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For buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, the registration process is straightforward as there is no real registration action and requires a day or two to transfer the ownership. Package inclusions: Company selection Due Diligence. Banking and Finance Final Procedures

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Buy Shelf Company - Hong Kong

Shelf Companies are a legal organization that is registered and is put on hold until it gets sold to investors. A shelf company is also explained as a shell or aged company or ready-made company. The primary reason for foreign investors' inclination to purchase a Hong Kong shelf company is its credibility. These type of companies has no business before undertaking the sale that is proven by a letter from the director.

Generally, a shelf company has only one director and one shareholder to make things simple. For buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, you must purchase all the registered capital or shares of the shelf company, and the new director shall replace the original director. Buying a shelf company in Hong Kong offers benefits over incorporating a brand new company. Some of the main traits of shelf companies are as follows:

  • They are already registered, which means that they already have a business registration certificate issued by the company registry.
  • They were never used for trading, which means that they were never engaged in any business or commercial activities.
  • It is possible to personalize them like they can change the name of the company and also can authorize capital. The new proprietor also has the right to appoint more than one director.
  • The business can start more rapidly in comparison to when an investor opens a new company. It is a convenient alternative.

Some or all the characteristics of a shelf company suits the business needs of investors. However, before deciding to buy an already registered company, it is suggested to perform due diligence check. Many firms that sell these types of companies are credible and offer better shelf company packages. 

What is a Shelf Company?

A shelf company is also considered as a ready-made company. It is meant for the investor who wants to start their business activities immediately and does not wish to engage itself in the lengthy registration process. In simple terms, shelf companies can be explained as legal business entities that are registered already and are ready to occupy. Some of the qualities are enumerated below:

  • They are already registered.
  • They stand as unused business entities.
  • Can be customized accordingly.
  • Serves to be convenient.

The shelf companies are already registered in the Company Registry and hence hold the Certificate of Incorporation. The characteristics explained above are favourable for the owner of business and investors that provoke them to proceed ahead and motivates them in buying a shelf company in Hong Kong.

What is the Procedure for Buying a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

For buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, the registration process is very simple as there is no real registration action and also requires two days to transfer the ownership. For buying a shelf company in Hong Kong following steps is needed:

shelf company in Hong Kong needed steps

What are the advantages of starting a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

Starting of business in Hong Kong by buying a shelf company is becoming popular among business investors because of the following reasons:

shelf company is becoming popular because of some reasons
  • Easy and Faster Process

The entire process of acquiring a shelf company is more comfortable because it is already a registered company, and it can be done at a faster pace. Generally, the registration of an offshore company in Hong Kong might take a week or so. However, the shelf company gets completed within 1-2 business days.

  • Rid of Registration Process

The registration process is a standard process that must be completed by submitting the company Documents. It is also a lengthy process as the respective departments carry proper verification of it. The entire process includes many legal formalities that are required by the company and the individual shareholders. In the process of buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, you do not need to look at the issues about the registration part as it is already recorded in the Company Registry. The only task demanded by a shelf company is the payment of the respective amount of fee, and then you can start the business operations.

  • Immediate Focus on Business Process

 In a shelf company, there is no burden regarding the process of registration. Business owners can now easily focus on the core business functions and strategies and then implement them within a specified period.

  • Build the Sense of Longevity and Confidence

One of the advantages provided by a shelf company to business investors is that they can start the business activities under the same name as recorded in the Company Registry. This helps the business investors gain the shareholders' confidence and provoke them to make an investment in the company.

  • Open Corporate Bank Account

Holding a shelf company also eases the owner from the process of opening a Corporate Bank account, which is important for any business entity to deal with their respective customers, creditors, debtors, and creditors. Since the company also holds proof of its existence, the proceedings related to the corporate bank account can be sorted quickly.

Going ahead with buying a shelf company in Hong Kong is one of the best investment decisions that you can make in the process of setting an offshore company in Hong Kong.

 What are the Benefits of Getting Professional Services in Enterslice?

By contacting Enterslice for buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, you will get assistance from best business experts who will provide you with the following benefits:

  • Experts will assist you in finding relevant premises at a faster pace.
  • Our professionals are well-equipped with the availability of the shelf companies.
  • Will provide you with multiple options.
  • Your accounting and bookkeeping records are managed in an efficient way.
  • The Paper works process shall be carried out professionally.

At Enterslice, you will find the best professional consultants who will provide you with proper solutions regarding business incorporation. Our business experts also are well-versed with the offshore company setup process in Hong Kong and will also help you find a suitable shelf company for your business.

How to Register a Shelf Company in Hong Kong?

After buying a shelf company in Hong Kong, the registration process is straightforward because it involves no real registration action from the new owner. Once the transfer of shares has taken place between the original owner and the old owner and the sale-purchase contract is signed, our experts in company formation in Hong Kong can initiate the registration procedure in buying a shelf company in Hong Kong.

 The company has been registered with the Company Registry, but you need to change the ownership details after completing the transfer. As a general rule, any changes made in the company ownership or its structure must be registered. This can be done quickly, usually within one or two working days. Our experts can help you get throughout this stage. 

Options like changing the company's name, appointing of a new director are available for the clients buying Shelf Company in Hong Kong.  The foreign investors have the right to register shelf company as a limited liability company or company limited by shares. Once the AOA or Articles of Association are ready for the acquired shelf company, they will include the new ownership details; they should be submitted to the Hong Kong Companies Register along with an application form and the registration fee.

The company's identity can be significant for the new owner. This is why the company's name can be changed from a general one that was initially appointed to a more targeted business name. To do so, investors will need first to check the availability of the new name. The name that has already been taken or is too similar to be selected is included in the Index of the Company Names, which belongs to the Registrar of Companies (ROC). Certain words and abbreviations can be used as they do not necessarily infringe the other names.

A proper guideline for the name of a company in company registration is available in Hong Kong, and one of our agents can tell you more about these special considerations.

The shelf company is, in various ways, is a cost-effective alternative. However, varied shelf company suppliers have different costs. Sometimes, the company can be more expensive if it has been incorporated for a more extended period, and thus it has an older age. When faced with the choice of buying an expensive shelf company, owners can compare the costs with regard to starting a new company in Hong Kong. The decision must also be based on these points, as well as the time required for incorporation. In many situations, investors will find that a shelf company suits their business needs completely. In this type of case, they will be able to use the company's age to gain more credibility before the banks and creditors and then change the company specifics, such as the name and registered address, once the beneficial ownership transfer is complete.


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Frequently Asked Questions

In brief, the total cost of opening and maintaining a company in Hong Kong costs around 5,855 HKD per year to renew the business license. It is done to pay to the registered address and the company secretary for renewing the business license. However, in the first year, you only need to pay only 7, 550 HKD.

A shelf corporation or a shelf company or an old corporation is a company or corporation with no business activity for an extended amount of time.

The shell companies may be used for money laundering or tax evasion, though legitimate existing shell companies. Whereas, shelf companies are real companies that have been pre-registered with the Companies Registry, which are then shelved until it is purchased.

Some of the best businesses in Hong Kong are as follows:

• Business Consultants.

• Travel Agency.

• Product Sourcing Agent.

• Call Centre Agency.

• Freight Forwarder.

• Manufacturing

• App Developer.

• Solicitors and Accountants Business.

Some of the steps to start a new company in Hong Kong are as follows:

• Determine the name of your company.

• Choose a legal structure for your business.

• Get your company registered.

• Incorporate your business entity.

• Open Bank account of the company.

• Get permits and licenses.

• Hong Kong Tax.

• Pensions and Insurance Requirements.

The advantages of buying a shelf company in Hong Kong are as follows:

• Easy and Faster Process.

• Rid of Registration Process.

• Immediate Focus on Business Process.

• Build a Sense of Longevity and Confidence.

• Open Corporate Bank Account.

A Private Limited Company is a separate legal entity that protects the personal assets of the shareholders from liability. It is also called as a private company limited by shares. Hong Kong Private Limited Company is the most prevalent type of company for smaller to medium-sized companies.

A foreigner should have a valid visa for a work visa to be eligible to work in Hong Kong. In case you wish to hire a foreigner, you will have to apply for a valid work visa on your employee's behalf before he can commence employment with you.

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