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Business Advisory Services: An Overview

Business owners put great efforts, intellectual depth and massive money in pursuit of the growth of their business to keep up with the changes in the ways of conducting business due to technology-led disruptions. Staying ahead of the curve is not a luxury anymore; making business advisory services an essential strategic tool to achieve consistent, sustainable growth.

The Business Advisory Services of Enterslice help business owners channelizing their efforts, initiative and money in achieving well-defined, tangible and milestone-validated growth. As business advisors, Enterslice continuously unlock  value for sustainable revenue and consistent growth by developing practical solutions for our clients as per their business-specific environment and backing them up with on-ground practical implementation to make growth a way of life in the client’s organisation

What are Business Advisory Services?

Business Advisory services can be defined as the advice provided by a subject matter expert (Business) on the various aspects of business which involves but is not limited to advice related to the setup, sustainability and growth of the client’s business.  

What are the Benefits of Business Advisory Services

The benefits of business advisory services are discussed below

Fresh Perspectives

Business advisory services help the organisation in the identification and analysis of problems through various perspectives; for instance, businessmen can find it difficult to understand the perspective of their customers while working on a specific project, and that’s when the businessmen avail the business advisory services from the advisers as they are accustomed to deal with and eventually to go through the client’s project from the view of the end users and stakeholders.

Moreover, experienced business advisors can also help companies in achieving the extended vision that can help in providing a fresh perspective to the business, which can enhance the business operations.

Enhanced Productivity

Business advisory services can lead to enhanced productivity of the business by streamlined business operations, reduction in wastage of time, and fine-tuning strategies. The advisors are also capable of highlighting redundancies and inefficiencies in the business together with offering solutions to transform the situation.

Streamlined Operations

Great business advice can help the business to save time and focus on more important operations and aspects of the business, thereby saving money in the long run making it easier for the businessman in the optimization of its employees and streamlining  the operations.

Increased Profits

Profit maximization is one the very first objective for  every business owner while starting the business which can be achieved only if the owner has received the right business advice which can help  in the multiplication of  their current earnings resulting  in increased  profits

Business Advisory Services Offered by Enterslice

Management of a business can be difficult due to its need for a well-established process to tackle all the legal hassles that may affect the operations and growth of the business. Our team of experienced Chartered Accountants/ Advocates/Researchers,/Analysts  that can help our clients in managing their businesses.  Enterslice provides the following Business Advisory Services-

Entry Strategy

 India is one of the best destinations for setting up an entity for both Indian as well as foreign business owners. Enterslice has a team of professionals to guide the clients regarding entry strategy and facilitating the setup as well as the growth and expansion of our client’s business. The services provided by Enterslice regarding the Entry Strategy are-  

  • Advice on the different types of companies which can be set up as per the nature and objective of the business
  • Assist in preparing an appropriate plan to invest in India 
  • Execution of the Plan 

The entry strategy can help the clients to build a firm position in the market, catering to the growth of their business.

Regulatory Approvals

We have a dedicated team of lawyers to provide overall assistance in obtaining clearances from various Government bodies such as the Reserve Bank of India’ (RBI), ‘The Secretariat of Industrial Assistance (SIA), ‘The Foreign Investment Promotion Board (FIPB), ‘The Registrar of Companies (ROC), Tax authorities and other relevant authorities as per the nature of the business. The services provided by Enterslice in this respect are

  • Guidance on the essential approvals required as per the nature of the business
  • Guidance on the procedure for obtaining the approval
  • necessary paperation
  • Assistance in Drafting the Application for Approval
  • Assistance in Filing the Application for Approval
  • Regular Follow-up with the relevant authority regarding the status of the approval

The obtainment of the regulatory approvals without any hassles can help the businesses to start their operations at the earliest.

Tax Advisory

The Indian taxation system has undergone various changes over the years, some of which being the introduction of GST, digitalisation in taxation and the dynamic tax regime, to name a few. Therefore it becomes extremely important for every businessman to be clear about taxation to avoid any penalties due to noncompliance with the prescribed norms of taxation.

Our team can provide the below-mentioned services in terms of Tax Advisory-

  • Advise on various domestic as well as international taxation matters, including cross-border transactions
  • Advice on tax perspective in respect of agreements between various parties
  • Advice on withholding of taxes in relation to payment to residents and/or non-residents
  • Differentiate between the current tax computation and the computation as the requirements of Income Tax Computation Disclosure Standards (ICDS) and its impact on cash flow and disclosure.
  • Analyze the impact of the place of effective management rule for determining the residential status of the foreign company/ overseas group entity in India having regard to global management.
  • Analyze the impact of General Anti Avoidance Rules (GAAR) with respect to cross-border transactions
  • Review the operations of the business and guide on the impact of the Base Erosion Profit shifting Measures
  • Advise on Repatriation strategies
  • Advise on availing tax credits by foreign nationals in India
  • Review and suggest pending litigation measures and other uncertain tax positions with regard to the probability of success and preventive measures for the recurrence of such issues

The Tax advisory services would enable the business owners to stay updated with the recent changes and promote timely compliance related to taxation.

Transaction Advisory Services 

Mergers, Acquisitions and Joint Ventures can help in the rapid growth of the business, provided that the deal for the same is handled in the right manner. The transaction advisory services offered by Enterslice are – 

  • Business Valuation
  • Due Diligence ( Inclusive of all types of due diligence )
  • Mergers , Acquisitions and Divestitures Advisory
  • Post Deal Support
  • Financial Modelling
  • Forensics
  • Exit Planning

The services can help in identifying the  transactional risks, enabling to make a strategic and a well informed decision about their business transactions and also extends to actual deal closure and beyond

Due Diligence  

Due diligence plays a significant role, especially before establishing a business relationship with any other party. The due diligence may include financial due diligence, due diligence, commercial due diligence counter-party due diligence, among others. Enterslice offers the following due diligence services

  • Advice on the Types of due Diligence
  • Assistance in the Procedure of Due Diligence
  • Drafting and Vetting of Contracts
  • Guidance on formulating the questionnaire for Due Diligence
  • Advice on responding to the questionnaire provided by the other party
  • Negotiation of the agreements  
  • Formulation of the Due Diligence Report

The due diligence services will help the businesses to make an informed decision about the credibility of the other party, the commercial potential of the business etc., before initiating any business relationship.

Market Research

Our team will conduct thorough legal research about the recent trends in the business industry to provide the best solutions for the growth of our client’s  business. The research would include the following –

  • Research the various laws, rules and regulations related to the business of our clients
  • The recent amendments and changes in the law, policy or compliance requirements
  • Formulating and vetting the Advisory Policy, HR Policies and other policies as per the requirement of the Business
  • Advisory on the business plan and workflow of the business 

Market research can help our clients to have the required information  about the opportunities in the market well in advance, which can facilitate better decision-making in respect of the business.

Green Field Setup

 A green field investment setup the  parent company establishes a subsidiary in another country rather than purchasing an existing facility in that country, and the company starts a new venture through the construction of new facilities in that country.

We provide end-to-end support to MNCs  in setting up a Greenfield project in India. Our service offerings include 

  • Assistance in finding the best location for the set-up, 
  • Assistance in land allotment, 
  • Assistance in obtaining necessary approvals & implementing the project.

This can enable the business to expand their business without the hassles of purchasing a property in an entirely different country

 Litigation Support

The legal proceedings or levying of unnecessary penalties can act as an obstacle in the operations of a business together with adversely impacting the goodwill of the business. The businessmen must consult a highly qualified legal professional who can provide guidance to tackle the legal complexities as well as provide litigation support for the quick resolution of the same. Enterslice provides the following services regarding litigation support

  • Representation before NCLT, as well as other relevant courts and authorities
  • Drafting of petitions, complaints, written statements and appeals
  • Filing of petitions, complaints, written statements and appeals

The Litigation support services provided by Enterslice aim to ensure that the clients do not worry about any unnecessary legal proceedings against them or their company.   

Accounting Advisory Services

The books of accounts of a company are a significant determinant of the business's position in the market and its growth prospects. Proper maintenance of accounts is required to ensure that the true picture of the business is provided to both the businessmen and the potential investors.

Enterslice has a team of experienced CA /CS / CFO who can provide the below-mentioned accounting services to the clients

  • Assistance with the clearing of audit queries.
  • Debtors control, budget control, reconciliation and clearing of suspense accounts.
  • Development of standard charts of account.
  • Outsourcing of the financial function.
  • Policy and procedure for design and implementation.
  • Preparation of Annual Financial Statements, including performing reconciliations and preparing audit files.
  • Cash, inventory and fixed asset counts.
  • Review of internal controls and accounting manuals.
  • Reconciliations and posting of accounting entries into ledgers.
  • Policy and procedure manuals.
  • Preparation of forecast, budget, and cash flow statements.
  • Controller, finance manager, accountant and book-keeper roles.
  • Audit schedules
  • Training to finance teams

Accounting services can help in attracting better investors as the same shall act as proof of the credibility and goodwill of the business in the market. 

Human Resource Consultancy 

Human Resource is considered the backbone of any organisation as the employees' expertise can immensely contribute to the growth of the business, making the recruitment of the right personnel an integral part of any business. The services offered by Enterslice in this regard are –bn

  • Research of candidates
  • Tracking compliance
  • Training hiring managers
  • Audits and reporting
  • Consulting on technology
  • Process mapping

Our consultants can help manage regulatory compliance, policies, and procedures for recruitment and selection, employee performance management, and compensation and benefits at a cost comparable to an internal function  along with the above-mentioned services. 

IT Consulting

IT consulting involves managing and integrating Information Technology (IT) systems in an organisation. The IT Consulting Services provided by Enterslice are 

  • Managed Security Services for the organization.
  • IT infrastructure consulting services
  • Hardware and Software Consulting Services.
  • Capacity Monitoring and Network Use Age Solutions
  • Data IT infrastructure Consulting

The IT Services can help the  clients to operate their businesses at a lower cost, thereby enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of the business operations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Enterslice provides business advisory services to start-ups as well, which are specifically curated as per the nature and other needs of the start-up.

The advantages of taking Enterslice Business Advisory Services -

  • Professional Support.
  • Highly Integrated IT Team.
  • 24*7 Customer Support.
  • Competent Team of Lawyers

The certificate that is required to be obtained for incorporating the company is the certificate of incorporation, which is granted by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA).

Business valuation refers to the process wherein the business owner seeks to ascertain the economic value of his business and provide an objective estimate of the company's value. Such valuation is mostly needed at the time of selling off the company and the business.

Yes, Enterslice has a team of experienced professionals to provide end-to-end assistance for business plans straight, from providing advice for the business plan and drafting the same for our clients.

Yes, Enterslice offers accounting and CFO services virtually as well and has well-defined Virtual CFO Services in this regard.

Yes, the HR services offered by Enterslice also include payroll management, which can help our clients manage their employees' payroll effortlessly.


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