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How to Check a Company Registration Number in Malaysia?

How to Check a Company Registration Number in Malaysia?

Every company in Malaysia has its own unique identity, and verification of the same is a quick, simple and easy process which can be executed in a few minutes. Every company in Malaysia must obtain a valid registration number at the time of incorporation, which exists throughout the lifetime of the company and is used in the daily affairs of the business. This piece of writing gives a step by step process to check the company registration number in Malaysia.  

What Is A Company Registration Number In Malaysia?  

A company registration number, commonly called a company number or registration number, is a unique 12 digit code which is issued to every registered company. Every company registration number in Malaysia follows a certain format and is generated in sequence. The first four digits are indicative of the year in which the business is incorporated. The next two digits represent the type of business entity, and the last six digits represent the sequence of the number of the business entity.  

A company registration number can be obtained by registering the company with the SSM, and it is evidence that the company has been legally registered in Malaysia.

All the Companies that have been registered with the SSM portal will receive a registration number which will be unique for every entity.

This registration number is used in the official documents, such as official letters to authorities, invoices, printed documents etc. Though the companies incorporated prior to Companies Law, 2019 can continue to use their old registration number; the new number is highly recommended. It must be noted that irrespective of the incorporation date, all the registered companies have been issued a company registration number according to the new Company Law.

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How Can One Find/Check A Company Registration Number In Malaysia?  

The governing body for all the companies in Malaysia is the Companies Commission of Malaysia (SSM)[1]. The process of finding and checking the company registration number in Malaysia is done through this body. Not just the company registration number, but this body helps in total verification of a company regarding the company’s history, its status, credit history etc. By following the given steps, a person can easily find/ check the company registration number in Malaysia:

  1. Log in to the official website: The first step begins with logging in to the Malaysia’s official website This is the official website where a person can log in in order to get the access to the database containing the company information.
  2. Click on ‘register’ and fill in the necessary details to successfully login: The second step that must be followed is to ‘register’ on the website and fill in the necessary details to successfully log in.
  3. Fill out the “e-Registration Form”: The third step is to fill the “e-Registration Form” and put in the information sought by the authority. This will lead to the auto-generation of a message.
  4. Message titled “Please log in now”: After putting the required details in the e-Registration form, an auto-generated message appears “Please log in now”. Then the person filling the form proceeds to the next step of logging in.
  5. Login with the user name and password: The fifth step to be followed includes typing in the user name and the password provided at the time of logging in.
  6. Click on the icon “>> Search”: Once the user name and password have been entered, the person needs to click on the icon “>>Search”, which shall direct the person to a new window for searching the registration number of the company.
  7. Enter the name of the company “By Name”: After clicking the icon “>>Search”, the person is directed to another window where the option is provided to the finder to enter the name of the company whose registration is required.
  8. Name search result is displayed:  After entering the name of the company whose registration number is sought, the finder needs to enter, and the details regarding that particular Malaysia registered company appears. The information contains the company registration number in Malaysia.     
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Other Places to Check for the Company Registration Number in Malaysia     

The registration number of the newly incorporated companies incorporated according to the new Companies Act can be found in the following documents:

  • Superform (Section 14)
  • Notice of Registration (Section 15)
  • Certificate of Incorporation (Section 17 (Form 9))

In order to find out the Company registration number in Malaysia of those companies that have been incorporated according to the previous Company Law, one can find the number on the SSM’s portal using e-Search, e-info and MyData services.

In case any person has further inquiries with respect to the company registration number in Malaysia, then the person can contact the SSM Contact Centre on the number provided on its portal or email them at the email address mentioned on the website or visit the SSM portal.

How Can The Existing Companies In Malaysia Change Their Business Registration Number?     

The existing companies can change their company registration number from the SSM’s portal itself using the facilities of e-Search, e-info and MyData.        


It is very common among customers and investors to check the validity, which includes company registration numbers in Malaysia. It gives them a sense of security related to the investments made in the company, especially when such an investment has been made for a long term project.

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