Climate Change and Sustainability Services

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What Is Climate Change and Sustainability Services?

A reliable economic growth is gradually reestablished across the world. In such a scenario the challenge is likely to optimize the growth in a resource constrained world. To maximize the opportunities in the emerging markets of India will require extraordinary level of determination, innovation and co-operation

Sustainability is not just a trendy word. It is an organized approach to achieve a holistic and triple bottom line growth. Apart from risk identification and mitigation, it also provides significant improvement in the efficient working of the processes and systems to optimize the resources and also to prove the tangible and intangible benefits of sustainability which includes positive impact on the employee’s self-esteem, an organization which is recognized as employer of choice, improved supply chain which will help to adopt the leading practices and consumers being trained on the importance of responsible behavior. After long years of being observed as cost centric, we are now recognizing the value of addition which is possible to implement sustainability related measures.

Our Climate Change and Sustainability Services will help you to clarify the highly complex world of sustainability and take effective action which will help to identify competitive advantages, increase operational efficiency, mitigate risk and be innovative.

What distinguish us?

Our specialization is in providing clients with Climate change and sustainability related services which requires high level of experience and thought leadership both nationally and globally. Our core focus is on customized services as per the client’s requirements based on the demography, sector and address client specific issues

The principles, strategies, guidelines, methods and tools used to provide such services are accepted globally, tested and updated on continuous basis

Key Services Provided by us:

Sustainability Services:

  1. Benchmarking sustainability practices
  2. Any corporate need to have their practices to be set up as a new level of working output. They follow six sigma strategy to set up new benchmark for their services. And it’s an ongoing process where we provide assistance to cater utmost and well in set benchmark to be followed and developed.

  3. Stakeholder Engagement Process
  4. It is most urgent to attach stakeholder either vendor, regulator or shareholder whoever may be the concern has to be capitalized and engaged uniformly for corporate growth.

  5. Sustainability Strategy and Roadmap development
  6. The competitive edge has to be developed by corporate according to their parameter subject to Strength, Weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT) analysis. Every strategy has to be long run and the roadmap to follow to create new parameter of growth.

  7. Corporate Social Responsibility
  8. Any corporate in existence do use and utilized the resources of country and particular society which, in obvious will do have their social responsibility to discharge. Moreover the regulatory also want the selected corporate to make expenditure on social cause at least 2% of profit on average profit calculated of last three financial under section 135 of Companies Act, 2013.

Climate Change Services

  1. Low carbon strategy and business models
  2. As the world is concern about depletion of ozone layer due to excessive industrialization pollution on earth, now its challenge to any corporate to have environment friendly business model supported by no or zero pollution.

  3. Carbon foot printing and labeling of products and services
  4. Under regulatory framework, the product manufacture by industry are labeled by concerned authority to support the global concern on the environment pollution.

  5. Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Assurance
  6. Most of country has issued direction and compliance framework to assure the Greenhouse Gas generation and controlled for the same to support a global cause for protection of our earth and its environment.

  7. Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) project identification, development
  8. Most of project on field now the regulatory want to have clean development certification for compliance of this global cause which mandates the corporate to identify and develop such project. Even the authority of country most often do demand directors report basically based on this kind of environmental and technological issues to be disclosed.

Sustainability Reporting

  1. Gap analysis
  2. The corporate and its stakeholders required a gap analysis stating the implementation of planned project and its support to maintain sustainable development of climate and no effect or harm on climate.

  3. Measuring, monitoring and analyzing sustainability performance, report development
  4. It’s a challenge to corporate to measure, monitor and analyze the implemented sustainability performance, generation of report and its compliance so that further development or growth can be attained on this aspects.

  5. Verification and assurance
  6. It is not completed unless the independent person/authority assign for this does not verify and assure the compliance report and policy of corporate in this issue. As of now, it is global concern and entire people across the globe have interest on this aspect, mandates compulsory verification and assurance for the same.

  7. Comparison and benchmarking
  8. It is now a time to set a benchmark on compliance of climate change and sustainability services so that the industry will be appreciated across the globe. Many awards and rewards are there in order to motivate the corporate and industry to have due regards and compliance on this assignment.

Environment, Health, Safety and Social Management Systems

  1. Environment, Health, Safety and Social Risk Assessment
  2. Every corporate now have to assess the environmental health safety and social risk of their each and every project before implementation. Now it has become a regular exercise of corporate to go through of it in order to have clean report from both society and financial aspects. 

  3. Social Due Diligence and Audits
  4. Concern authority of many countries has already started to have due diligence and audits on these aspects. As of India is also not behind of this case, hence it has been now arise the new aspect of audits for auditors to have audit of Corporate Social responsibility expenditures of many corporate. It has not yet mandate from regulatory stating different report on this issues however key managerial personnel are yet assign to comment on this aspects while finalizing the financials of company.

  5. Health, Safety and Social Regulatory Compliance
  6. Every country across the globe do have concern of their citizen, no doubt hence mandate many corporate to have compliance of health, safety and social security of their employee and other stakeholders.

  7. Sustainable Supply Chain
  8. The entire business chain for production or rendering of services are now being challenged to corporate, to have a good and well planned supply chain for longer existence and sustainability of same in this world.

It is a demand of time and challenge of climate to each and every associate or stakeholders of corporate or industry to review the existing trend and processes and adopt sustainable development policy incorporated with day in day out affairs of corporate.

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