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How Fintech and Loan Lending Applications are changing the day to day life of people

How Fintech and Loan Lending Applications are changing

Fintech applications are the new technological advanced applications that are providing improved products and services in the financial Industry. Fintech applications are used in the business to enhance and automate the processes and services of the financial sector. Fintech Application varies from project to project. Fintech Applications are designed in an innovative way of making fast payments by using mobile phones.

How Fintech and loan lending applications have changed the day to day life of people?

Now a day’s people love the idea of having a technology-based solution for everything and almost in every sector. Fintech Applications are designed to connect consumers’ finances with technology as per the ease of the customers.

Fintech application has changed the way consumers access their finances. Fintech applications like Mobile payment applications (Pay Pal) have disrupted traditional financial and banking industries. Fintech application has made it possible to manage funds, trade stocks, pay for food or Online payments through this technology (and often on your smartphone). 

How do fintech applications work?

Fintech applications consist of the administration panel. The features of administration Panel are-

  • Login Id – By using the Login credentials the administrative can log in to the back-end information.
  • Dashboard – Dashboard gives the summary of the application performance i.e.-
  1. Number of users
  2. Total number of amounts lent
  3. Total earning
  • Managing Offers – Administration manages the user’s reward who is using the credit card. Based on the card score, the rewards will be given to the users. Further, certain discounts are also offered to the users based on the number of spending on the card.
  • Managing the Application Users – The admin manages the existing users, adds new users and also removes the existing users. Admin also manages the earning of the users by viewing his entire earnings and income. Further, Admin is also responsible for user profile management.
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Features of Fintech Applications

Following are the features of the Fintech applications-

  • High Security

Fintech Applications are highly secured, and the important aspect is that the application deal with the real data of the users. Further, to ensure security, a security certificate is assimilated into the system.

  • Integrated cloud storage

For security and maintaining the privacy of the users, cloud storage is integrated which will help the system to store user data.

  • Chatbox Support

Fintech Applications provides a Chatbox support facility to the users who allow them to interact with the representative anytime to get an answer to their queries.

  • Online Support

The user can extract their respective information through an online support facility where they can extract their information at any point in time.

  • Notifications

Applications provide notifications which keep the user updated with all latest activities and changes of the application

  • Fintech Applications

In the present scenario, Fintech applications are playing a major role to upgrade the working of the business and banking sectors. Following are the major sectors where Fintech Applications are being used –

  • Managing the Personal Finances, bills and also for tracking the personal and credit accounts
  • For Bill Payments and for subscribing to the billing software tools
  • International Money Transfer and tracking the software
  • For wealth management and marketplace lending
  • For blockchain technologies used by the companies for financial services
  • Regulatory compliances and insurance sector

What is Loan lending Mobile Applications?

Loan Lending mobile applications are applications that help the borrower in availing personal loans. These applications are very easy to use, where the borrower has to submit the required documents along with the application which will be approved once checked and verified by the admin for security check. The procedure involves in the loan lending application is very discreet where the borrower can find the lender without any difficulty over the website.

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Feature of loan lending application-

  1. Easy to access
  2. More secured
  3. Borrowers have various loan options
  4. Privacy and chatbox option
  5. Minimal Paperwork

Example of Fintech and loan lending Mobile Application

  • KreditBee

KreditBee is the loan application that provides personal loan to the professionals. Through the Online portal, the Personal loan starts from Rs.1000. Different loan products are offered by KreditBee-

  • Flexi Credit Loan
  • Loan for salaried Person
  • Online purchase Loan.

It offers loans to customers (personal loan) and through this application, a user can apply for the loan once he/she will download the application from the play store. KreditBee offers a quick loan disbursal where no collateral is required. Further, this application is compatible with all Android phones.

  • Paysense

Paysense is the application which offers an instant and easy platform to meet all the financial requirement. It provides instant personal loan and offers various benefits as compared to the other forms of borrowing the loan like borrowing from friends and relatives with low -interest rates and easy EMI repayment. Further, the process of availing the loan is very easy for the person who has not availed the loan previously.


Fintech applications are the applications used for Managing the Personal Finances, bills and also for tracking the personal and credit accounts. These applications are also used for International Money Transfer and tracking the software. Fintech applications are used for technological developments with the aim to improve the delivery of services related to finance.

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