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How to validate the Company Registration Number?

validate the Company Registration Number

The articles talks about the Company Registration Number, its difference with CIN and the process to validate.

MCA or Ministry of Corporate Affairs is a government portal that contains all the registered companies incorporated in India, whether listed or not. It contains details of all types of companies and LLP (Limited Liability Partnership). The Indian Government provides all the information to the public on the MCA website and is accessible to an individual.

In 2006, the company registration process was digitalized in India by the Government of India, with the introduction of the MCA21 project. The Company Registration Number can be checked on the MCA website (

On the MCA website, one can check, CRN, date of incorporation, type of company, directors of the company, etc.

What is the Company Registration Number?

CRN stands for Company Registration Number; it is a 6- digit unique number allotted to the companies at the time of its incorporation by the RoC.

The biggest problem that comes our way is that people often confuse between the CRN and the CIN. However, both the CRN and the CIN are utterly different from each other.

Let us first understand the difference between these.

What is the difference between CRN and CIN?

CRN and CIN are used to check the company’s details, yet are quite different from each other. The significant differences between CRN and CIN are:

  • CRN is a 6- digit number, whereas CIN is a 21- digit number
  • CRN has numbers only, whereas CIN is alphanumeric.
  • The CRN can only be checked on the MCA portal, whereas, Corporate Identification Number (CIN) is present in the Certificate of Incorporation sent by RoC.       
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What is the procedure to validate the Company Registration Number?

One can validate the CRN with three simple steps on the MCA portal. Firstly, by logging into the MCA website, you can check its company type, name of the directors, date of incorporation, etc. Apart from these, balance sheets and other company documents, including annual returns, are also available.

Steps to check Company Registration Number

Once the company has filled the SPICe form for the registration process and received the Incorporation Certificate, the Company Registration Number can be checked.

The steps for checking company registration number:

Steps to check Company Registration Number

Step 1: Visit the MCA portal

Visit the MCA website at and click on the MCA services.

Step 2: Click on view Company/LLP Master Data

Step 3: Enter your Company’s CIN Click on the option ‘View Company/LLP Master Data’ on the MCA services page. You will be redirected to a new page.

On the redirected new page, enter the Company’s CIN/FCRN/LLPIN/FLLPIN. Then enter the captcha code and click on submit. In case the Company’s CIN is not known, click on the search icon and enter the company name and click search; the CIN no. will appear.

Step 4: Master Data of the company will appear

Finally, you will be redirected to the said company’s details, and there you can use the Company Registration Number.

The result page will show the following details:

  • CIN
  • Company Name
  • RoC Code
  • Company Registration Number
  • Company category
  • Company subcategory (if applicable)
  • Class of company
  • Date of incorporation
  • Authorized paid-up capital
  • Number of members
  • Registered address
  • Registered e-mail
  • Assets undercharge
  • Details of the directors of the company.
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What other services does MCA have?

The other services that are available on the MCA website are:

  • Index of charges of the company

You can check the company’s financial status by stating the state of charge created, amount of charge, and charge holder address.

  • The signatory details of the company

It contains a list of directors of the company along with the following details:

  • DIN
  • Name of directors
  • Address of directors
  • Designation
  • Date of appointment
  • DSC status


The article mentions the steps required to check the Company Registration Number, a 6 digit unique number used to identify the company’s details. The report also lists the difference between Company Registration Number and the Corporate Identification Number.

Thus, to check if a company is registered with MCA or not, you just need to follow the steps mentioned in the article and get a result.

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