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Why Singapore Company Formation is a Game-Changer?

Singapore, officially the Republic of Singapore, is an island country and a city-state in maritime Southeast Asia. Singapore shares its boundary with the Strait of Malacca to the west and south, bordering the Riau Islands in Indonesia, the South China Sea touches to the east and the Straits of Johor to the north in Malaysia. Singapore company formation is a very simple and hassle-free process. As Singapore is strategically located in Asia and one of the world's fastest-growing economies, it makes it suitable for company formation in Singapore. Singapore is ranked 2nd in the world for ease of doing business.

Singapore facilitates a suitable and eco-friendly environment for investment and commerce; in a broader sense, it offers a favourable location for doing business. Moreover, Singapore offers low corporate taxation rates, which would be liked by all business owners who wish to incorporate a company in Singapore. Singapore provides a wide range of benefits when setting up a business. Our company incorporation experts at Enterslice guide you on Singapore company registration to enhance your business growth and provide you with a better lifestyle with more flexibility to travel to Singapore for business purposes. We provide 100% expert assistance on company formation in Singapore.

Our professional experts will work closely to help you simplify the entire company formation in Singapore and provide possible support to manage and run your company in Singapore. Whether you are an established firm or a start-up and wish to register your business in Singapore, we are here to serve you with the detailed requirements for Singapore company registration, deciding on a good business name and confirming its availability. Our experts will help you sign Singapore incorporation documents with a 100% remote process and provide assistance in opening a bank account in Singapore for your business operations.

Singapore Company Formation: What Matters Most?

Singapore is one of the popular destinations among global entrepreneurs who wish to expand their business operations in Singapore. Singapore is renowned for its business-friendly environment, excellent infrastructure, and supportive government initiatives. Singapore also became a global business hub for trade and equipped with financial and legal system.

Business Environment for trade and commerce in Singapore

Singapore has experienced rapid growth and significant development in the field of trade and commerce. Singapore has utilized its resources wisely and turned to a robust, strong economy to support business company formation in Singapore and facilitate a better and more suitable opportunity for business setup in Singapore.

Attractive Taxation Regime in Singapore

The government in Singapore offers a competitive corporate tax ranging from 0% to 17%, a low corporate taxation rate, in comparison with other nations or developed countries in the world. This low corporate tax for company formation in Singapore provides a strong incentive for businesses and offers a favourable business environment for investment and entrepreneurship in Singapore. Such corporate taxation policies in Singapore make it the most attractive destination for business setup in Singapore for companies wishing to mark their presence in Asia. Moreover, the Singapore government's commitment to making Singapore a business-friendly environment has turned Singapore into a global business hub.

Double Taxation Avoidance

Singapore is in a treaty with 50 different countries and opts for bilateral double tax avoidance. This treaty in Singapore guarantees that business transactions held between Singapore and other treaty-engaged countries will be exempt from double taxation and facilitate smooth cross-border transactions. Such a robust framework showcases Singapore's commitment to provide a favourable environment for global commerce and provide the best destination for company formation in Singapore to ensure strategic business expansion.

Easy operations and company incorporation in Singapore

Registering a company in Singapore is a very simple and easy process. Our professional experts at Enterslice help guide you through the step-by-step company formation process in Singapore. We will work closely to remotely complete the company registration process in Singapore without having to complete the difficult paperwork.

Healthy Start-up Environment

Singapore is a popular destination for all kinds of business. The Singaporean government has significantly adopted a wide range of tax incentives and provided several schemes to promote innovation and business growth in Singapore. Our experts at Enterslice will assist with the best government scheme to ease business doing in Singapore and help you to establish your company formation in Singapore.

Innovative world-class infrastructure

Singapore offers an innovative, world-class infrastructure for businesses across the world. It's a boon for Indian entrepreneurs to form their own companies in Singapore. This effort has significantly led businesses in Singapore to enhance or increase their productivity by offering trade and commerce between the developed nations.

Our Fully Guided Online Company Registration In Singapore

Through remote assistance from local experts, seamless tax advice from inception, and support for long-term visa acquisition, ensuring a hassle-free Singapore company formation process for clients.

Local expertise

Our professional experts at Enterslice work closely with the local experts and help you with company formation in Singapore. We will provide assistance via live chat, email or phone calls and will make easy access to give your personal advice on the company formation in Singapore.

Register online from sitting at your place.

We are determined to offer an online facility to register your company formation in Singapore. There is no need to go anywhere or travel. Our experts handle everything remotely and online. We gather all requisite documents, fill in forms and ensure the compliance with the local Singapore laws.

Taxation Advice from day one

Our company formation experts work closely with clients, and from the very beginning, we give advice on business structure and accounting setups in Singapore and provide assistance in tax reliefs available for your business structure in Singapore.

Long-term Visa Support

Our experts at Enterslice, helps you in securing an Employment pass- a long term Visa to stay and work in Singapore and also helps in getting dependant’s pass for your dearest family members.

Understanding the company formation in Singapore

At Enterslice, we make the entire process of company registration in Singapore very simple and guide you through each and every step, such as accounting, finance and other Documentwork. Setting up a company in Singapore gives you the peace of mind and confidence to start your business in Singapore. Our experts will help you start your company in Singapore and offer guidance to safeguard your Trademark and IP protection in Singapore. We will also let you enjoy attractive corporate tax benefits in Singapore.

Singapore company registration is a fast and easy process. The steps to register a company in Singapore including-

Step 1- Review and understand the process of entire company formation in Singapore and its requisite documents

It is essential for registering a company in Singapore to go with the process of company formation in Singapore which itself a straight and very simple process. It is mandatory to have at least 1 shareholder, capital at least SGD 1 and at least one local director who resides in Singapore.

1. One shareholder

To incorporate a company in Singapore, you must require at least one shareholder. Such a shareholder may be an individual or another company. You can have more than 1 shareholder as well. The maximum number of shareholders to register with Singapore Private Limited Company is 50. You must note that 100% foreign shareholding is allowed in Singapore, which showcases that all shareholders can be foreigners.

2. Capital required: At least SGD 1

You can easily register your company in Singapore with just a capital of 1 Singapore dollar. Further if it is required, you can increase your capital by adding additional funds and later notify the company registrar.

3. One Local Director must reside in Singapore

Singapore resident and foreign resident persons may be the directors of a Singapore company as long as there is 1 Singapore resident director. Corporate directors are not allowed, which means a company in Singapore cannot be a director; it includes a person. Suppose you do not have a Singapore resident person to act as a director; in such a situation, you are free to use a nominee director to satisfy the requirements of company formation in Singapore. We are here to help you in all this.

4. Company Secretary (CS) who resides in Singapore

It is mandatory for a Singapore company to appoint a company secretary who resides in Singapore. Although, company secretary (CS) is the person who is responsible to ensure your company’s whether comply with the regulatory norms and obligation filing in Singapore. We will help you to get a company secretary for your business incorporation in Singapore.

5. Registered Address in Singapore

To form a company in Singapore, it is required to have a registered address in Singapore, where all the statutory company formation documents, along with other documents, must be kept or stored at this address. Such an address cannot be a PO Box. We will work closely with you and help you provide a company address as your registered address for company formation in Singapore.

Step 2: Decide your corporate structure and gather supporting documents

A business owner must keep in mind, a list of few questions prior incorporating a company in Singapore, such as- Who (shareholder in Singapore) and up to what percentage each and every shareholders may own shares? In case of opening a subsidiary company in Singapore, the sole shareholder will be your currently local or foreign company. If you planning to start a new venture, you and your venture partner, will be the shareholders.

Who will be act as the director of your company? Or who will act as a Singapore resident director? Will you need any nominee director service? What will be the initial share capital of your company? It is necessary under Singapore company registration regulations to furnish the identification and background details of proposed shareholders and directors of company to get it verified properly.

The next step in registering a company in Singapore is to decide on the corporate structure of the business. The name chosen for the company formation in Singapore must be unique, easy to read and not contain any derogatory or offensive content and no infringement of the Trademark. It is mandatory to get it verified with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore to check whether the name sought for company registration in Singapore is available. It is necessary to submit a minimum 3 names for the company formation in Singapore. Upon the availability of the company/business name, it is reserved for a period of 60 days from the tenure/date of application.

Our Professional experts at Enterslice, will work closely with you, and helps in choosing a best name for your business setup in Singapore with the compliance of ACRA rules. We will work towards to secure your chosen name, suppose you company name is not available in Singapore, then our professional experts will look for other required options.

Step 3: Decide the corporate structure

A further step to incorporating a company in Singapore includes deciding on the best corporate structure that would be favourable for your business. A list of options is available to register your company in Singapore, such as a Private Limited Company, a sole proprietorship, or other forms of company incorporation in Singapore. Although a private limited company in Singapore is the most common business/corporate structure widely used. Our professional experts at Enterslice will work closely to help you find the most favourable corporate structure in Singapore based on your unique business needs and organisational requirements.

Step 4: Process your business registration In Singapore

Our company formation in Singapore experts will work closely with you and assist you in registering your business in Singapore. Submit the requisite documents for the business registration application to ACRA directly and upload them using the Bizfile+ Platform. Our professionals are well versed with the company formation rules and regulations in Singapore and will streamline the entire business registration process in Singapore in such an easy module and descriptive for your understanding. We are determined to register your company in Singapore remotely, sitting at any place in the world without any visit or travel for company formation in Singapore.

Step 5: Securing a certificate of Company incorporation in Singapore

Our experts are supposed to gather all the required documents for incorporation, which include your company profile and certificate of incorporation in Singapore, as your business gets registered in Singapore. And provide the same documents in a timely manner.

Moreover, the certificate of company incorporation in Singapore includes details such as business name, establishment date and time, and a unique identification number (UEN) for your reference. Your business profile will include several significant details such as name, registration number, formation date, business activity, and other important details.

Step 6: Secure license and work permits

As your business gets incorporate in Singapore, it is necessary to get requisite business license and other permits or certificates to engage in further business activities in Singapore. We will assist you and help you to apply for the requisite business license and permits depends upon the basis of your potential business activities after getting it well and proper verified by the Singaporean government.

Step 7: Get GST Registration

It is mandatory for businesses in Singapore that have nearly a yearly revenue of USD $1 million or more to register for GST. Whenever a business's taxation revenue during the previous financial year exceeds USD $1 million or whenever it is anticipated to exceed $1 million in taxable revenue in the following 12 months. Such businesses are required to register for GST and collect certificates accordingly. Our experts at Enterslice will work closely and provide professional assistance to submit a GST registration to the Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore (IRAS).

Step 8: open a business bank account in Singapore

As your business is established in Singapore, you will apply to open a bank account there. Our experts at Enterslice will help you choose the best and most suitable bank account in Singapore, depending on your business or company requirements. Utilizing our company formation services in Singapore, you are more likely to open a bank account 100% remotely, and there is no such requirement to travel to Singapore for such purpose. (Open a bank account in Singapore).

How long it takes to register a company in Singapore?

Company formation in Singapore, is generally includes several steps and the timeline for each and every step is specified below. Kindly note that these timeline depends upon you, suppose you take more time to gather necessary steps, then the corresponding steps may take longer duration.

We have simplified the whole process or duration to register a company in Singapore into certain steps for your better insight and understanding:

Step-1: To provide the company structure & other supporting documents

It is the responsibility of the individual to provide all the necessary company structure details and other supporting documents to our experts within a period ranging from 1hr to a few days.

Sept-2: KYC checks by the corporate service provider

It is the responsibility of our expert, who will act as the corporate service provider, to perform the KYC checks within 1 to 2 days.

Step-3: Reservation of the company name with ACRA

It is the responsibility of our expert who will act as the corporate service provider to perform the reservation process of the company name under ACRA within an hour.

Step-4: Preparing the document set

It is the responsibility of our expert, who will act as the corporate service provider, to help you prepare the incorporation document of the company within 1 to 2 hours.

Step-5: Client review & signatures

It is the responsibility of our clients to give reviews & signatures about our services within 1 hr to few days.

Step-6: Incorporation with the ACRA

It is the responsibility of our expert to act as the corporate service provider for the incorporation process with ACRA within 1 to 2 hours.

Therefore, the total time for company formation in Singapore typically takes from 1 day to a few days. Timeline is totally depends upon the escalation speed of client.

Documents Required for Singapore Company Incorporation

Here’s a list of necessary documents which are needed at the time of Singapore company formation. The documents are needed for the various types of company incorporation in Singapore.

These are all the necessary documents required for your company incorporation in Singapore, which differs from one company to another company:

Private limited company

For the private limited companies, there are necessary documents required for the company formation in Singapore mentioned below:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • MOA and AOA
  • Identity proof and Residential proof
  • Consent to act as director and statement of non-disqualification
  • Consent to act as secretary (if required)
  • Share allocation and capital structure information
  • Written consent to use the registered office address
  • Declaration of compliance with the incorporation requirements

Limited liability partnership

For the limited liability partnership, there are necessary documents required for the company formation in Singapore mentioned below:

  • Proposed Company Name
  • MOA and AOA
  • Identity proof and Residential proof
  • Consent to act as director and statement of non-disqualification
  • Consent to act as secretary (if required)
  • Share allocation and capital structure information
  • Written consent to use the registered office address

Sole proprietorship

For Sole proprietorship, there are necessary documents required for the company formation in Singapore mentioned below:

  • Proposed Business name (Optional)
  • Identity-proof business owner, which includes the passport, NRIC, etc.
  • Residential proof of business owner
  • Address proof of business


For partnership, there are necessary documents required for the company formation in Singapore mentioned below:

  • Partnership Agreement (Government documents)
  • Particulars of Partners such as Identity proof and residential proof
  • Business Name (optional)
  • Business Address Proof

Branch office

For the branch office, there are necessary documents required for the company formation in Singapore mentioned below:

  • Certified copy of parent company’s certificate of incorporation (or similar documents)
  • Updated financial statements of the parent company
  • Particulars of local authorised representative
  • Registered office address

(ACRA)The Governing Body for Singapore Company Incorporation

Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) is one of the governing authority who is solely responsible for Singapore company incorporation. ACRA is the governing body who takes care of the Singapore company registration and regulations which includes the incorporation process of companies in Singapore and maintaining the public register of entities within Singapore.

ACRA is established under the Singapore Ministry of Finance as a statutory and legal body. It is mandatory for the businesses or individuals at the time of Singapore company registration, to provide and submit the requisite documents and necessary information’s to the relevant authority i.e. ACRA (Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority). Further ACRA the Statutory body of Singapore company formation, keeps reviewing the documents, register the business, and provide the relevant certification of Singapore company incorporation and other certifications for business operations. Moreover, the ACRA is responsible for governing and regulating the other business entities including partnerships, Limited liability partnerships (LLPs), and look over the entire Singapore company registration process and issues regulations on a timely basis for public accountants and other corporate service providers within Singapore. ACRA is more likely to play an effective role to govern and regulate the Singapore company formation and ensure an effective and efficient Singapore incorporation compliance with the existing laws.

Legal Requirements and Regulations for Singapore Company Incorporation

At the time of Singapore company incorporation, it is mandatory to keep in mind to follow the necessary legal requirements and regulations for a smooth and easy functioning of your company in Singapore. Such rules and regulations are given below-

1. ACRA Rules and Regulations-

ACRA is the supreme government authority who oversee the company affairs and manage or regulate the Singapore company incorporation regulations. To register a company in Singapore, it is important for all the businesses or individuals to submit their company’s documents to the ACRA for Singapore company incorporation purpose.

2. Singapore Companies Act-

Under Singapore companies Act, (Chapter 50) provides specific rules and regulations which gives a proper guideline to incorporate a company in Singapore. The government made Singapore companies Act, is primarily rules and regulations that governs the company’s functions in Singapore and provide a statutory and legal framework for the Singapore company incorporation, which includes overall company operations and its regulations.

3. Annual Compliance and General Meetings

For all the companies and businesses in Singapore, it becomes mandatory to hold an annual general meetings and to keep record of annual returns with the ACRA. Companies in Singapore, must prepare financial status and audit reports for each specific business operation years, which ensure and effective and efficient functioning of Singapore companies.

4. Company Constitution

While registering a company in Singapore, it is necessary for all the businesses and individuals to share their company’s constitutions which primarily includes, the MOA (Memorandum of Association) and AOA (Article of Association). Such company constitution consists the rules, regulations for the internal functioning of companies and also holds the rights and responsibility of potential shareholders and directors of a company.

5. Immigration Laws.

Companies in Singapore, should not be limited with the Singapore incorporation only. They should leverage the rightful candidate and utilise them as per their work visa to start their business operations in Singapore and ensure success. Singapore offers a wide range of Work Visas or permits for professionals or semi-skilled workers. We at Enterslice, provide appropriate guidance and supports to secure such government approvals or permits to operate a successful business operations in Singapore.

Moreover in Singapore, Government offers several visas for professionals such as-

Employment Pass

Singapore Government offers employment pass for foreign professionals, managers and executive to work or operate in Singapore. It is mandatory for employment pass workers to earn at least $5000 in a month. The Employment pass in Singapore is required to be renewed at every 2 years for the first time employment pass candidates and further renewed after every 3 years.

Entre Pass

EntrePass in Singapore facilitate foreign entrepreneurs to start and operate their business in Singapore which is ventured backed or possesses innovative technologies. EntrePass is intended for all nationalities/Citizenships who completes the specific criteria which includes such as intellectual property holdings, having a good business or investment records, or an angel investor to support business. Candidates of EntrePass are required to renew their permits after the first year for the first time Singapore EntrePass candidate and further renew after every 2 years.

Customized Employment Pass.

The customized or personalised Employment Pass in Singapore is for high earning employment pass holders and overseas foreign professionals. In case, you holds an employment pass under the Sponsorship scheme, operate as a freelancer, or won as ACRA-registered business or associated in work with certain media roles such as journalist, editor, sub-editors, or producers, then you are not allowed to apply for personalised employment pass in Singapore. Moreover, the personalized employment pass is issued for a period of 3 years eligibility with no possible renewals. 

How does the company incorporation process in Singapore work?

1. Business Model Analysis

Our team of experts at Enterslice will first evaluate your business needs, values, and future vision, based on which we provide you with the most suitable service package and a personalized business model for your business venture.

2. Eligibility Check

Before your company's formation in Singapore, our team will ensure it falls within the eligibility list prescribed by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA). We will get back to you within 24 hours of checking your eligibility.

3. Company Registration in Singapore

Enterslice specializes in effortless global expansion, offering expert company formation services in Singapore. Our in-depth knowledge of international regulations guarantees rapid and compliant setups across the Globe.

4. Bank Account Opening

At Enterslice, we provide consultation, Document Preparation, Resolution Drafting, Due Diligence, Account Signatory Services, Merchant Account Support, Compliance Checks, and Local Representation to hasten your corporate bank account opening.

Benefits of Company Incorporation in Singapore

Registering a company in Singapore, can be useful in terms of benefits as Singapore offers a wide range of benefits for businesses who are looking towards to expand their presence in Singapore. A wide range of benefits can be availed including a strategic location, eco-friendly business environment, IPR protections, etc. For Indian entrepreneurs, to incorporate a company in Singapore can be right action to explore and expand the business and tap into Singapore for different opportunities. Enterslice, can be your strategic Singapore company incorporation partner to help you to start a company or business in Singapore. Here some benefits of Singapore company incorporation-

There are some of the benefits of the company incorporation in Singapore:

1. Tax Advantages

The incorporation of the company in Singapore can be advantageous as the taxation system of Singapore allows you to enjoy the 0% tax on capital gains also providing significant savings.

2. Payment options

The payment options for the company incorporation in Singapore through facilitating the seamless sending and receiving of instant payments.

3. Internationally organized

The internationally organized Singapore’s global reputation through enhancement of your business credibility.

4. Timeline

The whole duration of the company incorporation process in Singapore typically takes 3 to 5 working days.

5. Ease of Incorporation

It can be easy to go for the company incorporation process in Singapore, with straightforward procedures and options for a 100% remote setup.

Types of Company Formation in Singapore

Various types of companies can be incorporated in Singapore as the private limited company can go up to 50 investors, tax incentives, separate legal identity, and easy ownership transfer, for the limited liability company which provides limited liability, is recognized as a separate legal entity, and compliance obligations, other subsidiary company as any separate legal entity, with its board of directors, requires a local representative and shields the parent company's obligations, sole proprietorship managed by a single individual, not a separate legal entity, proprietor personally liable, quick setup, the sole owner receives all profits, another branch office which allows foreign companies to operate, an extension of the parent company, shares obligations, limited to parent company operations, representative office for market research, no business operations, affordable, builds business presence, another variable capital company with the flexible financial vehicle for investment, versatile structuring options.

1. Private Limited Company

One of the most common, flexible and popular business structures in Singapore. A private Limited Company (PLC) offers an option to participate with up to 50 investors. Private Limited Companies in Singapore provide both tax deductions and incentives, which makes them most popular in Singapore. A majority of businesses choose to incorporate a private limited company in Singapore due to different reasons-

  • Limited liability and separate legal entity ensure that the shareholder’s liability is restricted to the capital amount which they have contributed. This company formation types safeguards the personal assets of the shareholders during the financial challenge.
  • Private Limited corporation holds a distinct legal identify from its stockholders and directors which ensure to get engaged in contracts, file lawsuits or respond accordingly under its own name.
  • It is possible under Private limited company formation in Singapore, to change its ownership of business via selling its shares.

2. Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company in Singapore is one among the flexible company incorporation choice for business owners who might want to develop a partnership, but at the same, wish to retain their legal identity distinctly.


  • Limited liability protection. Members' personal assets are protected from business debts and liabilities.
  • Recognized as a separate legal entity. (LLC is recognized as a distinct legal entity, allowing it to enter into contracts, own assets, and sue or be sued in its own name.)


  • Heavy compliance obligations. (LLCs often have significant administrative requirements, including filing annual reports, maintaining proper records, and adhering to state regulations, which can be burdensome and time-consuming.)

3. Subsidiary Company

A subsidiary company in Singapore showcases itself as a parent corporation associate that has its own legal entity. The affairs of subsidiary companies are overlooked by their boards of directors. It is possible that the subsidiary company's operations may be distinct from those of its parent company/firm. To form a subsidiary company in Singapore, you need at least one Singaporean local representative.

Advantages of a Subsidiary Company:

Limited liability protection: The parent company is protected from the obligations of its subsidiary due to its distinct legal entity.

Foreign ownership opportunity: Overseas businesses can hold complete ownership of the subsidiary's stock.

4. Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is known for its simplicity to establish and manage. This kind of business structure in Singapore is truly designed for a single individual who assumes unlimited liability as the business and owner are legally indistinguishable. In a broader sense, it is a type of company formation in Singapore that is just managed and owned by a single person. It has only one owner, and the business does not have any distinct legal entity. All business debts and obligations are associated with them, making the owner responsible and liable.

Advantages of a Sole Proprietorship:

  • Quick setup.
  • Full profit retention.
  • Autonomy in decision-making.

Disadvantages of a Sole Proprietorship:

  • Unlimited liability.
  • Limited resources and expertise.
  • Lack of continuity.

5. Branch Office

Foreign companies are free to open a branch office in Singapore and be non-residents. The branch office in Singapore is an extension of the parent company and will not be considered as a separate entity. In order to open a branch office in Singapore, it is mandatory to have a minimum 1 Singaporean local representative. Moreover, the parent company will remain liable for the branch office's actions and debts, necessitating careful consideration.

  • Purpose: Setting up a branch office
  • Resident Agent: At least one must be appointed
  • Compliance Handling: Managed by the resident agent
  • Registered Address: Must be in Singapore
  • Regulatory Adherence: Following local corporate regulations

Advantages of Branch Office:

  • Branch offices are entirely overseen by foreign companies/corporations.
  • Singapore offers a wide range of tax benefits for opening a branch office.

Disadvantages of Branch Office:

  • The branch office's obligations are duly shared by the parent company as it is not a separate entity.
  • A branch office in Singapore is prohibited from initiating the same kind of business operations as an overseen corporation.

6. Representative Office

A representative office is an ideal business setup in Singapore for foreign companies who wish to explore the viability of ease of doing business in Singapore without having a full-fledged incorporation. It enables companies to conduct extensive market research, understand the business environment, and facilitate business meetings with potential clients and partners. It is prohibited for the representative office to engage in commercial revenue-generating activities. It facilitates a low-risk business entry strategy for companies considering long-term investment and operations in the ever-evolving Singaporean economy.

Representative Office (RO):

  • Duration: Maximum of three years
  • Purpose: Market study only; no profit-making activities


  • Affordable operational expenses
  • Builds reputation and presence


  • No operational activities are allowed
  • Limited to promotional purposes and market research

7. Variable Capital Company

VCC is an exciting and innovative corporate structure in Singapore that attracts potential investors for fund management and domiciliation. It offers a flexible capital structure, enables shares to be issued and can easily redeemed without making alterations to the company's constitution. Variable Capital Company is beneficial for investment funds, as it helps businesses manage subscriptions and redemptions efficiently.

What is the tax structure for Singapore Company Incorporation?

The Singaporean tax structure is famous for its favourable business and individual tax rates, tax relief initiatives, and lack of a capital gains tax. It is mandatory for business owners who wish to run a business in Singapore must comply with the following taxes-

What is the tax structure for the incorporation of Singaporean companies?

There are some types of tax compliance for the Singapore company incorporation, for example, the corporate income tax with the fixed rate of 17%, which can be calculated on the income of the business, related to the goods and services tax with the rate of 8% on the goods or services in Singapore, property tax as per the progressive rate on the residential structures as 10% on others, Stamp duty that has been charged the business or legal papers for the stocks & estate.

Mistakes to avoid during Company Formation in Singapore

  • Choosing the appropriate business structure model as per your business needs
  • Keeping Documents ready for bank account opening and company registration in Singapore
  • Keeping accurate financial records and financial statements of the company for timely return filing

How can Enterslice help you with company formation in Singapore?

Incorporating a company in Singapore is hassle-free with our streamlined process. Whether you're a resident or an overseas citizen, we provide comprehensive assistance. With over 1000 successful registrations, Enterslice simplifies the process. Our services include

How can Enterslice help you with company formation in Singapore?

At Enterslice, we will help you with our expert panel dealing with company formation in Singapore. We have bifurcated our services concerning the company incorporation in Singapore that is based on the incorporation process which involves the registration preparation & filing, ACRA name-checking, company constitution,  all post-incorporation documents (share certificates, registers, minutes book),  government-required services nominee director,  no deposit required,  registered address,  unlimited corporate secretary & expert support via in-app chat, which are based upon the annual compliance which involves reparation and filing of annual returns, annual general meeting (AGM) preparation,  appointments and resignations of directors, officers, or auditors & unlimited changes in company name, address, and business activity, which are based upon the shares management which include the shares management of up to 50 shareholders, based upon the banking partners which include the assistance in connection with our various banking partners, also based upon the accounting and taxation which includes annual management reports payroll and dividends tax advice,  dedicated accounting team, unaudited financial statements (UFS),  annual tax return filing, bookkeeping unlimited bookkeeping Automatic reconciliation financial software create, send, and chase invoices, capture bills and receipts easily expense management real-time financial reports (profit & loss, balance sheet, accounts payables, accounts receivables) , use multiple currencies, also based upon the our immigration services in relation to the company incorporation in Singapore which includes employment VISA consultation, and other employment pass application.

Why should you choose Enterslice for Company formation in Singapore?

  • Tailor-made company formation plans
  • Successfully set up 500+ Companies in Singapore
  • Solid Network of 50,000+ Lawyers/Attorneys/CAs/CPAs
  • Partner Base of 40,000+ Auditing and Law Firms Globally
  • Maintained Consistency with 7% Client Recommendations
  • 100+ Queries for Company Formation in Singapore Daily
  • Worked with over 30,000+ Entrepreneurs across the Globe
  • AI-powered Service Delivery Platform ensuring Timely Support
  • Zero paperwork- Provide us with your Documents online
  • Dedicated Foreign Investment Desk with 200+ Client Representatives

Frequently Asked Questions

According to the Companies Act of Singapore, any person (resident or foreigner) can engage in company formation in Singapore.

No, the Company Formation in Singapore process is entirely online; an investor must not travel to Singapore.

Before company formation in Singapore, decide the company's structure and reserve the company's name beforehand.

Singapore should be chosen for Company Formation because the World Bank considers Singapore one of the best countries for ease of doing business.

Any person above 18 can engage in a company formation in Singapore without relocating. However, they must appoint a resident director and a company secretary for corporate compliance.

The Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority, also called ACRA, is a statutory board under the Ministry of Finance of the Singapore Government.

The Company Formation in Singapore process is not a long-drawn one in Singapore and usually takes 14 days to 2 months.

The applicable corporate tax is charged at 17% on all companies (local or foreign).

A company incorporation in Singapore is done with the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) of Singapore. All the applications for the new company registration in Singapore have to be submitted online via ACRA's electronic filing and information retrieval system, BizFile+.

The Companies Act of 1967 of Singapore governs the company incorporation in Singapore.

Post-registration compliances in the form of bookkeeping, annual tax filing, choosing financial year end, and conducting annual general meetings must be done by the newly setup company.

When a company name is not approved under the Business Name Registration Act on account of a similar name with an already functioning company or if the name is offensive, then company formation in Singapore can be refused.

There are many ways through which you can raise funds for your company. These may include equity financing, debt financing, crowdfunding, angel investors, and banks.

A unique Entity Number is a system-generated number given to the newly setup company to transact with government agencies.

The total Registration fee for a company formation in Singapore is about $315, including the name registration fee.

For a company formation in Singapore, you must have a company’s constitution, shareholder agreement, unique business name, and description of the proposed company's business activities.

To open up a bank account in the name of the company in Singapore, you must have a resolution by the company’s board of directors mandating their consent for the same, a copy of the Certificate of incorporation, a copy of the business profile, National ID card of Singapore or copy of passport, Proof of residential addresses of the directors.

Any company setup in Singapore can employ foreign workers by applying for an Employment pass or Personalized Employment Pass by showing that the company can pay the foreign worker’s salary and the worker is also professionally qualified.

Post-registration of a company, you will get soft copies of the following Documents- Company Business profile, Share certificate, and certificate of incorporation.

The Constitution is a Document that outlines the rules regarding the governance of the proposed company, like the right of appointed officers and rules about corporate governance.

Company registers are maintained by ACRA in electronic form and accessible to the public. It contains the particulars of the director, shareholder, Managing Director, CEO, Company Secretary, and company auditor.

In case the annual income of the company exceeds $1 million, it shall have to file for GST.

Yes, you can change the company name after company formation in Singapore. However, it must be approved by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) in Singapore.

There is no capital gains tax in Singapore.

Gains from selling a property, shares & financial instruments in Singapore are generally not taxable. Nevertheless, profits from "trading in properties" may be taxable.

You can apply for the permits and licenses through the Singapore Go Business Licensing portal.

Compass is an authorization system for business entities to manage digital service access of employees who must perform corporate transactions.

Tax exemptions in the form of Capital gain Tax Exemption, Income Tax exemption on profits earned by the company, and Employee Provident Fund Exemption on the employer's part are available to the company in Singapore.

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