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Do you dream about trying your entrepreneurial in the far reaches of the world? If so, Indonesia can be your ideal destination. Unlock your business potential by registering your company in Indonesia now! Package inclusions: Procedure for Company Registration in Indonesia Documents required for c..

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Company Registration in Indonesia- An Overview

At Enterslice, we provide a hassle-free and easy way to register your company in Indonesia. Our experienced experts will assist you at every step of the process, ensuring that your company meets all legal obligations and complies with Indonesian regulations. We collect data and information about your business and analyse it to determine the best structure for your company. Our interactive setup makes the company formation process simple in Indonesia and stress-free. If you are planning to start a new business and require a registration, we've got you covered. We'll help you choose the best structure for your company and ensure you comply with all legal requirements. As a service provider for the incorporation of a company in Indonesia, we are uniquely positioned to offer a full array of services.

Outlining the formation of a company in Indonesia

The company formation in Indonesia embarks on journey of forming a company in Indonesia, which requires careful consideration and informed decisions, so our team of experts in Enterslice provides you with the latest insights and expert guidance by conducting a comprehensive initial assessment to understand your business goals. We will provide the latest updates on legal and regulatory requirements for company incorporation in Indonesia. The experts will guide you through checking the availability of your desired company name, taking into account the latest regulations from the Ministry of Law and Human Rights, and reviewing and analysing the necessary Paper works for company formation to offer accuracy and adherence to legal requirements related to the company. Enterslice helps your company by providing strategic advice on tax planning and implications for your business.

Our Services help you in the Formation of a Company

Reviewing Compliance

Enterslice Service provider helps you comply with the Law of the Republic of Indonesia to form a company in Indonesia and other related laws for company incorporation and comply with annual reporting requirements, tax filings, and any changes in company details.

Collecting or Preparing Documents

Enterslice assists in drafting or collecting the necessary Paper works for company registration and tax obligations, creating shareholder and partnership agreements, preparing the required Paper works for director and shareholders' appointments, etc.

Strategy for Business

Our service will help you assist with specific business considerations or unique challenges your business may face and mitigate the risk of losses. It will help business strategies promote business operations and ensure financial protection.

Requirement for Sole Proprietorship business incorporation in Indonesia (Usaha Perseorangan)

Business Name

Enterslice helps you incorporate a business as a sole proprietor, choose a unique name, and ensure that it complies with regulations and does not infringe existing trademark rights. Our team of experts does thorough research for the business name.

Business Activities

Enterslice analyses the nature of the business activities to be conducted and the required policies related to your business to help you work because you are solely responsible for any success or failure of the company.

Registered Address

Enterslice helps you find the registered address for your business and ensure all the legal formalities are fulfilled while finalising the business address to make your business registered legally and as per the policies of Indonesia.

Tax Identification Number

The owner must have a valid identification Document, such as an Indonesian national ID card, and to ensure this, Enterslice provides you with a registered identification number to form a business in Indonesia.

Types of Business Structure in Indonesia

Limited Liability Company (Perseroan Terbatas, PT)

If you wish to register a company in Indonesia, let's delve deeper into the formation of companies in Indonesia. Perseroan Terbatas Company is the most suitable business entity. Enterslice will provide you with the services of choosing the registered offices and unique name for your business or drafting the Documents required, such as the company's structure, objective and operational procedures, obtaining a tax identification, and acquiring the necessary business license.

Foreign-owned Limited Liability Company (PT PMA)

Enterslice helps you as a foreign investor and provides the service of getting approval from the investment coordinating board for the foreign investment requirement, including investment plans for your company. This company is best if you are a foreign investor planning to open a company in Indonesia. Enterslice will guide you in setting up a Penanaman Modal Asing (PMA). Then, you can fully own a PT PMA and entirely control the business you established in Indonesia.

Limited Partnership (Commanditaire Vennootschap, CV)

In Indonesia, the business structure CV is similar to a limited partnership and doesn't have separate legal entity status. So CV has two types of partners: general partners, whose liability is unlimited, and limited partners have limited liability, such as they are liable for the amount they invested in the company. So Enterslice helps foreign investors quickly by providing thorough research about the company, and we also help you make an informed decision.

Representative Office

In Indonesia, a representative office is a business structure that allows foreign companies to establish a presence without conducting operational activities. Enterslice will help you to enter the Indonesian market for market research and help you to get a license for marketing the parent company. It also lets you explore the market before opening a company in Indonesia.

Tax Implications Considered in the Formation of the Company in Indonesia

When planning to form a company in Indonesia, it is crucial to be aware of the tax implications or laws to comply with the applicable rules; to comply, you need to consider some regulations. Enterslice helps you obtain a company tax identification number, a fundamental requirement for business work. Companies in Indonesia are subject to corporate tax at the rate of 20%, and our experts will help your company register for VAT if the company's annual turnover exceeds the threshold and the current VAT rate is 11% with some transactions, as mentioned in the tax regulations. Enterslice helps your companies comply with the transfer pricing regulations for transactions between related parties and ensures that they are conducted at arm's length. The capital gains generated from your sale of specific rates will also be subject to tax. However, understanding and fulfilling tax obligations is crucial for a company's legal and smooth operations in Indonesia. Analysing the difficulties in tax laws, our team of experts will guide our professionals with expertise in Indonesian tax regulations.

Steps for the Formation of Company in Indonesia

Step 1: Choose a Business Structure

Enterslice helps you determine the most compatible structure for your business.

Step 2: Company name Approval

Enterslice checks and reserves on your behalf a unique company name for your business as per the Law of the Republic of Indonesia.

Step 3: Drafting of Article of Association

Enterslice helps your company draft or notarise the Article of Association by outlining the company's structure and rules.

Step 4: Deed of Establishment

We help prepare or draft a seed of establishment, which includes all the details about the shareholders, directors, employees, etc., for the company's formation.

Step 5: Tax Identification Number

Our experts will help your company obtain a tax identification number for paying taxes, registering the companies, etc.

Step 6: Paid Up Capital

Enterslice ensures the minimum paid-up capital requirements to meet in your company and makes a strategy to plan the capital.

Step 7: Company Registration

Register the company per the legal requirements at the Ministry of Laws and Human Rights to obtain legal status.

Step 8: Business License (Izin Usaha)

Enterslice helps to acquire the necessary licenses from relevant authorities based on the sector and location.

Step 9: Registration of Indonesia Investments Coordination Board (BKPM)

Enterslice helps to get approval for foreign investment companies to make foreign investments or for foreigners to start a company in Indonesia.

Step 10: Social Security registration

Enterslice helps your company register employees for social security through Badan Penyelenggara Jaminan Sosial (BPJS)

Step 11: Bank Account Opening

Enterslice helps you open a bank account in the company's name for business transactions.

Requirement of Perseroan Terbatas for the Formation of Business in Indonesia

Minimum Shareholders and Capital

Enterslice attracts a minimum of two shareholders who can be individuals or legal entities, and the PT companies have a minimum paid-up capital, which can vary based on business activities and locations. They also appoint each director and commissioner, and the director must be a resident of Indonesia.

Documents required for Registration

Enterslice collects or prepares all the Documents required for approval for the formation of the company in Indonesia, such as name, registered address proof, registration in the foreign investment coordinating board (BKPM) for the investment of foreign investors and helps to submit an employment report.

Deed of Establishment

Enterslice helps prepare and notarise a deed of establishment, which includes details of shareholders, directors, and commissioners for the incorporation of the business in Indonesia. It also contains information regarding the agreement of the parties, AOA, period and all the essential Documents.

Registration of Tax Identification Number

Enterslice helps obtain a tax identification number for the time of the company's formation in Indonesia to obtain additional permits, meet tax rules and policies, and create a bank account in Indonesia you must require a tax identification number.


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Documents required for the formation of the Company in Indonesia

Deed of Establishment

Enterslice helps to prepare and notarise a deed of establishment, including details about shareholders, directors, and commissioners. It also prepares the statement confirming the payment of the minimum required paid-up capital, and at the time of the deed of establishment, the notary must be present, and it includes the Article of Association. The shareholders or their representatives must be current during the notary to fill out the necessary information.

Article of Association & Memorandum of Association

Enterslice helps your company draft and notarise the AOA and outline the company's structure, objectives, and operational procedures. The Article of Association defines rules for the company's internal operation and mentions the relations between the people inside the company, such as shareholders, directors, etc. The MOA is a legal statement signed by all the shareholders agreeing to hold a share in a company; these Documents are required to maintain the smooth functioning of the business in Indonesia.

Domicile Letter

The company needs to prove a domicile because the letter states the registered office address in Indonesia. You need to submit a domicile letter showing that the company operates in a valid business location, not a residential areas. It is crucial because it is a Document you must submit to start your company formation in Indonesia, especially when your company is a foreign direct investment.

Requirements to consider for Immigration at the time of Incorporation of the Company in Indonesia

Limited Stay Visa

Foreign nationals planning to work in Indonesia usually need a limited-stay visa, so Enterslice helps your company get approval from the Indonesia Immigration Directorate General.

Work Permit

Companies employing foreign workers need to obtain a work permit, so our experts help to get a work permit for your company's employees.

Reporting Obligation

Enterslice helps companies employing foreign workers report their activities to the Ministry of Manpower to comply with Indonesia's obligations.

Registration under Social Security Administering Body

Enterslice ensures that foreign employees are registered to contribute to social security for safety because Indonesia's national social security law is set to implement adequate and transparent health insurance, etc.

Digital Transformation Advisory

Enterslice provides a service for the formation of business in Indonesia through experienced professionals by utilising their skills and knowledge in tailoring the governance structure to meet the specific needs and objectives of your company, physical inspections, observation, examination, and assist in the creation of Documents related to business by using a technology or tools which helps in time-consuming and reliability in work. Enterslice offers ongoing support for any changes in directorship or shareholding, ensuring your business remains compliant and adaptable to evolving circumstances. We also conduct periodic compliance checks to ensure that the appointments and structures align with regulatory changes. It also fosters clear communication between directors and shareholders, promoting transparency and a harmonious working relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions

An Indonesian registration number is a unique number assigned to all businesses registering in Indonesia to provide permission to carry a business under Indonesian law.

If you plan to start a small business in Indonesia, you need to decide on business ideas. The company's formation in Indonesia is similar to that of a small business. Still, the capital environment changes depending on the business structure, and we can help you form a company in Indonesia.

Yes, foreign investors invest in Indonesia, and for the investment, your company needs approval from the Board of Investment coordinating for foreign investment companies.

Enterslice helps you obtain the necessary licenses from relevant authorities based on the location and work smoothly in Indonesia.

The letter appointment for the directors and commissioner specifies their roles and responsibilities for the companies.

Yes, the tax identification number is required for the company in Indonesia to comply with the tax regulations.

The domicile letter states the registered office address in Indonesia, so it is required to get a domicile letter.

Yes, it is required, and Enterslice helps draft and notarise the AOA and outline the company’s structure and rules for the smooth functioning of the business in Indonesia.

Depending on the nature of the business, an additional license is required as per the business location and work.

Indonesia's most common business structure is a limited liability company (PT).

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