The Best Digital Marketing Strategies and Tactics in 2019

Digital Marketing Strategies

In the current online world, digital marketing is crucial. Regardless of the niche or company size, online marketing is one of the best methods to enhance your business. To grow your business and income, though, you will require to have the most effective digital marketing strategies in place. Which are the best strategies, however, and applicable to the consumers today?

Find out in our list of the best digital marketing tactics and strategies for 2019.

  1. SEO

Search Engine Optimisation might be the most crucial aspect of digital marketing, and it might confuse you in its increasing complexity. It is always recommended that you hire an expert to assist you with your SEO roles if you really want to succeed. While it is good to learn the basics, you will require someone with experience to help you achieve the best strategies.

HTTPS requirement is among the recent SEO strategies that have a significant impact on your SEO results. If you have been using the HTTP protocol, Google now requires you to change to HTTPS. The reason behind that is because HTTP contact forms are regarded as insecure. Google now labels HTTP pages as Not Secure. So, it is crucial that you update your site with the HTTPS protocol.

A professional SEO specialist can assist you to make this transition

  1. Video Marketing

Over the last ten years, we have increasingly become more visually attracted in the online realm. Visuals come in different forms, but videos have always been at the top. We have come to a point where more content consumers prefer videos more than any other visual content. A recent study shows that 87% of all digital marketers are currently using some sort of video marketing in their online marketing strategies. However, your video will not matter to consumers if it does not contain compelling content.

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More customized videos have become the trend lately, or at least ones that directly address the concerning issues of the targeted audience. By telling compelling stories about your business and proving that you can solve the needs of your audience, you have a can’t-miss method. It is also good to keep the videos short since people usually have a short attention span.

  1. Influencer Marketing

Have you considered how you can start a digital marketing campaign without taking chances? While you can achieve that by doing email marketing, influencer marketing does the same.

If you are thinking that influencer marketing is all about getting celebrities to promote your brand, you are wrong. An influential individual does not have to be a celebrity. It could be someone with a substantial number of followers and a good history of promoting brands.

To identify the top influencers in your industry, you will require to conduct a little research. That can be done by conducting hashtag searches on social media to see what consumers say about matters related to your field of business.

Influencers can promote your business at a cost or in exchange for free services or products. However, ensure that you monitor the outcome to guarantee your ROI.

  1. Social Media Marketing

Yes, you have already posted content on social media. But what can you do to increase the effectiveness of your social media posts this year?

To attract today’s consumers, there are various things you can do, including automating posts to ensure that you post your content when you are confident that the users are reading. Tools like Hootsuite can assist you to schedule your posts, which increase efficiency when targeting users from different time zones.

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Content curation is another approach that can assist you to prove your content. Curating content adds brilliance to your brand and expertise because others tend to reciprocate when you curate their content.

  1. Marketing on Quora

At first sight, Quora does not appear like a crucial tool for a digital marketer. But underestimating the value of Quora is one of the biggest mistakes you can make for your business. Over 15. Million people visit Quora each month, and they all have the potential to come across your brand and become potential clients. That is the reason behind it becoming a significant online marketing tool for most digital marketers.

The difference between Quora and other Question and answer Forums is that its content is highly monitored and verified for quality. Using Quora can enhance your brand awareness, generate more traffic to your website, and generate leads. So, take advantage of this tool for an all-around online marketing strategy.


Follow these tips, and you will be good to start working on your digital campaigns for the whole year. Expect these trends to remain comparatively the same into the next year as well.

Don’t get afraid to hire a digital marketing agency, mainly in SEO, to avoid making mistakes after some time.

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