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An Overview on CFO Support Services in India

An Overview on CFO Support Services in India

Addressing the challenges and automation of the finance function of a company, the role of CFO is critical for business profitability and for operational excellence. There are a number of small businesses in India that at some stage require CFO support services in order to handle all financial budgets and strategies. Let’s discuss more about it.

What is CFO?

CFO means Chief Financial Officer. Such an officer is a senior manager who is responsible for the financial services in an organization. It becomes increasingly difficult to manage without a CFO. CFO helps in the management of financial budgets, strategies of any organization.

The primary objective of CFO is to track the cash flow and financial planning. Apart from it, CFO analysis the strengths and weakness of the company’s finances. It is also entrusted with the responsibility to ensure that the financial reports of the company are accurate and that it’s completed on time.

The role of CFO support services for companies

The different role of CFO support services are as mentioned below:

  • Evaluation of the finance of the company;
  • Reviewing the company’s business process and its financial systems;
  •  Reviewing existing financial reporting of the company;
  • ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) implementation;
  • Financial reporting automation;
  • Reviewing the process and controls;
  • Reviewing the ongoing process and the internal controls in the company;
  • Helps Company in designing and implementing new business approaches.
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What are the benefits of CFO services over a full time CFO?

The benefits of CFO services over a full time CFO are as follows:

  • With the assistance of the outsource CFO service, you can benefit beyond the experience of a person;
  • There is no geographical limitations for a CFO service;
  • Allows you to save cash without actually negotiating on financial leadership;
  • A CFO will help in maintaining the continuity of working with the trusted sources in the long run.

What is the responsibility of CFO support services in relation to the investor?

The CFO support services are responsible for the following in relation to the investor:

  • To identify the concerns of shareholders and to remind the board of these problems;
  • To set up a regular schedule of events to meet potential buyers etc. with the shareholders of the Company;
  • To keep track of the shareholder base;
  • Industry and business data analysis;
  • Informing about the company to the shareholders in an accurate and effective manner.

What is the role of CFO support services in MIS (Management Information System) and Board Reporting?

The main role of MIS[1] is to focus on the information regarding the organization. It helps in developing technology systems. CFO analysis the business problems and prepares designs and uses software to solve the problems of the organization.

Board reporting is an effort to update the financial process of reporting. Trough board reporting, the directors are provided meaningful and timely financial information. It involves preparation of a complete checklist for the senior management explaining critical performance indicators. It is understood as the consolidation and redesigning of financial reports, budget report etc. therefore, it involves external and internal reporting by preparing detailed MIS reports.

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What are the types of CFO services?

There is quite some type of CFO services available. You have to check which type suits your business.

We have provided you with some kinds of CFO services available:

type of CFO services
  • Consulting services

Consulting services mean consultants consisting of experienced CFOs who provide short term work with your company for setting up certain procedures and reporting. They can also serve as interim CFO for a particular project or during a transition stage.

  • Virtual CFOs

These are agencies that provide a long term solution to your financial management systems. The agency shall oversee the financial staff, but it may be noted that it’s not at any location or involved in the day to day corporate management of the company.

  • Single source CFOs

It is operated by a single person. It provides CFO services to multiple clients. One has to ensure that this individual is familiar with the industry that he is looking for and can fulfil any urgent requirements.

  • Staffing Firms

Staffing firms are companies who provide with efficient and best staff.

  • CFO consortiums

These networks provide CFO consultation service on regional as well as nationwide basis.

What are the potential losses of not taking the assistance of CFO support services?

There can be some potential risks if you don’t take the assistance of such services. We have specified some of the risks below.

  • Not taking the assistance of CFO services can result in unproductive and weak processes;
  • Waste of time and effort;
  • It may lead to a lack of client confidence and which may result in loss of investors;
  • Revenue loss;
  • Shortage of essential resources at the time of need;
  • Exposure to unnecessary legal or tax risks.
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How is to work with a CFO Service?

A CFO support service can offer you the best opportunity to fulfil your goals. It will generate weekly reports or monthly reports according to the requirements you have and your present needs. It would also take care of your bookkeeping and controller staff to make sure that all procedures have checks and balances in order to strengthen security and accurate financials.

They can help you to prepare CFO service for your board meetings. It will present a financial package to provide an accurate showing of the company. A CFO service may or may not provide direct investor relations, however, it would provide financial reports to attract investors to the company. 


CFO support services in India have helped a number of companies to manage the finances of their company including financial reporting, financial planning etc. There are companies too that have booked a Chief Financial Officer for the analysis of their company data.

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