Fraud and Misconduct Investigation

  • We have developed Process check map which can easily map financial fraud in a company, which cannot be identified in the in general Audit process.
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What is Fraud and Misconduct Investigation Consulting?

Potential fraud and misconduct incidents are generally sensitive especially when they relate to insider threats or employees. Hence, organization tends to tread carefully about investigating any incident especially at countries with strong industrial actions.

The significant risk of bribery, corruption and even embezzlement of funds are normally done through accounting entries which are entered on holidays. This is the common type of fraud committed in most of the organizations

We have specialization in investigating in the following areas

  • Fraud, misconduct and noncompliance cases ranging from finding simple frauds to complex multi-layer, multi-party, multi-location frauds causing important monetary, functioning and reputational losses to organizations.
  • ¬†We can extract the importance of fraud, the parties involved in executing the fraud as well as the modus operandi.
  • Our advanced forensic technology lab helps us gather this information efficiently and effectively, facilitating analysis to indicate red flags and presenting it in a legally approved format. Wherever relevant, our investigations are aided by covert field operations.

We provide tailor-made and customized services for fraud detection and prevention keeping in mind the operations of the client, confidentiality, and sensitivity of the information involved.

Key Strengths

  • Exposure to global fraud scenarios
  • Best practices in forensic investigation and qualified professionals with multi-domain experience to conclude successful engagement.

Case Study

1. Our client, a significant Indian information technology massive, alleged accounting irregularities and appointed us to investigate the matter. We gathered facts and circumstances regarding the potential accounting misstatements and ascertained the magnitude of the accounting adjustments.

Our Findings

It was observed that certain members of the top management manipulated the financial accounts which lead to fraud.

Our Actions

  • We helped with a combination of detailed investigation and forensic data analysis to gather the facts and evidence through electronic route and digital evidence recovery.
  • We uncovered evidence to identify the perpetrators and help the company restate its financial statement for the period for which mismanagement of accounting is carried out.

2. Our client is one of the largest consumer goods company in which irregularities were noticed in the outdoor which work is basically undertaken by its agency. The irregularity was basically identified due to high advertisement cost

Our Findings

  • We observed that the outdoor media vendors whose services the company was using were operating its business through shell companies.
  • Kickbacks were paid by the outdoor media vendors for selection of employees of the agencies
  • Discounts were allowed to the agencies but it was not transferred to the ultimate consumers.
  • Fictitious Bills were raised by the outdoor media agency for making payments

Our Actions

  • We conducted an internal forensic review of all the financial transactions specifically the transactions of the outdoor media agency which are undertaken during the past two years.
  • This review helped the agency in taking decision of how to reduce the overall advertisement cost.
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