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What does an LLC mean?

Wyoming LLC registration is anonymous and private to the owners and the shareholders of the LLC. The Limited Liability Company, commonly called LLC, is a legal business entity formed and governed in Wyoming under the provisions of the statutes of Wyoming. The LLC formation in Wyoming is considered to be a hybrid model attracting the characteristics of both Corporations and Partnership firms. Entrepreneurs are required to understand the values, structure, and plan to run the administration of the LLC they are willing to establish. Wyoming allows different structures of LLCs for the entrepreneurs to incorporate and carry their business according to the specified goals and requirements of the entrepreneurs. Some of the different categories allowed for the Wyoming LLC registration are provided below.

Wyoming Single-Member LLC

A single-member LLC formation in Wyoming requires only one single owner, shareholder, or manager, whether a married couple, to have full control over the management of the company. The properties for the formation of the single-member ownership are similar to that of a sole-proprietorship business.

Wyoming Multiple-Member LLC

The Wyoming multiple-member LLC, also known as the member-managed LLC, must have at least 2 members for the LLC formation in Wyoming having a share in the control, management, and profit sharing of the legal entity.

Wyoming Manager-Managed LLC

An LLC holds the status of being manager-managed, where the members of the LLC appoint a manager to manage the administration and business operations.

Wyoming Close LLC

The close LLC formation in Wyoming must hold a statement in the Operating Agreement to hold the status of a close limited liability company in Wyoming wherein any member willing to sell the interest in the entity must consult the other members for their approval.

Wyoming Domestic LLC

It requires the registration of the articles of organization in one State to hold the status of a domestic LLC in Wyoming.

Wyoming Foreign LLC

An LLC that has an established principal business in another state is authorized for the formation of a Foreign LLC in Wyoming with the approval of the authorities.

Wyoming Series LLC

A series LLC formation in Wyoming allows the registration of a series of LLCs to operate under one single master entity holding their independent assets, liabilities, and membership in the LLC.

Wyoming Registered LLC

The Registered LLC formation in Wyoming is a unique legal entity that mainly focuses on limiting the ability of the members to make any distributions from the company for an extended period of 30 years. The Wyoming LLC registration is mostly prevalent for the industries engaged in estate planning.

Wyoming Anonymous LLC

Wyoming also approves the formation of an anonymous LLC without disclosing or listing the identity and other information of the members and the owners of the LLC.

Why choose LLC formation in Wyoming?

The entrepreneurs must choose to incorporate an LLC in Wyoming due to the smooth and favourable business environment boosting the Wyoming LLC registration process and the business operations to carry forward, ensuring the protection of the personal liability of the shareholders and the owners of the LLC. The benefits attracting entrepreneurs to the LLC formation in Wyoming are as provided below

  • No corporate, franchise, stock, or state taxes apply to the Wyoming LLC registration, on the contrary, it is taxed as a partnership firm
  • No requirement to hold a principal or registered place for carrying the business in Wyoming
  • The directors, shareholders, owners, and officers need not be permanent residents or citizens of the USA (only requirement of being major)
  • Strong laws governing the protection of assets and liabilities for the Wyoming LLC registration
  • Strong privacy laws ensuring the identity and relevant information of the owners and shareholders responsible for the LLC formation in Wyoming
  • Allowed single-membership LLC formation in Wyoming
  • Simplified corporate formalities are required for the Wyoming LLC registration (using virtual mode)
  • The principle of piercing the corporate veil doesn&rsquot apply to the Wyoming LLC registration
  • Relatively low fees are required for LLC formation in Wyoming
  • Easy to transfer ownership through the sale of the stocks
  • No requirement of minimum capital for the Wyoming LLC registration
  • The Wyoming LLC registration acts as a separate legal entity from its owners and members running the business operations.

Legal Requirements of Wyoming LLC Registration

Every State in the USA has its requirements for the formation of an LLC. Similarly, entrepreneurs must possess and abide by the official documents, eligibility criteria, and the costs for LLC formation in Wyoming. There must be at least 1 shareholder, 1 director, and 1 member for the incorporation of an LLC in Wyoming. The entrepreneurs must appoint an LLC accountant, a company secretary, and a registered agent for the Wyoming LLC registration. Even a non-resident is free for LLC formation in Wyoming, attracted by the favourable business-friendly environment of the State.

Documents required for the LLC formation in Wyoming

The entrepreneurs are required to collect the documents for the Wyoming LLC registration, which is a crucial step as it includes relevant information about the business, such as name, mailing, physical address, information related to the registered agent, etc. The list of documents required to be maintained includes

  • Details of every member enrolled in the Wyoming LLC registration
  • The percentage of the shares owned by each member
  • The details of the capital structure required for the Wyoming LLC registration
  • The list containing the names and addresses of the registered agents
  • The date of birth of birth and the passport number of the entrepreneurs (for foreign LLC)
  • The principal address or the primary location of carrying the business
  • The facsimile of the certificate of good standing required for the LLC formation in Wyoming
  • The details of the structure of the LLC, whether member-managed or series LLC, etc.
  • The details of the corporate bank account
  • The details of the EIN or TIN of the entrepreneurs
  • The list of the proposed name, i.e., DBA name of the LLC, etc.

Fees for the LLC formation in Wyoming

The state fees required for LLC formation in Wyoming are relatively minimal, which includes the cost of making every document and reserving every right of the LLC. The fee structure is as provided below

  • The state fee for filing the Article of Organization to the Secretary of the State is $100 (one-time fee)
  • The state fee for reserving the right in the name of the LLC costs $60 (not mandatory)
  • The state fee for filing the annual report or license tax is $62 wherein $2 costs the online service
  • The cost for obtaining the Wyoming business licenses and permits varies depending upon the place and industry for carrying the business.
  • No provision for corporate or individual state income tax
  • The rate of federal tax varies according to the nature of the business
  • No provision for franchise tax, minimum capital requirement for the Wyoming LLC registration
  • The cost of foreign LLC formation in Wyoming is $150
  • A sales tax of 4% is applicable to Wyoming LLC registration, etc.

Procedure for the Wyoming LLC Registration

Wyoming is considered to hold the position of one of the top five best states in the USA for LLC formation, offering low costs of incorporation, beneficial tax structures, and strong policies ensuring the protection of assets and liabilities of the Companies. The basic steps required for the Wyoming LLC registration are provided below

Reserve the name for Wyoming LLC registration

The first step required to be fulfilled by every entrepreneur looking forward to LLC formation in Wyoming stands with reserving the name for the LLC. There exist certain requirements that need to be fulfilled before marking a name for the company that will establish a first connection between the customers and the business partners. The legal requirements that need to be fulfilled are

  • Conduct a proper name search – to confirm that the name is not in use
  • The name must contain any suffix: Limited Liability Company, LLC, L.L.C., Limited Company, Ltd., Liability Company, L.C., LC, Ltd. Liability Co., Limited Liability Co., or Ltd. Co.
  • The name must be distinguishable from the name or abbreviation of other legal entity
  • Conduct a trademark search at the State and the federal level before reserving the name of the LLC
  • Use of certain words requires prior approval of the Department of Education, like Education, University, etc.
  • If required apply for the trademark right under the Wyoming Secretary of the State
  • Check the domain availability, i.e., the address of the website &ndash to register the domain name

The right to preserve the name of the company is held for a period of 120 days to the Wyoming Secretary of State through mail or online mode.

Appoint a registered agent for Wyoming LLC registration

The next step that must be fulfilled during the LLC formation in Wyoming is to have a registered agent responsible for holding the capacity to accept and manage all the lawsuits and other official documents on behalf of the LLC. Certain legal checklists must be maintained and followed before the appointment of the registered agent during the Wyoming LLC registration, as provided below

  • Must be at least above 18 years of age
  • Must be a resident of Wyoming
  • Must have their physical registered address in the State- known as the official address of the business
  • Even a company, an individual, a family member, a friend, a registered agent service, or any other member of the LLC is free to be appointed as the registered agent
  • The form of Consent to appointment must be signed by the registered agent and the Wyoming LLC to accept the terms of the appointment of the registered agent.

The registered agent must hold the responsibility of managing and carrying certain relevant documents of the LLC, like communication of legal documents, notices, tax documents, other internal messages, legal summons, and inquiries, establishing a chain of connection between the Wyoming LLC and the Wyoming Secretary of the State. The appointment of the registered agent is beneficial for the Wyoming LLC registration as it avoids embarrassment in front of the customers for being served with any legal notice, and ensures timely notices of the business.

File Articles of the Organization for Wyoming LLC registration

The next step that must be followed at the time of the Wyoming LLC registration is to file the Articles of Organization with the Secretary of the State, which is the official document required for the legal creation of the LLC through a form available on the website. The information that must be present in the Articles of Organization is provided in the following list

  • The name of the LLC
  • The address of the LLC
  • The details of the members enrolled in LLC formation in Wyoming
  • The contact details and other relevant information of the appointed registered agent
  • The signed consent form of the registered agent
  • The statement of purpose for the LLC formation in Wyoming
  • The duration of the LLC formation in Wyoming
  • The signature of the organizer
  • The effective date of filing the Articles of Organisation, etc.

The articles of organization must be processed within 15 business days of the filing of the application to the Secretary of the State. The entrepreneurs are also authorized to update and amend the Articles of Organization as per the growing demands of the legal entity by filing an Amendment to the Wyoming Articles of Organization. There exist two modes by which entrepreneurs can opt for filing the Articles of Organization, namely, the paper filing method, which processes the documents within 15 business days, and another is to opt for the online method, which immediately processes the documents, and the company instantly becomes active.

Draft an Operating Agreement for Wyoming LLC registration

It is not a legal requirement for entrepreneurs to prepare for drafting the Operating Agreement for the LLC formation in Wyoming. The operating agreement holds the capacity to maintain a contractual relationship among the members of the LLC governing smooth business operations and ensures a written record of the verbal agreement. The details that must be drafted in the Operating agreement are

  • The protocols governing the voting rights of the members
  • Defines the responsibilities of its members
  • The information related to the invitation of de novo member
  • Describes the operations of the business to be carried on a daily basis
  • Describes the details pertaining to the dates of the Annual general meetings of the LLC
  • Any legal requirements for the dissolution of the LLC (if applicable)
  • Defines the process for dispute resolution.

The Operating Agreement is the operational blueprint required for the smooth functioning of the LLC, which can be drafted at any point in time, whether it be before, during, or after the Wyoming LLC registration. As it is an internal document, not a part of public record, it must be signed by all the members and need not be filed with any government agency.

Filing Confirmation

Lastly, the LLC formation is complete after completing the draft governing the operating agreement of the legal entity. The confirmation containing the certificate of the Wyoming LLC registration is received either through the mail or a soft copy available on the website authorizing the newly incorporated company to start carrying out business operations in the State of Wyoming.

Post-formation process

Once the LLC formation in Wyoming is complete, the entrepreneurs must commit to extra-legal requirements to ensure the long-term function of the LLC.

Apply for EIN

Entrepreneurs need to receive an Employers' Identification Number, also known as the Federal Tax Identification Number, which stands as the SSN for the legal entities providing a unique identification number to the LLC. The EIN can be obtained from the official website of the IRS, complying with the requirements for filing federal, State, and local tax returns, obtaining business licenses, operating a corporate bank account, applying for credit for the business, and hiring employees for the LLC.

Apply to open a bank account

In the next step, the entrepreneurs are required to open a corporate bank account to maintain and protect the personal assets of the LLC, the bookkeeping, and accounting. The relevant documents that must be issued before opening a corporate bank account for the LLC include the articles of organization of the Wyoming LLC, the LLC's EIN, and the LLC's resolution stating the opening of a bank account.

Apply to obtain the business licenses and relevant permits

There is also a requirement to possess relevant business licenses and local permits for carrying the business in Wyoming. The licenses and permits for the Wyoming LLC are granted based on the location, structure, and type of the business.

File the Beneficial ownership information report

The next step is to file the Beneficial Ownership report within 90 days of the LLC formation in Wyoming under the provisions of the Corporate Transparency Act, which discloses the personal information of the members of the business to ensure that financial crimes are harder to hide. The BOIR includes the following information

  • The details of the reporting company
  • The details of the beneficial owners of the company
  • The details of the applicants of the company (if applicable).

Register for state payroll and other tax accounts.

The next step is to register for the diverse tax structures of Wyoming to ensure that the Wyoming LLC is accountable for the payment of the following taxes

  • Sales and use tax
  • Payroll tax
  • Unemployment insurance tax
  • Federal tax
  • State employer tax
  • Corporate state income tax
  • Annual report license tax
  • Other taxes on the usage of gasoline, cigarettes, alcohol, etc.

File an annual report of the LLC

The next step ends with filing the annual report on the 1st day of the month after the Wyoming LLC registration is complete. Hence, it is mandatorily required for Wyoming LLC registration with the Secretary of the State of Wyoming with the motive to keep the State up-to-date for the information concerned to the LLC.

Get a Business Phone Number and Insurance

The entrepreneurs willing to join the LLC formation in Wyoming must have a registered or virtual phone number for the business.

Also, entrepreneurs must hold a certificate of business insurance like general liability insurance, professional liability insurance, and workers' compensation insurance for the LLC, depending upon the structure of the LLC.

Why choose us for the Wyoming LLC registration?

The reasons accounting for choosing the services of Enterslice for the LLC formation in Wyoming are as provided below

  • Expertise in the business regulations and the legal process of Wyoming
  • Experience in dealings with the foreign entrepreneurs
  • A dedicated, reliable, and professional team offering support services
  • A dedicated team to handle and file the legal documents
  • Provides the services for the registered agent
  • Aids in preparation and submission of the annual reports of the LLC
  • Provides services for the EIN registration
  • Supportive environment ensuring and managing legal compliance
  • Provides services for handling and advising over the tax liability of the LLC.

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of the Domestic LLC formation in Wyoming is $100, along with the applicable fees for using the services of Enterslice.

No, drafting the operating agreement at the time of the Wyoming LLC registration is not mandatory. However, it must be drafted and agreed upon by the members of the Wyoming LLC to govern the financial structure, voting rights, and distribution of the profit and loss among the members.

The process of LLC formation in Wyoming takes approx. 15 business days if filing the articles of organization through the offline mode, it takes approx. 1-3 business days if applying through the virtual mode.

An LLC is free to hold the capacity of having unlimited membership only in case it elects to stand as an S-corporation.

Yes, every LLC formation in Wyoming must file its annual report on the 1st day of its anniversary for $60.

Yes, a non-resident is eligible for LLC formation in Wyoming, possessing a certificate of good standing and a resident registered agent having their physical address in Wyoming.

The benefits of the LLC formation in Wyoming are as provided below

  • No requirement to have a principal or registered place for carrying the business
  • Strong laws governing the protection of assets and liabilities of the LLC
  • Strong privacy laws
  • Easy to form single-membership LLC
  • Simplified corporate formalities
  • Relatively low fees
  • Easy to transfer ownership
  • No requirement for minimum capital.

There are various structures of the Wyoming LLC registration as provided below

  • Single-member LLC
  • Multi-member LLC
  • Low-profit liability LLC
  • Series LLC
  • Professional LLC
  • Restricted LLC
  • Domestic LLC
  • Foreign LLC, etc.

Yes, there is a need for every entrepreneur to hold the Tax ID or the Employers' Identification Number of the LLC, which ultimately aids in opening a bank account and filing the federal, State and local corporate tax returns for the business.

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