Overview of Registering a Company in Poland

Foreign investors have continued to place high values on registering their Companies in Poland because it makes it convenient for businesses to engage in trade and transportation and Poland's latest financial reforms attract companies to incorporate in Poland. Also, Poland has the lowest rate of corporate taxes at 19%, which is another benefit of registering a company in Poland. The Company gets large funds from the European Union due to its infrastructure growth, which also attracts international investors to the nations. The formation of the Company in Poland is an ideal destination for your business expansion. It offers well-regulated banking and financial sectors, which makes it the best place to choose company formation and makes it easy to access European markets for trading.

Benefits of Formation of Company in Poland

Stable Economy

Incorporating a company in Poland has progress in strengthening its overall economic government systems because it provides a stable economic environment which provides security to the employees, attracts investments and also contributes to improved living standards and infrastructure development because Poland has the lowest rate of corporate taxes which is also one of the benefits of registering a company in Poland. Also, the Company gets large funds from the European Union due to its infrastructure growth, which also attracts international investors to the nations.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Tax Advantage

In Poland, there are several tax advantages to incorporating a company. The corporate tax rate for companies is 19%, which is lower than a personal tax rate, so it is more efficient for a business. In a partnership, the income is usually taxed at the level of the individual partners according to their personal income tax rates. Poland also provides tax reductions in research and development and tax incentives for research and development activities.

Investment Incentive

The incorporation of the Company can help increase a business's credibility and investment incentives by investing in the automation of productions, development of new products or services, etc. Poland gets economic infrastructure and funding from the European unions, and trading in Poland is easy and convenient, which increases the sales rate, causing investors to attract more towards the Company of Poland. Poland attracts foreign investors because it is convenient for businesses to engage in trade and transportation.

Cash flow

Enterslice Services in the Formation of a Company in Poland

Financial modeling Services

Complying with laws

Enterslice Service provider helps you ensure that you are complying with the laws of the Code of Commercial Companies, 2000, to form a company in Poland and other state laws in choosing a unique company name, registration, and deciding on the company type as per your requirements.

Financial modeling Services

Preparation of necessary necessary papers

Enterslice assist in preparing the necessary Paper works for registration of the Company and tax obligation, assist in the creation of shareholder and partnership agreements, prepare the required Paper works for director and shareholders appointment, drafting of AOA, outlining the rights and obligations of shareholders and various other necessary papers required for the formation of the Company in Poland.

Financial modeling Services

Taxation Services

Our team of experts helps you comply with the tax regulations as Poland's corporate income tax rate is 19%, and companies get taxed on their worldwide income. The standard VAT rate is 23%, whereas the reduced rates are 8% and 5% on foods and services.

Financial modeling Services

Customization of Business Structure

Our service will help you assist with specific business considerations or unique challenges your business may face and mitigate the risk of losses. The choice of a unique name for the business must comply with the Polish naming convention. We help to outline the company details, such as shareholders and share capital.

Important Ways of Business Structure in Poland

In Poland, several types of business structures are commonly used for incorporation of companies Poland.

1.Limited Liability Company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością)

A limited liability company is the most adopted option for the business structure by investors to start a business in Poland. It combines the ease of incorporation and is the most popular legal entity amongst small and medium-sized companies. The minimum share capital is 5000 zlotys, which must be paid before the Company's registration.

2. Joint Stock Company (Spółka akcyjna)

The joint stock companies are divided into private and public companies depending on the list on stock exchanges. It is usually suitable for large business companies or those looking to enter the financial sector, and it also offers liability protection for its shareholders and directors since it constitutes an individual legal entity. Also, a minimum capital of PLN 100,000 is required, and 25% of the capital needs to be paid before registration.

3. Partnership (Spółka jawna)

There are general and limited liability partnerships for the formation in Poland. A limited partnership company in Poland is a company where at least one partner is a general partner and has unlimited liability in the partnership. The limited partner is responsible for the liability as per the contribution in the capital. The general partnership is an unlimited liability for the partners, and no formal capital is required to form the Company.

4.Branch Office

A foreign company choose to establish a branch office, which requires less capital to incorporate and manage. Also, they do not have any minimum capital requirement to incorporate financial and tax account maintenance separately, and it gets prepared with a parent company. The residential representative can form a company under a branch office in Poland.

Tax Implications Considered in the Formation of the Company in Indonesia

When forming a company in Poland, there are various implications that need to be considered. There are key aspects that are a primary focus for the formation of the company, such as a corporate income tax in Poland of 19% and the companies getting taxed in Poland on their worldwide income. The VAT rate is 23% in Poland, which is reduced to 8% and 5% for certain goods such as food, books, and newspapers and for supply of some limited services such as financial and postal services. At the time of the partnership, the income of the business is usually taxed at the level of individual partners. Poland also has transfer pricing regulations that require transactions between related companies, which are conducted at arm's length. Enterslice helps your Company submit annual tax returns and financial statements to the tax authorities. Our experts also ensure that your company complies with local tax obligations.


Steps for the Formation of Company in Poland

Step 1 Choose a Business Type

Enterslice helps you determine the most compatible structure for the formation of business in your Company in Poland.

Step 2 Choosing a name for the Company

Enterslice checks and reserves a unique company name for your business on your behalf and checks its availability with the National Court Register.

Step 3 Preparing of Article of Association

Enterslice helps your company draft or notarize the Article of Association by outlining the Company's details, shareholders, and share capital.

Step 4 Deposit of Share Capital

We help deposit the required share capital into a Polish bank account, and the minimum share capital requirement depends upon the type of business structure.

Step 5Tax Identification Number

Our experts will help your Company obtain a tax identification number for paying taxes, registering the companies, etc.

Step 6 Register with the National Court Registration

Enterslice ensures that your Company submits the required necessary papers, such as AOA, MOA, notary attestation necessary papers, and other necessary papers to the National Court Register.

Step 7 Acquiring the Tax Identification Number

Enterslice helps you obtain a tax identification number for your Company from the tax office.

Step 8 Register for VAT

Enterslice ensures that if your business reaches the VAT thresholds, then your business registers for VAT in the tax office.

Step 9 Opening of Bank Account

Enterslice helps your Company open a business bank account in Poland for business transactions.

Step 10 Annual Financial Statement

Enterslice ensures that your company complies with the requirements for annual financial statements as per Polish regulations.

Step 11 Bank Account Opening

Enterslice helps you to open a bank account in the name of the Company for business transactions.

necessary papers required for the formation of the Company in Poland

Proof of Share Capital Deposits

Enterslice confirms the deposits of the required share capital into a Polish bank account because the capital must be submitted at the time of the registration. There are two types of share capital in Poland: the registered shares need to be registered, and the individual who owns bearer shares must deposit their shares in the Company to become part of the Company's shareholders meetings. Proof of share capital is also required because the tax needs to be charged on the acquisition value of the shares.

Article of Association & Memorandum of Association

Enterslice will assist your company in drafting and notarizing the Articles of Association (AOA). Our experts outline the Company's structure, objectives, and operational procedures and define the rules for the Company's internal operations and relations between shareholders and directors. The Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a legal statement signed by all shareholders who agree to hold a share in the Company.

necessary papers Identification

The necessary papers are copies of the passport or ID for the individual shareholders, partners, registration necessary papers for corporate shareholders partners, and the partnership agreements and various other related necessary papers of the Company that are required at the time of the formation of the Company in Poland. Enterslice ensures all the necessary papers are prepared in Polish, and we also ensure that all the necessary papers related to the regulation are identified or not.

Director and shareholder requirements for company formation.

Limited Liability Company (Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością)

A minimum of one shareholder, which can be an individual or a legal entity, is required to start a business in Poland as a limited liability company.

Joint Stock Company (Spółka akcyjna)

In a joint stock company, there is a requirement of a minimum of one shareholder, and there is a requirement of the board and supervisory for the formation of the Company in Poland.

Limited Liability Partnership

In a limited partnership company, at least one general partner with unlimited liability and one limited partner is required to incorporate a business in Poland and in the partnership.

Limited Joint Stock Company

There is a requirement of a minimum of two partners with unlimited liability and one limited partner with liability limited to the amount of their contributions.

Frequently Ask Questions

After registering a company in Poland, your business gets three state aids: federal, sectoral and horizontal.

Poland is located in an economic goods location, which brings in an opportunity for trade and transport in Central Europe. It also has a good infrastructure and offers growth in the business due to low tax rates and various other reasons.

Yes, it is an indirect tax which is paid on various goods and services dealt in Poland.

Yes, there is a VAT in Poland, and the rate is 23% as of now.

No. Poland has below-average corporate rate taxes, which makes Poland a more economically strong country for business.

The VAT applies to the supplies of goods and services within the territory of Poland and exports of goods outside the territory of the EU.

NIP refers to the unique Tax Identification Number given to every taxpayer in Poland.

KRS refers to the National Court Register for the registration of the Company's necessary papers for formation.

Yes, the AOA needs to be notarized.

The partnership company conducts an enterprise under its own name, and there is no other commercial company where the partners hold their own assets and debts.

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Enterslice is a company that specializes in helping businesses establish themselves in Poland. We have a team of experienced professionals who can help tailor the governance structure to meet your specific business needs and objectives. With physical inspections, observations, and examinations, we can assist in creating the necessary necessary papers for your business while using cutting-edge technology and tools to ensure reliability and efficiency. Our ongoing support includes any changes in directorship or shareholding, ensuring that your business remains compliant and adaptable to evolving circumstances. We also conduct periodic compliance checks to ensure that appointments and structures are in line with regulatory changes. We prioritize clear communication between directors and shareholders, promoting transparency and a harmonious working relationship within the Company.


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