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CBIC Issues a Circular on Clarifying Rate for Imitation Zari Thread

CBIC Issues a Circular on Clarifying Rate for Imitation Zari Thread

The recent GST Circular No. 205/17/2023-GST, dated 31st October 2023, has sparked considerable discussion within the textile and taxation communities. Addressing an ambiguity in the GST rates applicable to imitation zari thread or yarn, this circular elucidates the classification and consequent tax implications following the 52nd GST Council meeting. Such clarifications are vital in the intricate web of taxation policies where a single misinterpretation can lead to substantial fiscal repercussions.

Analysis of the Circular

Previously, the GST Council’s 50th meeting led to the insertion of Sl. No. 218AA in Schedule I of notification no. 1/2017- Central Tax (Rate), which reduced the GST rate to 5% on imitation zari thread or yarn. However, confusion arose regarding whether metallised yarn made by coating plastic film with metal, and then combining it with other yarns, fell under the 5% GST category for imitation zari or the 12% bracket for other metallised yarns.

Key Clarifications

1. Definition and Classification:

The circular clarifies that imitation zari thread or yarn made from metallised polyester film/plastic film, classified under HS 5605, is included in Sl No. 218AA of Schedule I. This classification ensures a GST rate of 5%.

2. Exclusion from Refund:

A crucial point is the GST Council’s decision to disallow refunds on polyester film (metallised)/plastic film due to tax rate inversion. This decision impacts the costing and pricing strategies of manufacturers and traders dealing in these materials.

Practical Implications

For businesses, this clarification brings both relief and new compliance mandates. The reduction in GST rate to 5% for certain categories of imitation zari can decrease the cost of production and, potentially, the retail price, potentially boosting demand. However, the denial of refunds for tax inversion on inputs like metallised polyester film necessitates a closer examination of input costs and tax credits.

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Case Study: The Impact on the Textile Industry

Consider the case of a medium-sized textile manufacturer in Surat, specializing in sarees with zari work. Pre-circular, they were unsure about the GST rate applicable to the metallised yarn used, often defaulting to the higher 12% to avoid non-compliance. Post-circular, they can confidently apply the 5% rate, leading to a potential reduction in tax liability and cost of production. However, the inability to claim a refund on input tax due to inversion could marginally elevate the input costs, necessitating a careful reassessment of pricing strategies.

Forward-Looking Insights

The circular sets a precedent for future interpretations and clarifications in GST law. It emphasizes the need for industry players to stay abreast of such changes and their nuanced implications. Companies must invest in robust tax advisory and compliance mechanisms to leverage these clarifications fully.

The Bigger Picture

Beyond immediate tax calculations, this clarification can subtly influence the competitiveness of Indian textiles in the global market. By potentially lowering production costs and simplifying compliance, Indian textile products can become more attractive in international markets, contributing to broader economic objectives like increasing exports.


GST Circular No. 205/17/2023-GST, by addressing a specific yet critical concern, reflects the ongoing evolution and maturation of the GST regime in India. While it offers immediate clarity and potential cost benefits to the relevant sectors, it also serves as a reminder of the dynamic and intricate nature of tax laws. Stakeholders must continuously adapt to these changes, ensuring compliance and optimizing tax strategies in the ever-evolving financial landscape of India’s burgeoning economy.

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