An Overview of the Company Registration in Egypt

Egypt is one of those nations that is highly preferred for investment due to its advantageous position. Egypt provides a favourable business environment that has drawn several large and small investors to open offices there. The business entities are free to select the best structure for their needs. LLCs or joint stock companies can be used to create a permanent presence; alternatively, representative or foreign branch offices can be used to create a temporary one. Analysing several essential elements, including eligibility requirements, business structure, capital requirements, post-registration compliances, Paper works, and so on, is part of the company registration process. Enterslice can help you go through every item on the checklist needed to register a company in Egypt.

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Types of Business Structure under Egyptian Law

The following are the different types of business structures in Egypt:

  • One-person company (OPC)
  • Limited Liability Company (LLC)
  • A company limited by shares
  • Joint-stock Company
  • Partnership Company
  • Limited Partnership Company
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office

1.One-Person Company

A "one-person company" is a business that is wholly owned, for a defined purpose, by one person, whether that person is neutral or legitimate. The owner's responsibility will be limited to the capital of the business. The owner of the company's limited liability means that they have set aside a portion of their inheritance for business reasons and that their responsibility will be restricted to the amount of their capital shares.

2. Limited Liability Company

In Egypt, a Limited Liability Company (LLC) is among the most widely used and typical forms of a corporate company. Egypt's company creation regulations allow LLCs to participate in any commercial or industrial activity. When forming a corporation, you must name a minimum of two shareholders. In addition, the partners' liability is limited to the amount of their share.

3. Company Limited by Shares

Two kinds of partners exist in a business limited by shares: shareholders, whose liability is capped at the value of their share; Acting or active partners: This partner's liability will not be restricted by the amount of equity they own in the business; instead, it will encompass their assets, which must be owned by a minimum of one active partner and one shareholder.

4. Joint Stock Company

A joint stock company in Egypt may carry out any kind of business activity in accordance with Egyptian laws and regulations. Once they are created, companies must file annual financial accounts. An Egyptian auditor is required to audit this. In Egypt, a joint stock company must have a minimum of three shareholders, and each partner's liability is restricted to the company's value. Either closed or publicly traded is how the Joint Stock Company will operate.

5. Partnership Company

A partnership firm is made up of two or more individuals who pool their resources to start a business and commit to splitting the company's gains and losses. The partner's liability will encompass not just his or her portion of the business but also personal funds.

6. Limited Partnership Company

In a limited partnership business, there are two kinds of partners: the active partner, whose liability will encompass both their funds and their stake in the company; the dormant Partner: This partner's obligation will be restricted to its ownership stake in the business and will not cover his finances.

7. Sole Proprietorship

One business structure owned and managed by a single person is the sole proprietorship. This business organisation does not have any partners. The proprietor of this establishment will be liable for more than just the entity's capital; his funds will also be covered.

8. Branch Office

A branch office registered in the Commercial Registry can engage in any lawful business in Egypt. For the branch office, there is no minimum capital investment required.

9. Representative Office

A foreign firm can open a "representation, liaison, scientific, or other office, with the exclusive objective of conducting market research or examining the viability of production without engaging in any commercial activity.

Benefits of registering your company in Egypt

FDI and infrastructure spending aid positive support

Egypt has a lot of opportunities, particularly for businesses looking to grow outside of the industrialised countries in the northern hemisphere. Egypt's economy, which is the third biggest in this region, is one of the few that expanded throughout the global pandemic that devastated the world economy. This is because of Egypt's sizable home market, steady GDP growth, advantageous location, and other factors. Furthermore, the World Bank and IMF have assisted its government in significant public infrastructure investments.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Increased Security

Security worries damaged Egypt's reputation a few years ago, but things have significantly improved in the last three years. People feel safer and more secure due to government security efforts. Due to this, Egypt's reputation abroad has improved, and investors now feel more comfortable investing there.

Growing Population

One of the primary reasons to establish a business in Egypt is the country's expanding population, which offers abundant labour as well as the substantial chances and potential that a much larger market may provide. Egypt currently has a population of 100 million, growing by almost 2 million annually. This gives investors access to an expanding market.

Cash flow

Eligibility for Egypt Company Registration

To be eligible for company registration in Egypt, the following criteria must typically be met:

The following requirements must generally be satisfied for a corporation to be eligible for registration in Egypt:

  • The company name must be distinct and not identical to any existing company name.
  • The people or organisations registering the company should be able to legally form agreements and carry on business.
  • According to Egyptian commercial legislation, the company must have a minimum capital of EGP 30,000 if it is a limited liability company.
  • A minimum of one shareholder and one director overseeing the company's management should be present.
  • Official letters should be forwarded to the firm's registered office in Egypt.
  • The company's operations must abide by Egyptian laws and regulations.
  • Foreign directors and shareholders must get a work permit before owning a company in Egypt. Foreign ownership of a company is permitted. However, there are restrictions.

necessary papers required for Company Registration in Egypt

The following paperwork is needed to register joint stock and limited by share companies:

  • Certificate attesting to the commercial registry's approval of the name;
  • Bank certificate requiring a minimum 10% deposit of the capital that was issued;
  • A copy of the founders' POA;
  • A copy of the founders' official ID;
  • Verify the company's legal consultant's name and address.

The following necessary papers are needed to register an LLC:

  • Copies of the founders' passports or valid IDs;
  • Notarized powers of attorney from each partner;
  • Original certificate from the accountants and auditors register; 
  • Certificate from the business registry attesting to the approval of the name;
  • Verification of the company's legal consultant's name and address.

Formation of Offshore Companies in Egypt

A business established to operate outside the nation in which it was registered. To take advantage of slack rules or to evade taxes. Tax avoidance is the legal process of using credits and deductions that allow an individual or organisation to reduce the income tax owed legally. The local registrar's Certificate of Incorporation, the Articles of Association and Memorandum, the business's official address, the certificate(s) of shares, the choice about the assignment of shares and the appointment of the director or directors and the entire year of committed account management are all the necessary papers required for an offshore company’s incorporation.


H - 10 Select the appropriate company structure with Enterslice

The first step is to determine which organisational structure is ideal for your business. In Egypt, there are a lot of companies to choose from. It's critical to comprehend the advantages and disadvantages of each and decide which structure best meets the needs of your business. Given that the most typical type of company is a "Limited Liability Company," Enterslice helps you select the appropriate business structure for your company's registration. In addition, we offer post-registration assistance with planning and business development.

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Cost to Register a Company in Egypt

Attorney costs

The legal costs for registering a corporation, which include creating the articles of association and submitting the required necessary papers to the government, should be budgeted between $500 and $3000.

Capital requirement

Most businesses in Egypt must have a minimum capital of EGP 10,000, or roughly $630, which must be paid in full before registration.

Registration fees

Depending on the kind of company you are registering, you should budget approximately EGP 500 (roughly $31) for government registration fees. It's crucial to remember that the prices listed above are an estimate and could change based on the particulars of the Egypt company registration.

Egypt Company Registration Process

Clearance of business names

A corporation needs to get name permission from commercial registration before it may open for operation. The suggested name for the company should be distinct from all other present names.

Submission of necessary papers and Application

necessary papers and an application for company registration must be sent to the Companies Establishment Department. The authority reviews the application and the supporting Paper works.

Obtain the Certificate of Incorporation

The authority will issue the incorporation certificate to establish the firm if the authority approves the application and supporting Paper works.

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Post-Registration Compliances


Corporate Bank Account

It is necessary to open a business bank account under the company's name. This bank account can be used for the company's financial transactions.


Registration of Taxes

Following incorporation, the business can register at the GAFI Tax Office.


Obtain Licences and Permits

You need a licence or permit to operate. The kind of licence you require may vary depending on the type of business you intend to conduct.

Investment Challenges to Consider in Egypt

Egypt must solve several investment-related issues to foster an environment favourable to business. Bureaucracy and a convoluted regulatory environment are two significant barriers that may discourage prospective investors. Simplifying rules and streamlining administrative processes will significantly aid in drawing in both domestic and foreign companies. The present slow and lengthy customs processes, which put pressure on importing goods and raw materials, also impact the investment climate. Access to foreign money has also presented difficulties for investors, which has resulted in a significant cash flow problem. Investment is being actively impeded by this difficulty, particularly for those who depend on the importation of industrial materials. Enterslice with proper knowledge will assist you in the appropriate business formation, investment options and the right time to invest.

Foreign Investors Company Registration

Suppose they have the right direction and support from organisations providing company registration services who are committed to assisting clients effectively. You will be happy to hear that foreign investment is welcome in most Egyptian industries. That being said, a local director must be appointed to form a corporation in Egypt.


Taxes on Egypt Company Registration

Income Tax

Businesses must pay a 22.5% income tax on their profits.

Value Added Tax (VAT)

Taxable suppliers must pay 14% VAT on their taxable goods.

Property Tax

In Egypt, businesses that possess real estate must pay property tax.

Capital Gains Tax and Taxes on Salaries

Businesses must pay a 10% capital gains tax when they sell assets. Businesses must withhold and pay taxes at a progressive rate on salaries given to employees.

Importance of Growing Economy of Egypt

The main reason to establish a business in Egypt is that it has one of the biggest economies in the Middle East and North Africa area and has been growing steadily over the past few years. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) projects that in 2023, the GDP of the nation will expand by 5.8%. An advantage of registering a business in Egypt is that the government has initiated several economic reforms to facilitate the expansion of the private sector and draw in foreign investment. Major renovations are also being carried out in the nation's transport and infrastructure networks.


Frequently Ask Questions

LLCs are among the most popular forms of business structures chosen by Egyptian entrepreneurs. The cost of forming an LLC is relatively low.

By registering your company in Egypt, you can access the third-largest market in Africa.

In charge is the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones (GAFI).

Yes, you can register an OPC according to the most recent modification.

A branch office registered in the Commercial Registry can engage in any lawful business in Egypt.

In Egypt, starting a business is a simple process. According to Egyptian legislation, a foreign person or firm may do business in Egypt through an unincorporated or incorporated company or branch.

In Egypt, corporate income tax, or CIT, is calculated at 22.5 per cent of a company's net tax-deductible profits.

An LLC is the most popular business structure entrepreneurs employ in Egypt. Additionally, creating an LLC is not too expensive.

Egypt presents a plethora of opportunities for companies seeking to grow outside of the established and established markets in the Northwest Hemisphere.

Yes, if they have the right direction and support in providing company registration services and are committed to assisting clients in effectively and expeditiously establishing a company.
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