Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) related issues and solutions

Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) related issues and solutions

The Income Tax Department has provided certain solutions to Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) related issues. The taxpayers are advised to check DSC for its expiry date, registration on e-Filing Portal & installation of latest emBridge applications to avoid last minute issues in e-Verification.

In case, you are facing any problem in e-Verification through DSC, then refer to the following


  1. During e-Verification using DSC, I am getting “Something went wrong” error message, what should I do?

    If you are facing an issue (Something Went Wrong) in DSC, follow the below-mentioned steps:
    i. Uninstall the existing emBridge App and reinstall the latest application.
    ii. To reinstall the latest application: Visit
    iii. Install the new version.
    iv. Follow the guidelines provided in the emBridge installer for the basic troubleshooting
    v. Kindly delete the existing certificate, import it again in Epasstoken Tool, and re-try.

  2. My DSC registered with the e-filing portal has expired what should I do?

    Taxpayer needs to register a new valid DSC with e-Filing Portal. Follow below-mentioned steps:
    1. Procure a new digital signature certificate from DSC provider.
    2. Login to e-filing portal and navigate to “Register DSC” functionality.
    3. Register the new DSC on e-filing portal.

  3. If your DSC registered with e-filing portal has expired and You’re trying to register a new DSC, but getting error message “Customer already exists” what should be done?

    To register a new DSC, kindly de-register the old DSC registered on e-filing portal against your PAN. Follow below-mentioned steps:
    1. Procure a new digital signature certificate from DSC provided.
    2. Raise a grievance on e-filing portal to de-register the old DSC. Also attach sreen shot of error message to grievance raised.
    3. Mention the reason for registering the new DSC.
    4. Once your old DSC is de-registered, you will get an email communication, after that you can register a new DSC by following the DSC registration steps.

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