand what the customer in a larger group needs and demands as per the latest trend. This helps the entity to stand out amongst a number of competitors.

3. Technical SEO

Technicality plays a very important role in retaining users. If the website is not technically well-developed, the users try to access such websites. This involves loading speed, easy access through mobile phones, etc. It includes proper coding and structure of the website in a consumer-friendly manner.

  • It helps in maintaining a good ranking amongst other players in the online market.
  • It increases the chances of the website being easily found and the overall user experience.
  • It increases the reliability and authenticity of the website. Customers easily rely on technically good websites.

For example, if an individual wants to have good food and search for a nearby restaurant to go to, a website which is well-structured and easy to load might attract the individual, thus converting such an individual into a potential consumer.

4. Off-page optimization

It is a strategy that involves several activities outside one’s own website. It helps in improving the reliability of the website, brand building, etc. It is usually done through the promotion of the entity on another website, in online directories or on websites which are industry specific. These industry-specific websites state several reputed competitors in the online platforms. People usually rely on such websites to avail of services or buy certain goods.

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One of the most prevailing off-page optimization tools is Social media marketing. Several social media account handlers have a number of people added to their accounts. This makes it easy for the business to promote its business with the help of such social media account holders.

For example, a fashion product website promotes its business through social media platforms such as Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook, etc. it helps in making people aware of a certain product or service being offered by the company. Therefore, it leads to huge traffic to the website. This is the most common tool used by businesses and is a cost-efficient method.

5. Local SEO

Local SEO is also an important type of SEO strategy to enhance an online business. It involves mention of such local business specific to a defined geographical location where the business serves its products and services on several other websites.

  • It helps in elevated the visibility of the website in the search engine.
  • It makes it easy for people in that locality to avail of the services.
  • It attracts customers present in that area which in return increases the sales of the business.
  • It helps in competing with the small local businesses with the larger business entities present globally.
  • It makes a user to have access to information about the operative hours, address, contact details, etc, of that local business.

6. Content marketing

Creative content appeals to the customer to access the website more often. It increases the rate of customer retention and improves the rank of the website in search engines. 

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A unique and presentable website has huge traffic all the time. It increases awareness about the specific brand, sales and reliability of the business between several existing players in the industry.

7. Study and measure results

It is a necessary step to have checks and balances over a business. It compares the planned business activities with the actual ones. If it is found that a certain strategy is not helping the business in the way it was expected, the business tries to mould the strategy or tries to change it. It also helps in knowing the traffic of the website.

Such activities help in understanding the market and consumers. It leads to entities making reasoned decisions. It includes analysis of financial information to decide whether a specific good or service is being purchased by the consumers.


With the help of several mentioned techniques, businesses can easily study the market and make available the types of products or service which is in demand by the people. It helps to know what people frequently search for. It attracts more clients, traffic and sales for the business. These strategies help a business to stand out from different players by having a uniquely attractive selling point for the customers. Competitors who do not work hand in hand with the updated technology, goods and services suffer loss, customer retention, unsold stock, etc.

These  SEO strategies build the reputation and repeat customer orders globally. Such tools make the goods and services available to the global market and increase access to their products in several nations as compared to traditional competitors who have limited access to the consumers.

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