What is company registration or Incorporation in Hong Kong?

Hong Kong is one of the most popular countries in Asia to set up an offshore company. Its reputation and straightforward incorporation process attract companies around the world to get an office in Hong Kong. Company registration in Hong Kong with the Hong Kong Companies' registry is a tough task. Meanwhile, Enterslice streamlines the entire incorporation process very simply and hassle-free. Our incorporation experts offer a wide range of incorporation facilities for Hong Kong, including company formation, provision of a company secretary, license applications, and visa application, along with assistance in opening a corporate bank account in Hong Kong. Our experts will help as per the needs of our international clients. In case they require a work permit, we will help accordingly. Our experts at Enterslice will work closely and offer a seamless experience of company formation & registration through the entire process. Our intent is to provide your Hong Kong company formation and its operational set-up within the stipulated time. 

Facilitating Global Clients: Company Registration in Hong Kong

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We offer efficient and cost-effective Company registration Services for businesses looking forward to expert guidance and assistance to operate their business from Hong Kong. 

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Enterslice has a specialized team of experts who are confident and can help your organization heighten its values to achieve high-quality performance. Connect with our expert at Enterslice to get a tensed-free solution without going anywhere.

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Enterslice is equipped with a specialized team that can uphold and prevent your organization from failing the obligatory incorporation norms and other compliance regulations. Our intent is to meet the organization's weak points and offer them better ideas with expertise to boost their success.  

Overview of Set-up in Hong Kong

Financial modeling Services

Pre- Incorporation

We will advise on the appropriate incorporation form tax implications as per your business plan. Our expert will develop a tax-efficient structure to achieve tax and operational efficiencies. We will work closely to analyse the applicable mobility policies and offer suitable business recommendations. 

Financial modeling Services


 Our expert will offer an integrated compliance solution to ensure your financial performance in Hong Kong. We offer strong compliance support to position your compliance matter at the forefront as per Hong Kong regulations. Utilizing our compliance, you can always focus on your core operations. 

Financial modeling Services


We will support the establishment of an entity in Hong Kong and apply for the necessary applicable license. Our experts will handle the initial business set-up to enable your business operation, including your bank account, facilitate rental address, and much more. We will help you apply for work permits and required visas.

Financial modeling Services

Business Expansion

Our expert will assist your business expansion and provide effective solutions to your challenges. We will work closely to identify your business target and provide expert assistance to administer your business operation in Hong Kong. We will ensure business structure and provide strategies to expand your business. 

 Benefits for Business Set-up in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (SAR) is one the ideal locations to set up a business and company formation. Hong Kong is one of the most welcome economies in the world and offers free enterprise to flourish with fewer administration restrictions, a rate tax regime, and no restrictions on inbound and outbound investments. Our experts are well-versed in specific market principles and have an in-depth understanding of how to streamline the entire process of company formation in Hong Kong. 

1.Territorial Tax System

Hong Kong's taxation system is territorial. Profits earned from a Hong Kong business will be taxable as a provincial tax, which is currently at a rate of 16.5%, while the foreign source of income will not come under taxation even if remitted to Hong Kong. Hong Kong government does not impose taxes on sales or capital gain, and there is no withholding tax on dividends or interest. 

2. Intellectual Property

The Hong Kong SAR administration offers specific policies and legal rights for intellectual property rights. The Hong Kong intellectual property laws are designed to reach and fulfil the highest international norms or standards for a flow of free and fair trade practices in the country. 

3. Favoured Business Environment

Hong Kong is politically stable and governed through the rule of law, and English is used as a business language, which has developed a strong population of natives with well-qualified talents. The immigration policy is business-friendly, which is likely to ease the entire recruitment process of professionals from overseas. 

4. Free Trade

Hong Kong offers a free flow of trade policy. Hong Kong has numerous ports and easy customs procedures, which has helped businesses and companies operate effectively. Hong Kong has signed 8 free trade agreements, including China, New Zealand, EFTA members, Chile, Macao, Georgia, Australia and South East Asian nations. 

Our Company Registration Process in Hong Kong

Structure Choice

 Before forming a company, opting for the correct company type is necessary. Our expert will work closely and advise you to opt for an appropriate business entity suitable for your company formation, paid-up share capital, license, and help structure your company. Our professional will process your request to register your company in Honkong and search and reserve your company's name through the registry office of Honkong. We will reserve your company name for a period of 30 days. 

Cash flow
Cash flow

Name Reservation

Our incorporation experts will assist and draft the entire Paper works required for the company registration in Hong Kong such as MOA and AOA, including the name, registered address, purpose of business operation, share capital and detailed basic information. We will formulate and draft your AOA as per your business plan and make available all the necessary necessary papers for the concerned authority, such as proof of ID, passport, etc., for securing company registration. We will provide a registered secretary and registered address to proceed with your company registration process. As we secure the approval certificate from the concerned authority, we will likely post all the necessary papers, including the certificate, MOA and AOA, to your address. 

Regulatory Setup

As we secure your registration process, our experts will assist you in opening a corporate bank account to operate your business in Hong Kong. Our team has a huge network with multiple banks and represents your business to find a correct and suitable corporate bank for opening your bank account. The entire process hardly takes 4-5 weeks, and you will get the banking necessary papers at your place. Post incorporation, our experts will help you comply with regulatory norms, including accounting, taxation, licensing, and many more. We have a team of experienced accountants, CS & CA, who will manage your regulatory obligations and financial reporting. Utilizing our expertise, you can stay at the forefront in a competitive market and easily focus on your business's core operation. 

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We offer Hong Kong Private Limited Company Incorporation

A Hong Kong private limited company or private company limited by shares is suitable and widely in practice for small to medium-sized businesses and trading companies. A private limited company is a separate legal entity and is able to enjoy the benefits of tax and other concessions available for incorporated companies in Hong Kong. A Hong Kong private Limited company, as per its constitution, restricts the rights to transfer shares, limits the shareholder numbers to 50, excluding employees and former employees and is likely to prohibit invitation to the public for the purpose of subscribing for shares or debentures. It is mandatory to have at least one director, and no legal restriction set for the maximum number of directors. The registered office of Hong Kong Private Limited Company must be within Hong Kong and requires a company secretary. In case the private limited company have a single director, then the sole director cannot be the company secretary. The company secretary must reside in Hong Kong in both the case of a natural person and body corporate. Our experts are well-versed and experienced in the incorporation process of Hong Kong private limited companies and are more likely to guide you with every step of incorporation. 


We help to incorporate a Public Limited Company

In Hong Kong, companies can be incorporated as public or private or can be limited by guarantee or shares. Meanwhile, under the ordinance of Hong Kong, a company which is neither private nor limited by guarantee is a public company. A public limited company is limited by shares, and in the same manner, its shares and debentures can be offered to the public, and most possess more than 50 shareholders. We offer assistance in the registration of public limited companies from medium to large private companies who want to expand their investor crowd and directly want capital benefits from the public at large. The public limited companies can easily advertise to sell their shares through public offering via a recognized stock exchange. A list of public limited companies is registered on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited and is subject to compliance with additional regulations and codes on takeovers, mergers, and buyback shares. Our diligent approach allows business to complete their company registration under a Public limited company in Hong Kong. Our expertise will ensure the entire registration process is streamlined and hassle-free. We are supposed to guide and assist with the steps of incorporating a public limited company in Hong Kong to its listing on the Stock Exchange. 

We ease the incorporation of Company Limited by Guarantee in Hong Kong.

To incorporate a company limited by guarantee in Hong Kong, with Hong Kong Company's registry is easy and hassle-free. Our experts at Enterslice will provide proper assistance to apply for a certificate of a company limited by guarantee. We offer a seamless experience throughout the entire process of incorporation. Basically, companies limited by guarantee without any share capital are used by non-profit organizations and clubs that are supposed to have a legal entity. These companies are limited by guarantee instead of shares, which means the interested parties under guarantee companies are guarantee members and not shareholders. Parties offer a guarantee with a predetermined sum to handle or cover their liabilities in case of winding up instead of investing capital in such companies. Our professional experts have in-depth knowledge and keep you updated about the basic compliance of the company limited by guarantee and help you to file the annual returns along with the certified copies of annual financial statements reports in accordance with the financial year. Utilizing our assistance to incorporate a company limited by guarantee, businesses can stay relaxed as their incorporation and compliance part is taken care of by Enterslice experts. 


Navigate the complex incorporation of Foreign Companies in Hong Kong.

Our experts support the incorporation process of a foreign company within Hong Kong and help to avail the most significant administrative advantages for registering a foreign company in Hong Kong. It has been mandatory to register such foreign companies with the Hong Kong Companies Registry as non-Hong Kong companies as per the regulation under part 16 of the Companies Ordinance of Hong Kong. A foreign company is required to undergo the same process within a period of 1 month from its date of incorporation in Hong Kong. Our incorporation experts will help you file the registration form for a foreign company in accordance with specific guidelines. We will draft the Paper works and support the concerned form with certified copies of constitutional necessary papers, incorporation certificate, and notice for the business registration office along with your company's latest published financial statements and file the form accordingly. The Hong Kong companies registry approved your foreign company to be listed with a certificate of registration of a non-Hong Kong company and a business registration certificate. You need to comply with the annual filing of return returns along with the certified copies of annual financial statements reports in accordance with the financial year. Our team of experts will provide assistance and support you in the necessary compliance process.

We assist in Branch, Subsidiary or Representative Office


Incorporate Subsidiary Company

A subsidiary is a private limited company incorporated in Hong Kong as an established asset of a foreign company. Although it owns a separate entity from its parent company, it is thus liable for its own debts and liabilities. Our incorporation experts will help you incorporate a subsidiary company and maintain a proper book of accounts and financial statements. We will conduct your financial audit and submit the necessary papers to the concerned Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department office. We will work closely with you and ease your struggle with compliance and company set-up in Hong Kong.


Establishing a Branch office for a Foreign Company

Opening a branch office in Hong Kong is considered to be an extension of the parent company. Our incorporation expert will help in the entire process of establishing a branch office and is likely to comply with certain taxation rules and necessary compliance for a branch office as it is incorporated in Hong Kong. We will help with the steps of incorporation of the branch office, prepare Paper works, and complete the registration process with the Hong Kong companies' registry as Non- Hong Kong Company. We will comply with the required provisions of Hong Kong companies' ordinance.


Representative office in Hong Kong

A representative office does not require an independent legal status in Hong Kong. Therefore, the foreign parent company will be responsible for debts and liabilities. In addition to the branch office, the representative office is not required to register with the Hong Kong registry, but a certificate of business registration is mandatory to open a representative office. Generally, it is restricted for the representative office to enter into contracts, negotiate on behalf of the parent company, sign or make deals, raise invoices, etc. Our experts are well-versed and assist you in the process of securing a business registration certificate for your representative office.

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We help set up Partnerships in Hong Kong.

Partnerships are a kind of business that is established and co-owned by 2 or more who desire to do business together with a view to share profits. Basically, all partners have equal rights and require no written Paper works in Hong Kong, except a partnership agreement. As the number of partners increases to more than 20, it can be registered as a company. Partners are jointly and individually made liable for debts and liabilities. Partnerships are regulated and governed in Hong Kong as per the partnership ordinance, which deliberately signifies two types. Our incorporation experts have in-depth knowledge and understanding to ease the entire partnership registration with the Hong Kong Registrar of Companies. After registration, partnerships in Hong Kong will be considered limited partnerships as specified in the ordinance of incorporation; otherwise, laws will be applicable, like general partnerships.

General Partnership

General Partnership held each partner responsible for the business's debts and liabilities. Basically, each partner is responsible for the act done on the behalf of other partner or in the service of the business.

Limited Partnership

Limited partnership, including both general and limited partners. General partners are unlimitedly liable for debts and are involved in the decision-making process of business, while limited partners are limited and restricted for their debts and liabilities.

Our Ongoing Compliance for Companies Set up In Hong Kong

Accounting and Payroll Outsourcing

Our Compliance expert will care for all your accounting and payroll administrative tasks and provide guidance in payment processing. We will work closely to implement and set up the mandatory provident fund and guide on contribution matters.

Employment Tax and Immigration Compliance

We will offer guidance and expert recommendations on tax compliance matters to comply with the employer and employee reporting obligations. We will handle your business tasks, including the renewal of work permits and dependent visas.

Corporate Tax Compliance and Advisory

We will analyse your business and provide remedial solutions to comply with the profit tax filing requirements, help in the proper filing of tax, and prepare a strategy to maintain records and detailed Paper works.

Company Secretarial and assistance

We will work closely with your business and offer advisory and company secretary assistance and services to ensure the compliance of the company secretary as per the Hong Kong companies' ordinance requirements. We will support your business.

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Frequently Ask Questions

The basic requirements for company formation in Hong Kong are at least one director, a shareholder, a company secretary, a registered business place, and a business registration certificate.

A foreigner can also be a director and sole owner of a company in Hong Kong.

There is no such requirement for minimum capital to operate a business company in Hong Kong.

The incorporation process usually takes a period of 5-7 working days, as all the necessary necessary papers are submitted.

Usually, Hong Kong imposes a few restrictions on some kinds of business activities, but they may be allowed to be conducted after getting a valid license.

No, an incorporation consultancy like Enterslice is capable of making the entire registration process simple and completing it remotely.

A company secretary in Hong Kong is responsible for ensuring and complying with all the statutory and regulatory company's compliance.

Yes, you can easily use a virtual office in Hong Kong as a registered office address.

No, it is not mandatory to reside as directors or shareholders in Hong Kong.

Yes, you can easily register your company name in another language except English or Chinese, as it's not offensive.

The role of the Hong Kong Inland Revenue Department (IRD) is to asses and collect tax. It is mandatory for the incorporated companies to have a registration certificate from IRD for taxation purposes.

Corporate tax is calculated with a rate of 16.5% on business profits in Hong Kong.

Yes, in Hong Kong, a wide range of tax incentives, along with exemptions, are available for specific business activities.

Absolutely, you can easily make changes in the company name after incorporation. It has been mandatory to follow or undergo the proper procedures in this regard.

It is mandatory for each business to file an annual return to the Hong Kong Companies registry once a year.

Absolutely, it is mandatory for business to open a corporate business bank account to commence business transactions.

Yes, under the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, it is mandatory to audit the company account on an annual basis and submit the report accordingly with the help of a certified public accountant.

You can easily appoint a foreigner to be a director of your Hong Kong company.

A private company in Hong Kong requires at least one director, and there is no limit set or decided yet for directors.

Yes, you can easily engage or operate your business as an e-commerce business in Hong Kong. It is renowned as an excellent hub for e-commerce business activities.

The process of closing down a company in Hong Kong involves liquidation, and it becomes mandatory to execute the entire liquidation process as per the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance.

Subsidiaries of foreign companies in Hong Kong will be treated in the same manner as they are being treated with the locally incorporated companies but with some specific reporting needs.

Yes, you can hold the position of sole shareholder and a director of a limited company registered in Hong Kong.

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