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List of Best Insurance Web Aggregators in India

The list of India’s best insurance web aggregators serves as intermediaries between insurance companies and customers, offering a comprehensive interface for comparing prices and policies. These aggregators ensure transparency and reliability in the insurance market by providing updated and detailed information on various insurance products to help individuals make informed decisions tailored to the needs regulated by the IRDAI. However, explore these top aggregators to find the ideal insurance policy.

Understanding about Insurance Web Aggregators

The IRDAI defines an insurance web aggregator as an intermediary between insurance companies and individuals. They operate a website that offers an interface for potential customers or individuals to compare prices and gather information about products from various insurers and other related topics however to perform as an insurance web aggregator the company needs to obtain an insurance web aggregator license.  

The best insurance web aggregator website displays up-to-date information on insurance products, enabling prospects to select the policy that best suits the needs of the individuals. However, the activities of the best insurance web aggregators are regulated and monitored under the IRDAI regulations, 2017.

Glimpse of the Market in Insurance Web Aggregators

In 2021, the global insurance web aggregators market was valued at $19.3 billion and is forecasted to reach $130 billion by 2031, growing at a CAGR of 21.2%. This growth is attributed to the rise in digital influences and the increasing number of aggregators and digital brokers.

Over the past twenty years, the insurance sector in India has experienced a remarkable expansion. By 2027, the Indian insurance market will reach a valuation of $200 billion. India ranks as the 9th largest life insurance market and the 14th largest non-life insurance market globally.

The global insurance web aggregator market is set for robust growth, driven by factors such as increased digitalization, growing adoption of internet technology, and insurance companies’ shift towards consumer-centric strategies.

About Insurtech Companies in India

The traditional insurance industry in India is criticized for its burdensome processes, so it is transformed by digital insurance companies. Insurtech companies are emerging as a powerful force in the Indian insurance framework. An insurtech company is a digital innovation focused on refining and modernizing the insurance industry.

These innovative startups leverage advanced technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc., to offer unique insurance products tailored to individuals’ needs. By utilizing these tools, Insurtech companies are revolutionizing the ways we assess risk, distribute coverage, and process claims.

Future Growth of the Insurtech Companies in India

The Insurtech companies in India are revolutionizing traditional insurance products, making them more accessible, customized and user-friendly. Over the past few years, funding of insurance startups in India has doubled positioning India as one of the fastest-growing markets globally.

A substantial market opportunity in India, FinTech is projected to reach $1.3 trillion by 2025 and contribute 26% to the market. Digital insurance companies in India are poised to introduce innovative insurance products that cater to individuals’ evolving needs, and the rise of fintech allows these startups to reach a broader consumer base.

With the growing adoption of digital technologies by insurance platforms, Insurtech companies are making significant steps in the Indian market. By 2030, this sector is projected to achieve a growth rate of 52.7%, providing ample opportunities for new players.

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Top 10 Insurtech Companies Transforming India’s Insurance Industry

In recent years, the insurance industry in India has undergone a digital transformation with the rise of insurtech companies. Below is the list of Insurtech companies as the best insurance web aggregator in India:

1. PolicyBazaar

India’s largest online insurance web aggregator offers a wide range of insurance products, including health, life, motors, and travel insurance. The company raised $238 million and offers a comparison of various insurance plans in the market.

2. Acko General Insurance

Acko is a digital insurance company that offers innovative products and customized policies for sectors such as auto, health, and travel insurance. It also provides a unique microinsurance solution for cab passengers.

3. Toffee Insurance

It is a digital-first Insurtech company having raised over $5.5 million from investors for targeting individuals with affordable insurance products which is known for its user-friendly interface and simplified policy.

4. Go Digital Insurance

Go Digital Insurance is a prominent Insurtech company that has received over $200 million in funding since 2017. It offers a variety of insurance products, including car, travel, house, and commercial vehicle insurance.

5. InsuranceDekho

It was launched in 2016 and is among the leading insurtech firms in India. It provides a range of online insurance products to facilitate quick issuance policies and offers dedication to insurance coverage.

6. SecureNow

It was established in 2011 to deliver commercial insurance solutions to small and medium-sized businesses through a robust Insurtech system. With over 25000 clients in India, it offers a range of insurance products, including liability, marine, and medical insurance.

7. RenewBuy

It was founded in 2015 and transformed the insurance landscape with its bespoke technologies to offer a digitally optimized process for swift policy issuance and a diverse insurance portfolio covering motor, health and life insurance.

8. Turtlemint

It was founded in 2015 and is a digital insurance web aggregator aiming to simplify insurance to provide a marketplace for car, health and life insurance sectors, with over $120 million in funding from investors to provide personalized insurance guidance.

9. ComparePolicy

It is a prominent insurance web aggregator that entered the insurance industry in 2015, this is a platform which has collaborated with over 30 insurers and offers more than 100 insurance products.

10. InsurancePundit

It is India’s first online insurance web aggregator designed to help customers select the insurance plan that best suits their requirements while saving money on premiums by comparing plans over 14 leading insurance companies in India.

IRDAI Approved List of Web Aggregators in India

Below are the registered web aggregators in India which have driven the change in India and approved by the IRDAI to provide the service as an insurance web aggregator.

  1. Covernest Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  2. Ramakumaaran Digital Insurance Web Aggregator LLP
  3. Online Policy House Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  4. Securesmarter Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  5. Guide2protect Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  6. Check Your Premium Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  7. InstantCover Insurance Web Aggregators Private Limited
  8. Vivaan Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  9. Bimahub Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  10. Deztination Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  11. Policy4us Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  12. Compare Policy Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  13. Skydda Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  14. Aditsh Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  15. MyBima Café Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  16. Turanth Suraksha Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  17. MIC Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  18. Great India Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  19. KU Policy Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  20. Insuremile Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  21. Wishfin Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  22. Insurein Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  23. D Cube Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  24. Riskovery Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  25. KDGO Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  26. Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  27. Instabima Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  28. MSF Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  29. Insure Fast Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  30. Oneclick Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  31. Digibima Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
  32. Saarte Insurance Web Aggregator Private Limited
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List of the Top Best Insurance Web Aggregators in India

India boosts several of the best insurance web aggregators, each offering a diverse range of insurance products and services. Some of the best insurance web aggregators are:

1. PolicyBazaar

It serves as a detailed platform for insurance needs, PolicyBazaar offers various products including life insurance general insurance health insurance, and home insurance with approximately 11 million users nationwide to allow easy comparison of plans with different insurers.

2. Ditto

Despite being a relatively new applicant, Ditto has rapidly gained traction in the insurance industry and specialized in health and life insurance products to offer a seamless online purchasing experience of policies.

3. InsuranceDekho

It was established in 2016, it provides a wide array of insurance solutions ranging from terms and health insurance to vehicles and travel insurance with over 50 lac consumers, the platform facilitates policy renewal and tracking.

4. Coverfox

It is licensed by IRDAI; it offers customizable insurance policies, including health, car, bike, term, taxi and travel insurance, with features like unbiased advice and online processing. And plan comparisons to ensure a hassle-free experience for individuals.


With over 25 lac registered individuals, GIBL collaborates with 56 insurance companies to offer diverse insurance products such as health, life, car, travel and two-wheeler insurance to simplify policy discovery, comparison and procurements.

6. Niva Bupa

It caters to over 70 lac customers, Niva Bupa specializes in providing tailored insurance plans for medical needs, ensuring direct claims processing without involving third parties.

7. Star Health & Allied Insurance

It operates with a network of 14000+ hospitals, star health offers insurance plans for health, accident, travel and corporate needs to provide in-house claims processing, 24/7 customer support and cashless claims and settled over 97 lac claims to boast a widespread presence with over 1100 network hospitals worldwide.

8. Care Health Insurance

Formerly known as Religare Care Health Insurance, care health insurance provides detailed medical insurance and financial protection during medical emergencies with features like a high claim settlement ratio, cashless treatments in 15,500+ network hospitals, and coverage for critical illness.

9. Aditya Birla Insurance

It was established in 2015 to offer a range of healthcare insurance products focusing on chronic care and wellness with a customized plan for various needs, including cancer, COVID-19, and critical illness, to ensure support during the claims process.

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10. ApnaPaisa

It is a price and feature comparison service provider that empowers consumers to make informed decisions by offering detailed comparisons and simplifying their research process.

How will choosing the Best Insurance Web Aggregators Benefit you?

Insurance web aggregators play an important role in simplifying the purchasing process by offering numerous benefits such as:

1. Saves Time and Efforts

Insurance web aggregators streamline the process by eliminating the need to visit multiple insurance company websites so that the individual can easily compare the numerous policies in one platform which will save time and effort.

2. Maintains Transparency

These platforms enhance transparency by providing detailed information on each policy so the individual can view and compare policies side by side and help them to make well-informed decisions.

3. Better Pricing

The insurance web aggregators collect multiple insurance companies’ details to foster competition among insurers and often result in better pricing and benefits for individuals.

4. Offers expert advice

Many insurance web aggregators employ experts who can provide guidance and advice to help the individual choose the right insurance policies.


In conclusion, the best insurance web aggregators in India provide valuable information on their websites and present real statistics about various insurance products. Numerous companies in the market display up-to-date insurer data. Additionally, these best insurance web aggregators must adhere to the compliances set by the IRDAI.


  1. What do you understand about Insurance web aggregators?

    An insurance web aggregator is an intermediary platform between insurance companies and individuals. It operates a website where individuals can compare policies.

  2. Is it mandatory to obtain an insurance web aggregator license to work as a web aggregator in insurance products?

    It is important to obtain an insurance web aggregator license to work as a web aggregator for insurance products.

  3. How do the insurance web aggregators benefit individuals?

    It simplifies the insurance purchasing process by saving time and effort, maintaining transparency, and offering better pricing and expert advice.

  4. How do insurance web aggregators make money?

    Insurance web aggregators earn money through commissions or fees paid by insurance companies for policies sold through their platforms.

  5. Who regulated insurance web aggregators?

    The IRDAI regulated insurance web aggregators in India.

  6. Can an insurance web aggregator customize insurance needs?

    Yes, the insurance web aggregator customizes the insurance needs.

  7. How does the individual choose the best insurance web aggregators?

    The following factors need to be considered such as the range of insurance products offered, user experiences, customer services and transparency of the information.

  8. Who are the web aggregators in insurance?

    Web aggregators are an intermediary between the insurance company and individuals.

  9. Which is the largest insurance web aggregator in India?

    PolicyBazaar is the largest insurance web aggregator in India.

  10. For how many years is the insurance web aggregator license valid?

    The insurance web aggregator license is valid for three years from the date of its issuance by the IRDAI.

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