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What are the Different Methods for Outsourcing your Finance & Accounting?

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F&A outsourcing is chosen by a lot of business because it can bring about a lot of cost savings. It is typically more affordable to outsource that sort of business function that actually having your own internal department for record keeping and accounting. But that is not the only reason why Finance & Accounting outsourcing can be so advantageous to your business. F&A Outsourcing can help you minimize security risks since external record keeping is typically safer. And on top of that, it is more efficient and can usually enable businesses to keep precise track of all of their financial and accounting records as well. But to be able to benefit from all of that you will need to be sure that you are using the right model of F&A outsourcing. This is because the scalability and even advantages that your business can get will depend on whatever model that you are choosing to use.

There is more than one model of F&A outsourcing that your business can utilize. And simply following the model that is laid out by another business may not be the best path for you to take. Those other models for F&A outsourcing could be a better option for you to take. So you may want to try and look into those other methods of outsourcing if you want to truly know what is the best kind of F&A service provider that you can make. If you know about these other models for business outsourcing, then you will be able to make better decisions for your business as well.

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These are all of the some of the models for F&A outsourcing that you need to know about.

Comprehensive and Total Outsourcing

Like the name of this outsourcing model suggest, it is the total outsourcing of all of your F&A functions to one particular service provider. Most businesses would pay one whole fee to outsource all of their Finance & Accounting functions. Businesses can keep track of the service provider, otherwise, this model of outsourcing is generally very hands off. While it is very freeing for a business to make use of a comprehensive outsourcing model, it would not be suitable for those smaller businesses, who may need a more customizable service plan.

Nearshore Outsourcing

In the nearshore outsourcing model, instead of sending your F&A functions to a firm outside the country, you are simply working with a service provider firm in your own country. This has got the added benefit of working with highly trained professionals for your F&A Services. The only downside being is that there can be an increased cost attached to this model of outsourcing.

Shared Services Outsourcing

Establishing a subsidiary company for your business is a way that you can outsource some of your Finance & Accounting functions. In this method of outsourcing, you will work on developing another external company, usually outside your country, who can provide the F&A services that you require. Though there may be higher costs and more work needed to be done when compared to other models of outsourcing, Joint Outsourcing is way more advantageous for bigger businesses that need plenty of expertise and more management with accounting and financial services. This model of outsourcing is generally more difficult to handle for smaller businesses since it involves dealing with a whole other company. The shared services outsourcing model is more suited to bigger businesses, which already have the resources in place that can help them establish a new company of their own.

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Horizontal Finance & Accounting Outsourcing

With Horizontal Outsourcing, your business will work with service providers who will serve as your F&A and Human Resources, and they can even do the processing of payrolls as well. This kind of model of outsourcing can provide services for businesses in all sorts of fields, across many different types of industries as well. A lot of businesses choose this model because it offers the most savings. But there may be issues that are particular to one type of business field as well, depending on the service provider.

Vertical Outsourcing

In this kind of outsourcing model, your business will work with a service provider who specializes in the specific business field that you are in. This is a way for you to get a service provider who can have the most knowledge of how to operate in the industry that you are in. This will allow the outsourcing process to go problem-free. And you would not have to deal with the slowness of adopting a new model as well since vertical outsourcing is generally quicker.

Multi-Source Outsourcing

In the model for muti-sourcing, you will get a different provider for each of the F&A functions that you want to outsource. This kind of model will allow you a lot more choices in who you hire to provide your F&A functions. So your business can generally be way more flexible and adaptable. However, this kind of service can be harder to keep track of, since you need to deal with a different service provider for each outsourced function.

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Build and Operate Outsourcing

In this model of outsourcing, a service provider will assist you in setting up a new external center. For example, the service provider would help you set up the office, properties, and even infrastructure to help you run a new external Finance & Accounting Center. This is generally more costly than other forms of outsourcing since you need to pay for real estate and the continued operation of your external center as well. But unlike the Shared Services model, you would not have to do everything yourself.

Choosing one of these outsourcing models which is the right one for your business can enable you to save a lot of money and get the most out of the outsourcing function in the first place. So you need to carefully choose the model of your outsourcing the right way if you do not want to lose money or even increase the risks for your business. The right kind of outsourcing model will have quite an overall impact on the state of your business. By choosing the right model your business could gain a competitive edge. So be sure you know what you are getting into and set up the right F&A outsourcing model for your business.

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