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Overview of Open a Bank Account in United Kingdom

The United Kingdom banking system is the fourth largest banking system globally. The banking system in the United Kingdom is regarded as the most extensive banking system in the whole of Europe. The banks in the U.K. are highly developed with the latest technology and innovation. Regarding cross-border lending, the banks in the U.K. are considered the largest financial sector. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and the Prudential Regulation Authority oversee banking in the U.K. These oversight organizations ensure that banks uphold the necessary standards and safeguard clients' interests. The world's financial centre is in London, the U.K.'s capital. It draws foreign banks and financial organizations, making it a significant hub for global banking operations and services.

Different categories of banks in U.K

There are four categories of banks found in the United Kingdom. Each has its functions and carter a certain group of people or businesses. 

  1. Central Bank: The Bank of England is the U.K.'s central bank and the world's eighth-oldest bank. The U.K.'s monetary policy is developed and carried out by the Bank of England. Its principal goals are maintaining price stability and keeping inflation at the government-set target level. The BOE and other regulatory authorities regulate how well the U.K.'s financial services and markets operate as a whole. It seeks to support honest and open financial practices, safeguard customers, and uphold the reliability of the financial markets.
  2. Investment Banking: Financial institutions provide investment banking services to a variety of clients, including individuals, companies, and governments. These services entail purchasing stocks and bonds as well as investing in other businesses. In the United Kingdom, banks provide these services on behalf of high-street banks, investment trusts, and pension funds.
  3. High Street Banks: The most common and well-known banks in the U.K. are the high street banks. They are well-represented physically, with branches spread across the nation's towns and cities. These banks offer a wide range of financial services, such as checking and savings accounts, loans, mortgages, credit cards, and investment opportunities. These banks are widely spread and can be found in every commercial area of towns and cities, which is one of their most distinguishing characteristics.
  4. Business Banking; High street banks also provide business banking services as extra services. They offer more than a typical bank account does. These services are extra-cost and include specialized features made especially for enterprises.

Types of Bank Accounts in U.K

  • Current Account: One of the most used accounts in the U.K. is the current account. The current account is the account which is suitable for everyday activities. A current account helps in managing all the financial activities in day-to-day life. With a current account, you can pay bills, oversee your expenditures or your withdrawals etc.
  • Savings Account: You have the opportunity to earn interest on the money you deposit in savings accounts. You cannot link a savings account directly to your debit card, in contrast to a current account. Instead, it is made primarily for transferring money between accounts and saving money.
  • Basic Account: When attempting to create a standard current or savings account with a bank in the U.K., people who have poor credit scores, low incomes, or current overdrafts may run into issues. However, a basic bank account is a viable alternative. These individuals are the target audience for this kind of account. It provides a more straightforward banking experience and may be a useful alternative for folks who might not be eligible for a typical bank account.

Considerations when Opening a bank account in U.K

Due to the plethora of alternatives, selecting the best bank account for your requirements might be difficult. However, there are a few crucial aspects to take into account:

  • Fees: Learn what the bank charges to open an account.
  • Services: Verify if the bank provides all the services that you need.
  • Offers for signing up: Look for incentives like cash back for creating a new account.
  • International Transfer facilities: Check your bank's support for international accounts and transfers if you need to make any.
  • Flexibility: Take into account your ability to move between several accounts or service kinds.

List of Documents to open a bank account in U.K

  • An Identity proof
  • An Address Proof
  • Business plan
  • Business name and registered address
  • Recent utility bills, which are not old than three months
  • Other additional Documents can vary from bank to bank

Opening a bank account – Step-by-Step Guide

You can expect the following procedures when using Enterslice to open a bank account in the U.K.:

  • Requirement Analysis: Whether you are an individual or a business, Enterslice will evaluate your unique needs to establish the best kind of bank account for you. They will compile the data and paperwork needed for the account opening procedure.
  • Document Preparation: Based on the analysis, Enterslice will assist you with assembling the Documentwork, including identification Documents (a passport or driver's license) and proofs of address (bills for utilities or bank statements). They'll make sure the paperwork is accurate, up to date, and follows all bank regulations.
  • Account Selection: Enterslice will assist you in selecting the best bank for your needs by taking into account variables such as banking services, costs, and geographical convenience.
  • Application Submission: Enterslice will assist in putting together the account opening application, together with all required paperwork and supporting Paper works. Before sending the application to the selected bank, they will check it to make sure it is accurate and comprehensive.
  • Due Diligence and Compliance: Strict due diligence and compliance guidelines are followed by U.K. banks. Your application will be compliant with all applicable laws and regulations thanks to Enterslice. They will aid you in comprehending and meeting any additional compliance requirements unique to your situation.
  • Account Activation: After your application has been approved by the bank, Enterslice will walk you through the last few procedures needed to activate your bank account.

List of some banks in U.K

  • Royal Bank of Scotland Group
  • Barclays
  • HSBC Holdings
  • Lloyds Banking Group
  • Nationwide Building Society
  • Schroders
  • Close Brothers Group plc
  • Coventry Building Society
  • Standard Chartered
  • Santander UK

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How to manage your bank account?

In the U.K., managing and keeping tabs on your finances has never been simpler. There are various practical techniques to keep track of the money entering and leaving your bank account:

  1. Mobile banking: You can now access and manage your account using a Smartphone or tablet thanks to the mobile apps offered by the majority of major banks. Once you've logged in and entered a secure pass code, you are free to move and transfer your money as you like.
  2. In-person banking: Despite the prevalence of online banking, there are still a lot of physical bank branches operating all throughout the U.K. You can visit one of these branches if you value human interaction and feel more comfortable addressing your banking issues in person.
  3. Online banking: With this sort of banking, you can access your account using a computer or other device from anywhere in the world, offering a comparable experience to mobile banking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can open more than one bank account in the U.K.; there is no limit on opening bank accounts.

Yes, a non-resident can also open a bank account in the U.K.

Yes. Saving accounts services are available in the U.K.

Yes, our team of professionals will guide and assist you in Document preparation.

A passport is one of the essential Documents which are required when opening a bank account in the U.K.

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