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Inside the Audit Room: Decoding Financial Sector Oversight

Internal audit in financial service are an integral part of their day-to-day business; an industry requires on-site inspections to ensure a risk-based assessment to mitigate potential risk. An internal audit in financial service ensures that the finance industry is aligned with the required compliance and regulation standards. Enterslice, as a consultancy company, helps the financial industry combat such emerging risks impacting their business operations. Our team of expert professionals in internal audit in financial service not only assist the company in monitoring the compliance requirements but also identify the potential high risk that will impact the growth of the financial organizations.

Due to the comprehensive developments in the macro-economic environment, the financial industry is more prone to systematic risks, thus requiring a dynamic internal audit in financial service. It has now become very important to evaluate and examine such risk by an expert professional like enterslice, who are masters in providing such service to organisations in various sectors. Due to the increased inter-connectedness in the financial industry, it has made it necessary for the financial industry to conduct an internal audit in financial service to examine the vulnerabilities to potential risks, analyze macro-economic factors, industry trends, changes in regulations and compliances, etc. Our team of experts will assist the organizations in tracing the impact of various external factors on the organization's business operations.

From this internal audit in financial service, a company can expect two major things: a) assurance of the required compliance and regulations by evaluating the emerging potential risks. b) internal audit of financial service shall improve the efficacy of business operations by giving assurance to regulators and stakeholders.

It is difficult for financial institutions to respond to each question raised by every new headline in the current crisis. Choose enterslice internal audit in financial service to understand seamlessly how risks are transforming as new strains appear, and accordingly, a new plan has to be developed to respond to such evolving changes.

Why is the internal audit in Financial Service Important?

Here are the important reasons why the financial industry should conduct an internal audit with the Enterslice professionals’ experts in internal audit in financial service

  • We shall help the company in the creditworthiness assessment of the customer's profile before sanctioning the amount. A financial institution, through our experts, meets and aligns with the updated compliance and regulation standards.
  • With the advancement of technology, the financial industry is prone to various money laundering activities and terrorist financing. To avoid legal liabilities and penalties, it is indeed important for a financial company to comply with various anti-money laundering regulations. We shall assist the company in the KYC process, due diligence, risk assessment, monitoring, etc.
  • This internal audit in financial service by enterslice also includes assisting the company in auditing various other procedures and operations in operating the financial business. Enterslice professionals shall check the granting of money to customers if such aligns with the regulation’s standards. Adding to that, various other operations are also evaluated, such as fund management, intermediation of credit, payment service provisions, etc.
  • We understand the importance of privacy and confidentiality that every company looks for when they seek any service; thus, here at Enterslice, we ensure maintaining a high standard of privacy on the information shared with us in this internal audit of financial service.
  • A compliance audit of an advertisement framework of the finance industry.

Enterslice Offering on Internal Audit in Financial Service

Enterslice is a consultancy company comprised of professionals in various fields, such as accountants, lawyers, CA, CS, advisors, etc. We provide end-to-end solutions to banks and financial institutions. Our philosophy says that we provide a service and craft solutions for our clients. Our internal audit of financial service team has a proven track record of successfully delivering internal audit evaluations on time and enhancing the growth of business operations. Our team of expert professionals takes a deep analysis of the functional and operational framework of the company, accompanied by strategic plans and procedures along with technological advancements. Here is a brief overview of how Enterslice conducts the internal audit of financial service:

Risk Assessment of the External factor

We shall help the company to examine the potential high risk and various other vulnerabilities that the financial industry is prone to. To trace and monitor the emerging potential risk, our expert team will frame a structure and models to identify such high risks. Our experts shall also guide a financial company in developing the internal audit risk assessment framework and audit planning structure.

Evaluation of Compliance and Regulations

With the constant changes in market trends, it is indeed important for a company to meet compliance and regulatory requirements. Financial companies, with the help of our experts, can thus stay updated with our regulatory assessment as we shall use an analytics framework and implementation of internal audit automation tools.

Internal concurrent outsourcing

A timely and systematic evaluation shall be assisted by our internal audit of financial service expert professionals in evaluating the financial transactions in a regular and timely manner. However, this concurrent audit will help the company stay accurate and authentic and comply with the regulation standards.

Specialized reviews

We shall also review and evaluate various operations and service provided by the respective financial company by testing and validating the potential statistical risk and various capital models. Our team also ensures assistance in evaluating various new products and implementation of technology.

Remediation service

With the method of tracing and monitoring the vulnerabilities detected during the evaluation, our team will provide remediation for regulatory and compliance action plans. Also, a method on how to address various other gaps that are determined during the reviews, audit, and regulatory supervision.

Quality Assurance Reviews

We guarantee a quality assurance review service to our clients, with dozens of years of experience in internal audit in financial service, ensuring the best benchmark internal audit function, methodologies, and tools.

What do Enterslice Internal audit Professionals do day-to-day?

The responsibility of internal audit in financial service is to evaluate and examine various financial business operations such as fiscal statements, reports on expenditures, inventory, and many other service requested by the company’s regulators and internal stakeholders. Every evaluation and assessment conducted through an internal audit is indeed impactful in case a governmental regulatory body conducts an external audit. In addition to this, our expert team on internal audit in financial service also works closely with the company’s in-house team of compliance and risk professionals to increase the effectiveness of the risk management efforts. However, the objective behind the internal audit in financial service is to ensure that the respective organizations comply with all the relevant standards of laws and statutes to avoid any legal liabilities and heavy penalties.

Internal audit in financial service are important for bringing continuous improvement throughout the financial business operations. Our team of internal audit professionals does this by determining and detecting various vulnerabilities and shortfalls by evaluating the business operations and thus accordingly make recommendations aligning with the required compliance and regulations, observing trends in macro-economic addressing with the best industry practice. Moreover, internal audit in financial service assist the financial company in promoting ethics, detecting improper conduct, and investigating fraud.

Why is Internal Audit necessary for a financial company?

A company, to grow seamlessly and become efficient, is required to engage an internal auditor to ensure and maintain compliance and regulations and to detect potential risks or fraud before they go out of hand. It is common among organizations to face various legal liabilities and penalties if they do not comply with the current laws and regulations. Thus, internal auditors play a key role in assisting the company to avoid such mistakes beforehand.

If you are looking for one, our team of internal auditors in financial service are at your doorstep to serve you the best outcomes for your business growth. Moreover, having an internal auditor in a company shall bring down the amount of pressure whenever an external auditor comes around, thus saving lots of time and money for the financial company.

What Actions are Taken by the Internal Audit?

Some of the actions that are taken by the internal audit in financial service are given below

  • We at Enterslice, as an internal auditor of your company, shall evaluate and connect the dots across the potential risks of a company. An organization, through our internal audit service, can examine and assess the potential impact on the organization due to the current stressful environment, forward-looking considerations, and the ability and capabilities to manage and respond to emerging risks for executives and the company's audit committee.
  • With the growing technology, the impacts of digital banking and social media influence have boosted the banking industry rapidly. Such digital banking has increased the rate of deposit transfers in periods of stress. Our team of internal auditors in financial service shall review and examine the financial strength, institution liquidity, and capital contingency plans.
  • Transparent communication with the company's upper management, such as a board of directors, shall be communicated, and a solution to mitigate the emerging risks in the constantly evolving banking sectors shall be discussed and found.

Internal Audit in Financial Service Support System?

With the constant evolution of financial institutions in the global market, it is indeed important for a company to meet and support the organization's changes within a stipulated time to avoid any legal penalties and liabilities. Given below are some of the procedures practised by the enterslice to support the internal audit in financial service

  • Examining the balance sheet of financial institutions, checking if they can align with the requirements in this rapid growth of the digital banking system.
  • To check if the company’s liquidity and capital amount can cover up the negative shock, such as when there is risk in the net income and various other transaction operations.
  • To ensure that the organization has genuine stress testing models to evaluate and examine various market fluctuations and their effect on liquidity, capital, and various other challenges with funding in this stressful environment.
  • Our expert professionals in internal audit in financial service shall also check the adequacy of the current internal audit plan of a financial institution.

How can you Benefit from Internal Audit?

With the advancement of technology, the financial sector has undergone rapid growth with constant evolution, resulting in a wide range of changes such as competition and regulations, increasing competition, etc. Thus, internal audit plays a crucial tool for financial organizations to manage and align with such requirements

Compliance With Laws and Regulations

Internal audit in financial service help companies ensure that they meet all the relevant laws and regulations connected to the banking industry, thereby avoiding legal liabilities and penalties. With a regular internal audit program, the banking industry can stay alert to new policies and regulations to stay compliant with the regulation changes and mitigate financial risk.

Financial Fraud and Crimes Detection

Financial crime has been a new concern after the digitalization of the banking industry. Internal audit in financial service assists the company in regularly navigating and monitoring the financial transactions to determine or detect any fraudulent activities within the transactions. Money laundering, terrorist financing, and embezzlement are the common fraudulent and illegal activities that are often addressed in a banking operation. Thus, regular internal audit help financial companies prevent such activities before they occur and damage the reputation of the respective organizations.

Cost Savings and Operational Efficiencies

Internal audit in financial service review and assess the company's operational inefficiencies and, accordingly, make recommendations for improvement to increase the level of efficiency and cost reduction. The internal auditor, after the organisation's operations, shall determine the areas where the financial company can implement to increase efficiency and cost reduction, resulting in improving the customer experience.

Build Reputation and Customer Trust

Lastly, an internal audit of financial service by an Enterslice professional team ensures that both customers and stakeholders are confident with the organization’s operations and internal controls. Such effective internal audit creates trust and enhance the reputation of a company. With a regular internal audit, a bank can maintain a high standard of integrity and transparency in its banking operations, ensuring that it is capable of managing and preventing fraud, thus securing reliable financial service for its customers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Auditing in financial service helps banking institutions detect fraud, malpractices, and financial crimes and comply with the required standards of compliance and regulations.

Financial auditing is indeed important as it helps the company to remain transparent and updated with the financial transactions and strengths of the respective organizations. It also helps the company to maintain clarity and integrity in its financial operations.

The audit process in finance is to check and evaluate the company’s financial strength and ensure statements are accurate and align with the required laws and regulations.

The scope of a financial audit is a method of collecting evidence about the amounts and disclosures in the financial statements of a company, ensuring that statements are not addressed to fraud or misrepresentations.

The key objective of an internal audit in financial service is to evaluate the company's business internal operations, ensuring compliance with laws and regulations, assessing risk management procedures, and various other reviews and recommendations.

Internal audit are those audit that are conducted by the company's in-house internal auditors evaluating the business operations compliance requirements, whereas external audit are those audit that are conducted by independent auditors outside the company to check the alignment with the laws and regulations standard.

Every country or state has different regulatory requirements for internal audit in financial service. However, financial institutions have to adopt an internal auditor. Regulatory bodies shall set a standard and regulations that a concerned financial company must comply with.

Internal audit plays a very important role in evaluating the business operations of a financial company by detecting and identifying potential risks, monitoring compliance and regulation requirements, etc. It also increases the effectiveness of a company's risk management.

An internal audit, by regularly monitoring the financial operations through an anti-fraud mechanism, assists the company in detecting fraud and criminal activities.

Internal auditors, with the help of the company's management team, gather information from one department to another by reviewing the internal operation procedures, testing the same, detecting the issues, etc. Lastly, the internal auditor shall make a report on the same and make recommendations to fill the gaps for the smooth working of the business operations.

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