Unwrought Zinc – GST Rates & HSN Code 7901


Origin Chapter: Chapter 79

Discover GST rates & HSN Code 7901 for Unwrought Zinc. Essential info on zinc pricing and taxation. Stay informed!

HSN CodeDescriptionRate (%)CESS (%)Effective DateRate Revision
7901Unwrought Zinc – Zinc, Not Alloyed18001/07/201718%
79011100Unwrought Zinc – Zinc, Not Alloyed : Containing By Weight 99.99% Or More Of Zinc18001/07/201718%
79011200Unwrought Zinc – Zinc, Not Alloyed : Containing By Weight Less Than 99.99% Of Zinc18001/07/201718%
790120Zinc Alloys18001/07/201718%
79012010Unwrought Zinc – Zinc Alloys :Mozak Or Alloys Of Zinc And Aluminium Containing Not Less Than 94% By Weight Of Zinc18001/07/201718%
79012090Unwrought Zinc – Zinc Alloys : Other18001/07/201718%
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