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Overview of open a bank account in Poland

Central Europe is home to Poland, also called the Republic of Poland. Germany borders it on the west, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus on the south, Lithuania on the east, and Russia on the northeast. Poland stands out as a particularly alluring place for investments in Europe and has shown exceptional stability even throughout the 2008 global financial crisis. With multiple banks operating as divisions of international companies, it enjoys a robust banking system. These banks offer various financial services and goods, meeting the needs of big businesses and college students.

Opening a bank account is a key first step when starting a business and should be included among the duties that need to be handled personally or can be given to a representative. Similarly, those with income from Poland, such as employees, single proprietors, and business owners, can benefit by opening an account in a bank which is a local bank or a branch of a foreign bank in Poland.

Poland offers a wide range of favourable conditions for business and investment endeavours and has a highly skilled labour force. It gives international investors the same rights as domestic business owners to form a corporation and open a corporate bank account. Additionally, businesses located in Special Economic Zones are granted tax perks.

What things are to be considered when choosing a bank to open an account in Poland?

Some of the things that should be put into consideration at the time of choosing a bank in Poland to open a bank account

Research and Comparison: Start by conducting an in-depth study on the various Polish banks. Look for reliable sources such as business and financial websites, official reports, and client testimonials. Examine variables, including interest rates, costs, services provided, and client satisfaction.

Assess Your Needs: Think about your preferences and needs in terms of banking. Analyze your needs to see if you need a basic savings account, a bank account for business, a checking account, loans, investment options, or specialized services like foreign exchange. Decide which features and services are vital to achieving your financial objectives.

Banking Fees and Charges: Evaluate the various institutions' charge schedules. Consider whether fees are disclosed transparently and whether the costs correspond to your anticipated usage habits. Pay close attention to any additional costs for the services you need, such as maintenance fees, ATM fees, transaction fees, and other expenses.

Accessibility and Convenience: Consider how accessible and convenient the bank is. Take into account how close branches and ATMs are to your home or place of employment. Check to see if the bank offers internet banking services along with mobile banking so you can manage your money easily.

Financial Soundness: Look into the bank's reputation and financial soundness. Aspects, including the bank's assets, profitability, and credit ratings, should be taken into account. Insights concerning the bank's long-term stability can typically be found in financial reports or from rating services.

Technology and Security: Verify that the bank gives security precautions first priority in order to safeguard your money and personal data. Look for features like encryption, fraud monitoring systems, and two-factor authentication. Your banking experience can be improved by a bank that uses cutting-edge technology and provides safe digital platforms.

Types of bank accounts in Poland

  • Personal account
  • Savings account
  • Business account
  • Merchant account
  • Non-residents account

List of Necessary Papers

Some of the basic Necessary Papers that are required for opening a bank account are mentioned below

  • Passport or a National ID
  • Address proof
  • Bank History from previous banks (optional – may or may not require)
  • AOA(In case of a company)
  • Director's signatures(In case of a company)
  • List of stakeholders(In the case of the company)

Procedure of Opening a bank account in Poland

In Poland, opening a bank account entails numerous stages

Step 1: Select a bank

Find a Polish bank that meets your demands by researching the many ones there. Take into account elements like costs, services provided, accessibility, and client testimonials.

Step 2: Compile the Necessary papers

Prepare the Paper works that the bank will need.

Step 3: Complete the application form.

Fill out the bank's application form, which asks for personal details. Provide information that is accurate and updated.

Step 4: Submit the Necessary Paperwork

Give the bank agent the necessary Paper works. The originals will be checked, and copies will be made for their records. Ensure the Documents are in the relevant language (often Polish or English) or, if necessary, have a certified translation.

Step 5: Select the Account Type

The type of bank account that seems to be the best option to open should be chosen. Personal checking accounts, savings accounts, or a combination of both are typical choices. Depending on your demands, the bank professional can help you choose the best account.

Step 6: Accept the terms and conditions.

The terms and conditions which the bank provides, including any applicable charges, interest rates, and account guidelines, should be read and understood properly. If more information is required, ask the bank representatives.

Step 7: Make the initial payment

To open an account, some banks could demand a down payment. Find out the minimum deposit requirement and send the money required to start your account. The bank will advise you on acceptable payment methods.

Step 8: Get account information

Once all the requirements are finished, The bank will give you access to the account information, including your account number and any necessary financial paperwork. Store these safely for future use.


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How will Enterslice help?

  • Enterslice provides helpful direction and assistance along this procedure. Enterslice will assist you in comprehending the various banking options accessible by offering professional guidance and recommendations.
  • In addition, Enterslice can help you select the best kind of bank depending on your unique needs, financial objectives, and personal preferences. Your application can be accurately completed with the help of their team of professionals, who will also ensure that all required information is submitted. Enterslice can also help you compile the necessary supporting Paper works.
  • Enterslice simplifies the process of opening a bank account by offering thorough instructions, allowing you to fully comprehend the process.

Frequently Asked Questions

Polish Zloty

Yes, online banking services are used in Poland.

The different types of bank accounts in Poland are savings accounts, business accounts, merchant accounts, personal accounts, and non-resident accounts.

Yes, an initial deposit is to be paid at the time of opening a bank in Poland.

Passport is one of the most essential Documents for a non-resident at the time of opening a bank account.

Yes, an individual who is not a resident of Poland can open a bank account in Poland.

Some of the major banks in Poland are

  • MBank
  • Bank Pekao
  • PKO
  • Bank Millennium

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