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Insight into the Duties and Responsibilities of a Director in a Private Limited Company

Responsibilities of Director in Pvt Ltd Company

The director of a Private Limited Company will qualify & Responsibilities of a Director fulfilled if he or she is having the following characteristics:

  • He/she is a natural person
  • He/she is at least 18 years old
  • He/she is of sound mind
  • He/she is not disqualified under the Companies Act 2013
  • The director of a Private Limited Company should be well aware of his or her duties whether the director is a person, either public or private. Director should know the important rules and regulations of the company. He/she should act best in the interests of the company. Here are some of the most important duties of the directors:
    • Act in the best interest of the company: The director of the company is supposed to act best in the interests of the company as well as its members. If a director is acting honestly but not acting properly in the best interests of the company then it is the violation of his/her duty.
    • Proper use of the assets: In charge of the assets of a company is a director of that particular company and signs an agreement in the case of the transfer of any assets of that particular company. The director should not misuse this power.
    • Keep the information confidential from the outsiders: Being a director he or she has all entry of all important/relevant/confidential information which may include operations and financials of that particular company. This should remain secret and should not be shared with anyone unless it has some benefit for the company. Otherwise, a person outside the company might use this confidential, relevant and important information related to the company to hamper the image of the company.
    • Attend the company meetings: It is a director’s duty to attend as many meetings as possible. If a director is absent for three meetings in a year then that director will be terminated from the board.
    • Not to exceed his/her powers: The directors should make sure that its powers should not exceed the boundary line. These powers include the memorandum of association(or MOA) of a company which states all the activities that a company can do, meanwhile the articles of association (AOA) states the power that has been conferred upon the directors of the company.
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Few Duties and Responsibilities of Directors of Company are listed below:

  • A director should try to avoid a particular situation where there are chances of a conflict between the company and his own personal interests.
  • A director should always act in the best interest of the company and in good faith for the members of the company.
  • A director should never try to create any secret profit/gain out of his position as a director in the company.
  • At all the times, a director should act with reasonable diligence and honesty, whenever discharging his/her roles and duties.
  • He/ She should avoid the misuse of any confidential, important, sensitive, relevant, as well as unpublished information to gain any personal benefits
  • He/she should disclose his shareholdings to the company and any other charges as well.
  • A director should ensure the proper management of the statutory books and registers.
  • A director should help in the tabling of the balance sheets and books of accounts and report them at the annual general meeting.
  • A director is responsible for appointing, changing, and removing the auditors of a company.
  • A director should comply with all the provisions, prohibitions, limitations and restrictions related to the private limited company.
  • A director is responsible for appointing a company secretary for the private limited company
  • A director should ensure that the dividends are declared only out of the profits of the company.

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