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Nov 07 2017

Fundamentals of Workplace Automation

Robotic process automation (RPA) is the next big thing in managing endless What are the Fundamentals of Workplace Automation? Shifting human work to the ma...

Nov 06 2017

When will Digital Days in India

Digitalisation is evolving Indian economy and how rapidly! The term digitalisation has been viral among all Indians. What is hot digital seems to be changi...

Nov 06 2017

What is Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology, popularly known as the backbone technology behind Bitcoin, is one of the emerging technologies currently in the market attracting a...

Nov 06 2017

Building a Marketing Organization that Drives Growth To...

Executives that organize the most productive & profitable marketing departments focus on data & consumer insights. Due to the rapidly changing pace...

Sep 13 2017

Understanding Takeover with FAQs

When an “acquirer” takes over the control of a “Target Company”, it is called Takeover. When an acquirer acquires “considerable or substantial qu...

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