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Overview of Accounting and Auditing in Poland

Poland is an emerging nation in Central Europe. Its strong financial sector and thriving economy make it a desirable location for international commercial enterprises. Polish accounting and auditing are governed by frameworks in line with global norms. Companies doing business in Poland are required to prepare financial statements, follow accounting standards, and guarantee adequate audits. Accounting and auditing experts have the chance to contribute to the nation's thriving financial industry because of the country's expanding economy and advantageous location. A number of laws and rules control Poland's accounting and auditing practices. 

The Ministry of Finance is the principal regulatory organization in charge of establishing accounting standards. For the majority of corporations, it provides regulations based on IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards). The audits are carried out by certified auditors who are National Chamber of Statutory Auditors, members. In order to guarantee the accuracy and dependability of the financial accounts, the auditors adhere to International Standards on Auditing.

Polish Chamber of Statutory Auditors

According to the 2017 Act on Statutory Auditors, Audit Firms, and Public Oversight (PIBR), the self-government operations are subject to public oversight by the Polish Audit Oversight Agency (PANA), which the Ministry of Finance appointed. Poland uses the International Auditing Standards for auditing. Companies are required by this act to hire a statutory auditor to carry out an annual audit of their financial standing. The following are the members of PIBR: 

  • National Assembly of Statutory Auditors
  • National Council of Statutory Auditors
  • National Internal Audit Committee
  • National Disciplinary Court, National Disciplinary Prosecutor.

Statutory Audit

A statutory audit is a proficient external auditor's impartial review of the books and statements of a company. It is done so that the organization's financial information is accurate, trustworthy, and complies with all applicable laws, rules, and accounting standards. The word "statutory audit" refers to an audit that is legally mandated and required by statute or law. An external auditor reviews the organization's financial statements in-depth during a statutory audit, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

The auditor looks at a number of things, including the business transactions of the organization, internal controls, accounting procedures, and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. The main goals of a statutory audit are to increase the organization's financial reporting's credibility and transparency and to offer an unbiased opinion on the fairness and dependability of the financial statements. 

The audit process takes a systematic and organized approach, involving risk assessment, audit procedure design, evidence gathering, and opinion formation based on audit results. The auditor's report, which offers an opinion on whether the financial statements reflect a truthful and fair perspective of the organization's financial situation and performance, is the final product of a statutory audit.

Accounting Standards in Poland

Poland is a member of the European Union (EU), and as a result, since 2005, Polish companies that are listed on a securities exchange in the EU or EEA have to follow IFRS. The Krajowa Rada Standardów (KSR), a division of the Polish Ministry of Finance, publishes national accounting standards that serve as an additional source of advice in addition to the Polish Accounting Act. Companies that are not required to prepare their financial statements in accordance with IFRS have the choice to adopt the KSR standards voluntarily. A balance sheet, a profit and loss statement, and associated notes are required for all businesses. The financial accounts must be released in Polish and be denominated in the Zloty, the country's currency.

Accountants Association in Poland

The country's most established and well-known accounting and financial professionals organization is the Accountants Association in Poland (AAP), which dates back to 1907. The AAP is committed to maintaining the long-standing customs of its forebears and to making sure that its members achieve the highest level of professional knowledge while abiding by ethical standards and ideals. The organization works tirelessly to promote the growth and upkeep of professional abilities among its members.

Services offered by Enterslice

  • Enterslice meticulously examines financial data and conducts lengthy investigations to provide customers with comprehensive help in locating and resolving any abnormalities and compliance concerns. 
  • Additionally, Enterslice offers internal audit services that are concentrated on examining and enhancing a company's internal controls and risk management framework. 
  • Enterslice finds flaws in internal procedures through an objective, systematic analysis and makes suggestions on how to improve controls, reduce risks, and boost operational effectiveness. 
  • Enterslice specializes in offering external audit services to guarantee that the financial statements of organizations adhere to relevant accounting standards and legal criteria. 
  • Enterslice assists businesses in maintaining openness and credibility in their financial reporting by completing thorough reviews of financial data.
  • Enterslice specializes in carrying out financial statement audits to guarantee the truthfulness, dependability, and compliance with accounting standards. 
  • Enterslice offers stakeholders comfort regarding the fairness and transparency of financial reporting by conducting in-depth reviews and analyses.
  • Enterslice also provides multinational company clients with global audit services. Assuring conformity and uniformity in financial reporting across several jurisdictions, they have the knowledge to grasp worldwide accounting standards and laws.
  • Enterslice offers virtual audit services as part of its embrace of digitalization. This gives clients the option of having audits carried out remotely using safe online platforms and cutting-edge technologies. 
  • Enterslice is able to perform audits quickly and efficiently despite geographical restrictions as a consequence.
  • Enterslice offers thorough management auditing services with an emphasis on assessing the efficiency of management procedures, plans, and safeguards. Their mission is to assist organizations in identifying areas for improvement and putting measures into place to increase overall performance and accomplish strategic goals. 
  • Enterslice also provides complete bookkeeping services, assuring the proper maintenance of different accounting records. This involves keeping thorough and organized financial records, such as cash books, general ledgers, fixed asset registers and accounts receivable and payable sub-ledgers.
  • In addition to audits, Enterslice also provides financial reporting and accounting guidance. They aid in the production of accurate financial accounts, ensure conformity to accounting standards, and offer qualified advice on difficult accounting matters. 
  • Enterslice assists businesses in achieving accurate and trustworthy financial reporting by providing real-world solutions and technological know-how, assuring accuracy and conformity with accounting standards, 
  • They also specialize in the preparation and analysis of financial accounts. Additionally, they carry out exhaustive audits of financial records to make sure they comply with regulations and spot any big mistakes or discrepancies.

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