What is the Procedure for Hospital Set Up in India

Hospital Set Up

Setting Up Hospital in India

Hospital Set Up is mainly categories into two i.e. Government hospitals and Private Hospitals. Health care is the basic need and right of every citizen to leave in a healthy environment. Hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, medical camps, etc. are the platforms that serve a healthy life for the citizens of the country. They can be further categories as general, specialty or multi-specialty hospitals.

What is the Procedure for Hospital Set Up in India?

A quality health care service is the most important for any form of Hospital in India. First, the kind of company the entrepreneur wants to establish. Some of the key successes of professional quality of services, adequate and qualified staffing, effective collaboration with other physicians and other related organizations. Some of the things which need to keep in mind for setting up a hospital are as follows:

Locations of the Hospital

This has to be chosen well, because if there are already some hospitals in the locality, then it will be difficult to pool in patients. Also, the hospital needs to be set up in an area that has good transportation facility or is close to a railway station. One should look for a non-agricultural land specially designed for hospitals. All the electricity supply and the water supply must be easily available and that needs to be checked before purchasing any land for the hospital set up.

Facilities Offered

The facilities offered by the hospital must be decided by the management based on the locality of the hospital. It may be generalized into pathology, ICU treatment, orthopedic, and other specialized services that must be specified. Also, the facilities related to electricity, AC rooms, water, hygiene maintenance, etc must be checked before providing any specialized services.


  • Land and construction

A Hospital can be set up only on a non- Agriculture land that can be used. The various approval and permissions required from the local authority and the government must be obtained before starting any hospital.

  • Electricity and water

As per the analysis a hospital requires approximately 100 liters of water per bed per day. The water requirement for the various hospitals will be different from project to project depending on whether the hospital is a primary, specialized hospital, etc. The concerned municipal authority permission must be obtained for making available the water and electricity facilities.

  • Sewage

Well planned sanitary measures for disposal of waste and drainage systems including tanks, pipelines, etc. and the permission from the local authorities must be obtained.

  • Biomedical Waste

Mainly the large hospitals are required to have an incinerator for disposal of bio-disposal waste, such as body parts or tissues. A smaller hospital cannot afford such cost and it requires minimum space and other mechanical installations which are costly for a small hospital set up. The Municipal corporation[1] permission will also be required for such disposal of waste and it should not be harmful to the people residing at a nearby location.

  • Fire and Health License

Approval of the Fire Department will be required for a large hospital and a health certificate from the local authority after installation of all the beds and equipment in the Hospital. An NOC from the Fire department will be required for small hospitals and it will be the responsibility of the hospital management to prove that the hospital will not cause any damage or loss of life and needs to be procured from the local municipal council.

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Planning your Hospital Infrastructure

Take care of all these:

  • Qualifications of Doctors and their registration numbers
  • Working hours for Nurses and their shift timings
  • Medical equipment and instruments purchased
  • Computers and other hardware devices set up
  • Engineers and staff required for maintenance, plumbing, medical gas pipelines, air conditioning, etc. set

Multiple medical laws and ethics must be followed at every step. A set of guidelines and eligibility criteria have been put forth by our government for hospitals, which provide services to central government health scheme beneficiaries.

A tremendous amount of planning, large finances, approvals, certifications, licenses, and guidelines need to be followed while setting up a hospital in India. It might be well worth it at the end, but needs ample time and mammoth effort to pool together the resources in place.

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