Company incorporation in Italy

Italy is amongst the ten largest economies in the world and the fourth largest in Europe in terms of nominal GDP. The company incorporation rules are stringent, but the process is easy and fast. Upon fulfilment of the procedure for incorporation, including VAT and bank account opening, it generally takes only 15 working days to obtain a certificate of incorporation. Still, all this is only possible when you have a consultant like Enterslice to support you right from your business idea to turning that business idea into your dream incorporated business structure.

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Customised incorporation

You choose your business category, and we will tailor our services to fit your structure, ensuring a smooth company incorporation process that's free from complications.

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Expert advice and consultancy

Incorporating a company without expert guidance is a gamble. With our continual advice, we safeguard your business's future well beyond its inception.

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Support and assistance

Enterslice is committed to lasting partnerships. Our support extends past incorporation, assisting you with any business challenges you may encounter.

Our Roadmap for Your Company Incorporation in Italy

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Right from choosing a suitable business type to capital requirements and the need for a license, with the help of our advisory experts, you can plan your business goals and activities effectively

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necessary paper Assistance

Navigate the complexities of company formation with our team at Enterslice. We'll guide you through preparing essential necessary papers including KYC, proof of address, passports of directors and shareholders, and incorporation certificates, ensuring a seamless Paper works process

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Planning & strategy

Depending on your business goals and activities, you will need Enterslice to plan and strategise these goals as per the local regulations.

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Incorporation without compliance is impossible, so we have a separate team of legal experts who will assist you in understanding and complying with the laws and bylaws necessary for company incorporation in Italy.

Types of companies in Italy

Three types of companies in Italy allow residents and foreign investors to incorporate a company, i.e., limited liability companies, joint stock companies, and branches. The following is the list of all forms of companies in the Italian territory.

1.Limited liability company (Srl)

There are mainly two kinds of limited liability companies, i.e., private limited companies by quotas (società a responsabilità limitata or S.r.l.) including “Traditional S.r.l. or “S.r.l.” and “Simplified S.r.l.” or “S.r.l.s.”) and public limited companies by shares (società per azioni or S.p.A.)

In a limited liability company, the company owners have limited liability, i.e. each owner has liability towards the cash or assets that they contributed towards at the time of company incorporation; the directors of the company could be separate entities, i.e. it is not necessary that the owner must be a director. The shares could be freely transferable, and at least one shareholder and one director must be in the quorum at the time of company incorporation.

2. Partnership firms

There are mainly two types of partnerships i.e. società in nome collettivo or S.n.c.; società in accomandita semplice or S.a.s..

Within this, the partners have joint and several liabilities towards the company's obligations; each partner acts as a company director with managing powers. A partnership firm in Italy needs to have at least two partners.

3. Joint stock companies

A joint stock company must have a minimum of 1 director and a minimum share capital of €120,000, and this is an ideal incorporation structure for medium to large companies. There is no restriction upon a foreign investor to open a joint stock company in Italy, and its accounts are to be filed annually with the registrar of companies.

4. Branch

The branch is when a foreign company has company incorporation in some other territory and is willing to open a branch in the territory of Italy. In that scenario, they need to go through an incorporation procedure mandated for companies in Italy who want to extend their branches; in a branch, the foreign parent of the company is responsible for all the liabilities of their Italian branch, and the branch must have at least one director with proper maintenance of the records of the accounts.

Incorporation Challenges for Companies

Long construction timelines

One of the critical requirements for company incorporation is having a local office in Italy, but the permits for construction in Italy take too much time and are expensive. Entities willing to obtain construction permits in Italy must complete 14 procedures in 198 days, which is tiresome and frustrating for new businesses.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Bureaucratic issues

The rules and regulations for company incorporation are strict in Italy, and what makes them more complicated is the Italian bureaucracy, which is frustrating even for the residents. One inaccurate detail in the incorporation form, and then you might not know how long it will take to complete; this dragged procedure discourages the companies willing to incorporate their companies in Italy.

Complicated credit and tax system

Compared to other European countries, getting credit in Italy is comparatively more complex, especially in fulfilling the guarantees needed to protect investments. The same is true with taxes, which are sometimes overwhelming, and companies sometimes feel the system is intentionally designed for them to make mistakes. Still, in reality, a quality enterprise consultant is somebody you need to make your credit and tax requirements hassle-free.

Cash flow

Enterslice company incorporation services

Our experts offer easy and hassle-free Paper works assistance with checklists and updated formats occasionally. Incorporating a cross-border company involves multiple compliances, which, when not appropriately followed, cause delays in the licensing process. Our legal team will help you in systematic compliance formulation along with time-to-time compliance support per the regulation changes. We customize incorporation strategies as per your company's business model. To achieve the same, we assign a dedicated incorporation expert who will provide expert guidance and support and help you make the right decisions for your company.


The company registration process in Italy

1 Registration of directors and shareholders with Italian tax authorities

In Italy, there is no requirement for citizenship or residency while applying for company registration; if the principle of reciprocity is applicable in the country of the foreigner interested in incorporating a company in Italy, then he can initiate registration but only after procurement of Italian tax identification number (codice fiscale) by the directors and shareholders which is issued by the inland revenue agency (Agenzia delle Entrate) and our experts at Enterslice could help you in its easy procurement.

2 Executing the articles of association

A notary public is the authority who executes the article of association of a company. The shareholder signing the articles of association and the company's bylaws must have proficiency in Italian or English. You will need a proficient consultant of Enterslice who could assist you with these necessary papers.

3 Issuance of the company VAT number

After executing the article of association, it becomes essential for the company to obtain a VAT number (Partita Iva), which the Agenzia delle Entrate issues. This process is online; a VAT number is generally issued in one working day.

4 Issuance of the certificate of incorporation

The final step in the incorporation process is obtaining a certificate of incorporation (Visura) for which all the necessary papers will be attached, i.e. the articles of association, by-laws, VAT number, codice fiscal and then the attached application will be sent to the chamber of commerce who after analysing the formal aspects of the Paper works will issue the visura in 2-3 working days.

5 Opening bank account

Once the chamber of commerce issues the visura, the incorporation process is complete, and the company is now formally incorporated, after which the incorporated company can open a bank account.

Eligibility required before initiating company registration

A company willing to register in Italy must comply with all the eligibility conditions before applying for company incorporation because mistakes in the application form will delay obtaining the certificate of incorporation. Therefore, a company must have at least one shareholder at the time of incorporation; the minimum share capital must be 50,000 euros, and there must be at least one director whose responsibility will be the establishment of the company.


necessary papers required at the time of company registration

necessary papers such as the personal application of the applicants along with their ID or Passport are essential to necessary paper; if the company incorporating has a foreign identity, then its certificate of registration and other incorporation necessary papers of the country, wherever the country is located, are to be furnished. All the Italian company’s necessary papers, such as the articles and memorandum of association, are to be made with the help of the Italian public notary; apart from this, depending upon the nature of the business, you might need to do additional paperwork for which we at Enterslice are always available with our expert team of consultants to assist you and make your Paper works hassle-free.

Benefits of incorporating your company in Italy


Geographical advantage

Italy is located in the heart of the Mediterranean Sea. It is a centre which connects southern, central and eastern Europe. Starting a business in Italy allows companies to strategically enter consumers in the European Union, northern Africa and the Middle East.


Open economy

Investors are welcome in Italy’s open economy. Italy made substantial reforms to win the faith and confidence of the investors, one of which was establishing a high-level committee under the Ministry of Economic Development.


Excellent R&D Hub

Italy invests around 25 billion euros in R&D annually, making it Europe’s fourth highest investor. Innovative tools are being used increasingly in its industrial base’s production procedures. It also creates a network of technological and scientific parks and accelerators linked to regional development organisations.

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Enterslice company incorporation assistance & support

Incorporation service

We can help you establish your company and its branches or respective offices. We make the incorporation process efficient and ensure that a company gets formed within no time after submitting the necessary necessary papers. We will carry out all the legal and administrative formalities on your behalf. We will give you a dedicated consultant who will be at your disposal during the entire incorporation process.

Assistance with the corporate secretariat

Our team of consultants will help you with all the formalities which you need to fulfil before applying for incorporation in Canada; we will assist you in finding a suitable office space, directorship, engaging you with a particular attorney, safekeeping of corporate necessary papers, bank account opening, corporate changes and company dissolution.

Corporate Compliance

Our dedicated legal team will handle your compliance with VAT and tax compliance, payroll services, immigration services, administrative liability pursuant, and privacy policy assistance in environmental, social, and governance-related matters. Enterslice is a one-stop solution to all your legal issues.

Tax Structure for Corporations in Italy

Corporate income tax

Corporate income tax is known as IRES in Italy, the rate of which is 24%. The base for taxable income is the income shown worldwide in their profit and loss account for the relevant financial year. IRAP is levied at a general rate of 3.9% on companies, partnerships, and individuals that carry out activities related to manufacturing, trading goods, or supplying services.

Value added tax

VAT is imposed at all stages of the supply of goods and services in Italy and on acquisitions from other EU member states. It is also imposed on the importation of goods from outside the EU. The general VAT rate is 22%, reduced by 10%,5% and 4% in certain circumstances.

Financial transactions Tax

A financial transactions tax (FTT) is imposed on transfers of ownership of shares and specific partaking financial instruments issued by companies that have their registered office in Italy. The standard FTT rate is 0.2.% for over-the-counter transactions, which is reduced to 0.10% for transactions implemented on regulated markets

Registration Tax

Registration tax is imposed upon the contributions of cash and assets in return of shares. In the case of cash contributions and contributions of assets other than immovable property, the tax is levied as a lump sum of €200. This tax varies depending on the property type and the contributor's nature.

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Opening a bank account for Italy company registration

The most crucial step which accomplishes company registration in Italy is the opening of bank accounts, without which even an incorporated company cannot carry on its business; our finance experts at Enterslice can support you with bank account opening in Italy through which you will able to deposit the capital of the company and conduct commercial activities for this you will need to submit your necessary papers of incorporation to the selected bank, fill all the necessary necessary papers issued by the Italian bank, appoint a representative who will be in contact with the bank. Apart from a bank account, a business can also open a merchant account to receive payments online; online-based businesses, including online stores in Italy, generally use these.

Our Success Story

We have 20+ years of experience in assisting entrepreneurs in their company incorporation domain along with licensing, company establishment, and other legal compliances; our journey is full of success stories that we achieved through these years by making the right decisions for a budding or an incorporated company.


Potential benefits after taking Enterslice’s company incorporation services


We make it easy.

We aim to assist you in quick and accurate company incorporation along with easy and hassle-free paperwork; the dilemma you feel when entering the Canadian market could be resolved with our assistance.


Personal asset protection

Incorporation creates a separate legal entity for a corporation entirely different from its shareholders and other members; along with incorporation, we also focus on shielding personal assets from creditors and any other future legal actions.


Gain credibility

Incorporating your business with the help of enterslice will make incorporation easy for you, ultimately providing added credibility and trust to your organisation from potential investors, customers and business partners.

Frequently Ask Questions

VAT in Italy applies to the supply of goods executed by professional entrepreneurs, professionals, artists and imports made by any person. The acquisitions made outside of the EU are subject to VAT in certain circumstances. The standard rate of VAT in Italy is 22%.

Corporate taxes in Italy are 24%, and taxes on residents are 3.9%, making the effective tax rate 27.9%. Banks and financial institutions pay a tax of 4.65/5.9%

VAT returns in Italy are usually 12-14 %, and the processor can take an unspecified percentage on arrival at the airport.

Italian companies are given a unique registration number while registering a company in Italy. Completion of registration usually takes up to a few days to one week.

Yes, companies activating in special economic zones in Italy and ones dealing with intellectual property investments can avail of tax exemptions or lower tax rates.

Foreign companies with branches and subsidiaries in Italy must pay Italy corporate tax rates. The Fiscal Code and Company Act of Italy comprise information about the taxation of enterprises.

Yes, a foreigner can register a new business in Italy and open branches of their existing business if the principle of reciprocity applies to the country of origin. The shareholders and directors of the company must have an Italian tax identification number.

Depending on the sort of business you wish to start, you’ll need 1 euro for a private limited liability company, while the new minimum is 50,000 euros for a public firm.

Registering a remote corporation in Italy is feasible, but you must designate a local representative or a consultant and provide them with power of attorney to finish the procedure.

No, Italian firms are no longer required by law to have resident directors.

Helping you set up a new business

Our team will advise you on the best structure for setting up your business. We will guide you on the company’s article of association, directors, share capital and the choice of the company’s name. We will ensure that you avoid any pitfalls that could unnecessarily welcome expensive legal proceedings. We choose straightforward ways of setting up a company and handle all the intricacies.


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