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Checklist for Multi-state Co-operative Society Registration

Co-operative Society

Their main objects shall be serving the interests of members in more than one state and their by-laws shall provide for the social and economic betterment of their members through self-help and mutual aid in accordance with co-operative principles (Sec. 7). Otherwise, they are ineligible for registration. A multi-state co-operative society is a body corporate with limited liability. In this article we described about Checklist for Multi-state Co-operative Society Registration.

Which place one should go to register a Multi-State Credit Co-op. Society?

For the Multi-state Credit Co-operative society registration, a person has to submit the application to the Department of Agriculture & Co-operation.

How to Register a Multi-State Credit Co-op. Society?

The application required the following documents:-

  1. Information of 50 members from each state with two states minimum.

You can keep a number of states as well but each additional state requires a minimum of 50 members from that state.

Note: All the members must be more than 18 years of age.

  1. Names of all the members with their signatures.
  2. Proposed name of your multi-state cooperative society.
  3. Your area of operation: Mention the names of the states where you want to work.

The application shall be accompanied by:-

  • Submit 4 copies of recommended Bye-laws along with other documents for the Multistate co-operative society, which is signed by every single person who is signing the application.
  • Name of the proposed multi-state co-operative society.
  • Head Quarter’s address to be registered.
  • A list of persons who have contributed to the share capital, together with the amount contributed by each of them, and the admission fee paid by them.
  • Area of operation.
  • Main objectives
  • A certificate from the Bank or banks stating the credit balance in favor of the proposed multi-state co-operative society.
  • NOC from concerned state Cooperative Registrar[1].
  • Rent Agreement if available.
  • Open a Bank account and deposit Share money plus admission fee collected from
  • Two Rubber stamp i.e One Seal and second of Chief Promoter.
  • Each document signed by Chief Promoter.
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Documents requirement for Promoters / Applicants for incorporation as follows:

  • Passport size photograph of member
  • Self-attested Address proof
  • Self-Attested Pan Card
  • Education Proof

Scheme inclusions:

A scheme that displays the details clarifying how the working of the multi-State co-operative society will be sound & the registration of such a Multi-State credit co-operative society shall be helpful for social & or as well as economic betterment of its members through self-help & mutual help in accordance with the co-operative principles.

Types of Formation of Multistate Cooperative Society

Multistate cooperative societies are of several types-

  • Multi-State Solar Cooperative Society
  • Farming Cooperative Society
  • Credit Cooperative Society
  • Agriculture Cooperative Society.
  • Real Estate Cooperative Society
  • Dairy Firm Cooperative Society
  • Transport Cooperative Society and much more.

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