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What are the Challenges in the CDSCO Registration Process?

The CDSCO registration process can be challenging and full of complexities. Manufacturers and importers of medical devices and cosmetics come across a wide range of challenges in the way of registration. The challenges are mentioned below

Tricky Clinical Trials

Moving ahead with the clinical trials for approval by concerned authority can be tricky and difficult. It is challenging to ensure whether the ethical guidelines are followed or not.

Lots of Paperwork

Arranging all the Documents for CDSCO registration involves a lot of paperwork. It may turn out to be a boring, monotonous, and time-consuming process.

Strict Rules to Follow

CDSCO has a diverse series of hard rules and following them is a challenge in itself. Some manufacturers and importers may follow the rules while some may deny to do so.

Slow Approval Process

Getting a green signal for CDSCO may take more time than you’ve expected. Overall, it can be frustrating for you as you have to wait a little longer to initiate selling your products.

Quality Control is a Must

Meeting the standards set by CDSCO and making sure that your product is of high or superior quality is a challenge one can’t ignore when it comes to CDSCO registration in India.

Classification Issues

Proper classification of medical devices is required for regulatory compliance. Importers encounter difficulty in classifying medical devices as per the classification system of CDSCO.

Customs Clearance Issues

Importers often come across challenges related to customs clearance. In order to verify compliance with CDSCO regulations, relevant authorities may ask for specific paperwork.

Cost Implications

The process of CDSCO registration incurs costs including application processing and testing fees. Importers and manufacturers may come across financial challenges. To tackle them, they need to do strategic planning.

What are the Benefits of Getting a CDSCO Registration Certificate?

CDSCO registration is the substantial approval process in the medical device industry, ensuring the quality and effectiveness of medical devices, cosmetics, as well as pharmaceuticals. The benefits of getting a CDSCO registration certificate are mentioned below

  • Builds the credibility of the manufacturers & importers in the trade
  • Make sure that products used by the general public shouldn’t be unsafe to them
  • Enriches the Goodwill of the importers & the manufacturers in the market
  • Ensures that cosmetic items exclude any detrimental preparations
  • The concerned authorities can easily monitor the activities of the importers & manufacturers
  • Maintains the excellent quality of the products available for sale and import
  • Facilitates international market entry and ensures global recognition
  • Gives a competitive edge by meeting regulatory expectations

What is the Role of CDSCO as a Concerned Authority?

CDSCO is a Regulatory Body in India for medical devices, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. This relevant authority is responsible for approving new medical and cosmetic products and medicines and ensures whether the products are the right fit for the consumers or not. CDSCO along with other concerned authorities grants licenses for specialized categories of medical and healthcare products.

It regulates matters related to special categories of medicines and cosmetics as furnished under the relevant acts and rules for ensuring the patients' safety, basic rights, and well-being. Besides this, it also governs the efficiency and quality of a medical product made, imported and distributed in the nation.

Key Purposes for which CDSCO Registration can be Obtained

There are a wide range of significant purposes for which CDSCO registration can be obtained. The significant purposes for which an application can get registered under the CDSCO portal are as follows

  • Test License
  • Cosmetics Registration
  • Export NOC (Zone)
  • Manufacture or Import of Medical Products
  • Formulation R&D Organization
  • Blood Product Registration
  • Dual Use NOC (Trader)
  • Sponsors (BA/BE and CT)
  • Blood Bank Registration
  • Ethics Committee

Who can Apply for CDSCO Registration in India?

Obtaining CDSCO registration in India indicates that the product as well as its manufacturing processes meet these already established standards. Given below are the applicants who can apply for the CDSCO registration certificate in India

  • Indian Agents
  • Importers
  • Corporates
  • Foreign Entities holding Indian Subsidiary

Point to Consider: A manufacturing unit cannot move for registering directly on the portal. A corporate must create login credentials for the manufacturing unit via which they can log in on the portal.

Classification of Medical Devices in India

The commodity that is packaged must have a plain and definite declaration. Given below are the needed declarations that should be quoted on each package


Risk Intensity


Low Risk


Low Moderate Risk


Moderate High Risk


High Risk

What are the Essential Papers Required for CDSCO Registration?

Before walking ahead in the lane of CDSCO registration, it’s important to keep the file of essential papers ready. The Documents for CDSCO registration are mentioned below

  • ID Proof
  • Address Proof
  • Undertaking issued by the Relevant Authority
  • Manufacturing License or Wholesale Licenses in matter of Import or Manufacture of Pharmaceutical Products/Blood Product Registration/Test license Registration
  • Relevant Copy of BA/BE Site Registration as authorised by CDSCO in case of BA/BE Approved sites Registration

Steps for CDSCO Registration Online

Getting a medical device license from CDSCO is a completely online process. The stepwise guide for acquiring a CDSCO registration certificate online from the CDSCO portal is showcased below

  • Apply for Online Registration
  • Filling up the Details
  • Timely Submission of Relevant Papers
  • Verification of the Registration
  • Approval from Concerned Authority

Latest CDSCO Update 2023 & 2024

Have a look at the recent updates and significant trends related to CDSCO registration and medical device license in India

January 2024: AstraZeneca attained CDSCO approval to import along with market Andexanet Alfa in India.

January 2024: The wholly owned subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd, Curateq Biologics, got a recommendation from CDSCO SEC.

January 2024: CDSCO came up with the National Single Window System Portal, striving to develop it as a one-stop-destination for all relevant approvals.

October 2023: ImmunoACT got approval by CDSCO for India's first CAR-T Cell Therapy for Blood Cancer.

There is a compulsory registration condition for all medical devices for import & sale in India, effective October 1, 2023.

Only Exemption in Cases: Class C & Class D devices that were registered before 1 October 2023 are eligible for the coming six months.

Why Choose Enterslice for CDSCO Registration in India?

Get in touch with our experts today for hassle-free delivery of CDSCO registration certificates and ensure that medical devices fulfil quality and safety requirements.

  • 500+ CDSCO Registration Experts Readily Available
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  • Ensures Reduction in Medical Compliance Burden by 30 to 50%
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  • Integration of Cutting-edge Technology

Frequently Asked Questions

CDSCO is the regulatory authority that came into existence under the Directorate General of Health Services, Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, entrusted with the task of medical products approval, conducting clinical trials, etc. The CDSCO is accountable for the CDSCO Registration of all medical devices in India.

This certificate shall be valid for 3 years from its issuance date, unless it is sooner cancelled or suspended.

Medical devices are controlled or regulated by the DCGI with the CDSCO, which is part of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare.

CDSCO is the regulatory authority that provides approval to applications made for acquiring a medical import license.

As per the CDSCO new provisions, manufacturers or importers who wish to import r-DNA products/Vaccines/Blood Products/Stem Cells in India are required to obtain biological import license in Form 10.

The applicant shall proceed with making an application in MD-12 in the Sugam online portal for a licence in MD-13 in order to manufacture Medical Devices for examinations, clinical investigations, evaluations, tests, demonstrations or training.

The headquarter of CDSCO is nestled at FDA Bhawan, Kotla Road, New Delhi. Besides this, it has six zonal offices, around four sub-zonal offices, and 13 Port offices. Furthermore, it has seven laboratories spread across the country.

Medical devices are primarily classified into four significant classes (A, B, C, and D) based on the risk of their intended use

Class A- Low Risk

Surgical Dressing, Absorbent Cotton Wools, Alcohol Swabs, etc.

Class B- Low Moderate Risk

BP Monitoring Device, Thermometer, etc.

Class C- Moderate High Risk

Haemodialysis Catheter, Implants, etc.

Class D- High Risk

Heart Valve, Angiographic Guide Wire, etc.


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