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Cosmetic Business License

All-about Cosmetics:

Cosmetic Business is one of the best industries in the world to make a huge profit. From the last few decades, the demands of cosmetics in different culture rising day by day at an accelerating rate. Especially in western culture people opt to do makeup to look attractive and beautiful. In this article, we will discuss permission and licenses requirements for Cosmetic Business License.

Then there is an exhaustive range of cosmetic products like lipsticks, Moisturizers, Skin- whitening creams, Mascara, Kajal, Anti-ageing creams, etc. While using Cosmetic products most people think is it really chemical free products? as most of the products contain different chemical and contains animal fat which is unsafe for the skin. The government has taken initiative for the end of consumers and they ensure the quality of the cosmetic is safe for all skin types.

Prior there was no rules and regulations with regards to the cosmetic product and other related products, now with increasing awareness government of different countries formulate different policies and regulations for cosmetic products which ensure that all the cosmetic products are tested by different labs and free from all chemical and safe for all types of skin.

Various regulations and clarification with regards to import and Cosmetic Registration issued by Central Drugs Control Organization (CDSCO).

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What are the guidelines for Import and Registration of Cosmetics in addition to the existing guideline?

  • Undertaking regarding the cosmetic products not tested on animals: The manufacturer or brand owner of cosmetic products before registering their cosmetic registration to the concerned department has to submit a one-time self-declaration that products have not been tested on animals along with details of import registration and received acknowledgment copy by CDSCO to the applicants and they can report offices in future for clearing the future consignments.
  • Letter of Authorization in case of third party manufacturing outside India: Where the brand owner is from India and its products are manufactured outside India then the overseas manufacturer has to sign a letter of authorization to the brand owner and authorize him to do act on behalf of the overseas manufacturer and it is considered as Power of Attorney.
  • Import of Bulk Cosmetics: Applicants can obtain a certificate of free sale and bulk importer also get for sale the same products and can obtain customs clearance approval after the testing of Cosmetic Business License.

What licenses are Required to be Obtained?

Following licenses are required to operate a cosmetic business:

  • For manufacture or sale, cosmetics license will be issued on Form 32.
  • For loan license for manufacture or sale, distribute of cosmetics license will be issued on Form 32-A.
  • For the grant or renewal of approval for carrying out tests on drugs, cosmetics or raw material which is used in the manufacturing License will be issued in Form 37.

All cosmetic products including imported products for sale in India has to be registered with licensing authority under Drugs & Cosmetics Rules, 1945[1].

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What documents are Required for a Cosmetic Business License?

  1. Original copy of Power of Attorney.
  2. Certificate of free sale, Marketing Authorization letter, Manufacturing
  3. Duly filled and signed Form 42 with the list of products to be renewed.
  4. Fees as applicable
  5. Self-declaration stating that there are no changes in earlier shared information with respect to products.
  6. Valid NOC from Pollution Control Board
  7. Plan the layout of the premises.
  8. Rent Agreement in case premises is taken on rent.
  9. List of laboratory equipment
  10. Affidavit of Applicant
  11. List of machines installed for manufacturing.

The importers have to apply for registration of cosmetics products by

  • Authorizes agent of the manufacturer
  • Manufacture himself having registered premises in India
  • A subsidiary of the manufacturer
  • Any other importer

Every cosmetic product manufactured by the manufacturer and for import under registration certificate must conform to the Drugs and Cosmetics Rules, 1945. This registration is provided to the manufacturer is valid for a period of three years.

If the manufacturer of cosmetic products does any changes in products and change in location of the manufacturer has mandatory to inform the statutory authority. In addition to this, he must fulfill the labeling requirements as specified in this act.

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