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Company Registration/Formation in Sweden

A Swedish-incorporated business may have 100% foreign ownership. Therefore, having a resident director is not necessary. Directors and shareholders have greater privacy because their information is not required to be publicised. Investors would, therefore, find it easy to register a corporation in Sweden. Benefits tailored to enterprises with less than 50 employees exist. This would include up to 35% in government funds that assist with the purchase of supplies and machinery. There is a 20% subsidy for renting office space and a 45% subsidy for installing machines on the office property. For these reasons, an investor needs to go through the registration process for a company in Sweden.

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Proper Set-up

As part of our business set-up services, we guide the type of business structure you should select when forming a company in Sweden. You can get assistance from our team at Enterslice with business registration, corporate bank account establishment, and post-registration compliance.

Risk Management

Enterslice makes it possible to quickly identify and take care of the responsibilities related to a company's business pursuits. To prevent fines, penalties, and other legal ramifications, we ensure you comply with all legal obligations and the tight timelines accompanying incorporation.

Business Plan

With the help of Enterslice, you can register and run a company with a well-structured business plan to achieve your business objectives. This will impact the ease of doing business and operational maintenance in Sweden.

First-class Support

Our attentive support team has years of experience forming businesses and is available to assist you at every stage of the procedure. We will designate a qualified account manager to facilitate the efficient communication that your business has selected.

Eligible Business Structures for Company Registration in Sweden

The following business structure models are available to investors for Swedish company registration:-

Limited Company - Another name for this kind of organisation is "Sw. aktiebolag, AB." Typically, this kind of organisation can only have one shareholder. The limited liability concept would cover this entity's directors and stockholders. The shareholders are not personally liable. There are two categories of firms under limited companies, which are as follows:-

  • Public Limited Company: A public limited company may offer shares on a public stock exchange.
  • The Swedish Companies Registration Office must receive submissions for all limited company compliances. This is the most popular form of business structure investors use when registering a company in Sweden. In Sweden, corporate income tax is imposed on all limited corporations.

Trading Partnership - Another name for this kind of company is "Sw. handelsbolag, HB." Fulfilling all compliances about the Trading Partnership with the Swedish Companies Registration Office is necessary. For this kind of company to be incorporated, there would need to be two or more people called partners. "Handelsbolag" must appear in the partnership's name. Because the limited liability principle does not cover the partners, they would be held personally accountable. In addition to filing personal income taxes, partners must make social security contributions.

Limited Partnership - Another name for this kind of organisation is "Sw. kommanditbolag, KB." More than two partners, who may be either a natural person or a business, will be involved. In this scenario, one partner would be regarded as the general partner and the other as a limited partner. The limited partner's responsibility would be capped to the amount of the capital contribution, but the general partner's liability would be unrestricted. "Kommanditbolag" must appear in the partnership's name. The Swedish Companies Registration Office must receive all submitted limited partnership compliances.

Branch Office - Another name for this kind of business is "Sw. filial, Branch." The branch office is only the parent company's extension and is permitted to conduct business by the overseas parent company's guidelines. The branch office would not have its legal entity; its liabilities would fall under the overseas parent business. The words "Filial" must be in the partnership's name.

Sole Proprietor - Small business owners in Sweden frequently choose this extremely basic business structure; it is appropriate for professionals who launch their own companies on their own, but they bear full responsibility for all debts and liabilities.

Eligibility for Company Registration in Sweden

The eligibility requirements for company registration in Sweden are as follows:-

The minimum amount of capital needed - 25,000 Swedish kronor is required for an applicant to register a corporation in Sweden. This might be expressed in comparable European money. This would be equivalent to almost 2,500 euros if it were in euros. The minimum capital required for a public limited company is 500,000 Swedish Kronor.

Required Minimum Number of Directors - A limited business needs a minimum of board members to fulfil its obligations. A private limited company must have a minimum of one member, while a public limited corporation must have three board members.

Need to designate an auditor - An auditor may be appointed at the company's choice because it is not required of a private limited business. An auditor must be established by law for a public business. All of the duties involved in submitting reports and ensuring annual compliance would be completed by an auditor.

Taxation in Sweden

Our group provides all-inclusive business registration services in Sweden, including assistance with tax compliance. We can give you comprehensive information about the taxation of the business structure you have selected, your reporting responsibilities, and what you must do as a new investor in the nation.

Corporate income tax - 21.4% of profits are subject to this tax; there is no alternative minimum tax or surtax.

Withholding tax - Not applicable to dividends, interest, or royalties; dividends paid to residents are not subject to withholding tax.

Value-added tax - Unless the goods or services are exempt, zero-rated, or subject to the 6% or 12% rate, the standard rate is 25%.

Social security contributions: In some circumstances, the total contributions equal 31.42%; contributions made by self-employed individuals amount to 28.97%.

Investors need to be aware that there are no worth taxes, capital duties, or estate taxes in Sweden while registering a company. The country has signed over a hundred income tax treaties.


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Swedish Company Registration Process

It is necessary to complete these steps to register a corporation in Sweden:-

Register the Business - To register a corporation in Sweden; an applicant must first register the business with "Bolagsverket," the official body. Additionally, the business must register with the relevant Swedish Tax Agency (Skatteverket).

Complete the Application - The candidate would then need to complete the application. In Sweden, limited companies are registered using application form 816e. The applicant would have to pay a cost of SEK 2200 to record the firm.

Requirements for Foreign Residence - For a corporation registered in Sweden, at least half of the board of directors must live within the European Economic Area (EEA). The applicant may request an exemption if the aforementioned condition is not met.

Association Memorandum - The company's formal Document, the memorandum of association (stiftelseurkund), is drafted by the shareholders. This kind of paper needs to be written in Swedish. The MOA must contain the following information: 

  • Details about the company's founders; 
  • The firm's share price if it is a publicly-traded company; 
  • The company's name; 
  • All board member information; and 
  • Information on the auditors.

Articles of Association - All of the company's bylaws would be contained in and represented by the articles of association. To incorporate a Swedish firm, you must draft the Document in Swedish and file it with the registrar. The articles of association must contain the following details:

  • Company details; 
  • Share count; and 
  • Operations of the enterprise.

Join the Company's Share Subscription Plan - In Sweden, the minimum capital required for company registration is SEK25,000, and a public limited company must have at least SEK 500,000 in capital. It's possible that the company's founders or subscribers must subscribe. This implies that the company's founders would need to purchase stock.

Sign the memorandum - The application would then need to sign the memorandum of association.

Add supporting Paper works and submit online - The articles of association and memorandum of association, among other Documents mentioned above, must be submitted online using application form 816e. This can be completed online by visiting the website listed below. The electronic service, though, would only be accessible in Swedish.

Company Registrar - The official registrar of companies, "Bolagsverket," is responsible for determining applications for business registration. The firm would receive its certificate of incorporation after it has been registered.

Sweden's Entrepreneurial Open Market


The market in Sweden is dynamic, encouraging creativity and market competition. The government spends a lot of money on sectors like biotechnology and food processing to support the growth of companies in the country. The administration is accommodative and willing to conduct business with entrepreneurs from other nations and encourages emerging markets. Sweden's excellent government finances, strong banking industry, stable government, and thriving economy make it desirable for enterprises to operate. Sweden provides substantial government investment together with efficient infrastructure. This is just another essential justification for registering a corporation in Sweden.

Documents Required

In Sweden, registering a business requires the following paperwork:-

  • Articles of Association
  • Board of Directors process guidelines
  • Resolutions from the organisation's board
  • Share certificates
  • Share ledger
  • Application Form 816e, 
  • Resolution of the Foreign Office 
  • Information regarding the Nomination of Key Management Executives.

Compliance requirements for registration of a company in Sweden

When a corporation registers in Sweden, the following conditions must be met:-

Shareholder Meeting - A limited company must have an annual shareholders' meeting. The company's regulations will be decided upon during the shareholder's meeting.

Board Meetings - The law does not stipulate the need for an annual board meeting.

Business Tax - Restricted Businesses must be accountable to the appropriate tax body for 21.4 per cent corporate tax. Partnerships must prepare tax returns for both personal and partnership tax returns. It will also be necessary for branch offices to file tax returns.

Our Three Easy Stages of Company Registration in Sweden

Get Enterslice AssistanceTo register as a company in Sweden, first get in touch with Enterslice. Our team of professionals will provide appropriate assistance throughout the registration procedure. Our team of experts will give you a flawless experience through the Swedish company registration procedure.

Documentation and ProcessingOur group guarantees simple Paper works. We gather the required Documents and distribute the relevant drafts to ensure timely filing and delivery. We expeditiously prepare and file your application as soon as we obtain the required paperwork and data. You are notified of developments regarding your application.

Successful Registration - We fulfil what we commit. After the matter is resolved, we give you access to all pertinent digital and physical papers and promise to reimburse you if something goes wrong. On successful registration, you can start the business in Sweden as soon as possible and plan for your future with Enterslice. We provide services for future development with prior planning and execution.

Benefits of Company Registration in Sweden

The following are the benefits of company registration in Sweden:-

Ease of Doing Business - Sweden is the 14th most business-friendly country globally. Sweden permits foreign ownership, meaning an unfamiliar person may own 100% of a Swedish company.

Transparent - Sweden is among the top 10 nations in the world for combating corruption and money laundering, according to the World Transparency Index. For all these reasons, an investor can go for company registration in Sweden.

Hub for startup companies - Sweden is a hotbed of start-ups, with major tech companies headquartered in its two biggest cities, Gothenburg and Stockholm. Before bringing new products, Sweden is a fantastic spot to test them.

Free Trade Zones - Sweden has more than three free trade zones. Swedish enterprises registered in these free trade zones can benefit from several advantages.

Post-registration Support from Enterslice 

Offering market intelligenceEnterslice provides accurate research reports on businesses in Sweden and general sector information. Possesses potential development options for businesses in Sweden and can respond to particular trade queries.

Business NewsThis email contains as much information as possible about upcoming projects and open bids. By allowing our service, you can obtain the Sweden Business News to function quickly in a particular industry.

Promotional Activities To help firms become more competitive in the market, we conduct trade missions, networking events, matchmaking, and social business reach, among other efforts to help them compete. 

TroubleshootingEnterslice assists companies encountering specific problems when doing business in Sweden. Please contact us to see if we are trustworthy enough to help you overcome all the challenges.

Cost Involved in Sweden company registration


The direct registration procedure with the Swedish corporation Registration Office for a limited liability company. The cost of registering a company in Sweden varies depending on the application method. It might range from 1,900 to 2,200 SEK. A minimum of 25,000 SEK is necessary to form an LLC. If purchasing an already registered limited liability company, you should budget between 10,000 and 25,000 SEK, excluding the mandatory share capital. However, no share capital is needed for the company to register in Sweden. The costs are also associated with hiring payroll, leasing or buying an office, and other expenses. These will depend on the kind of business. Furthermore, there should be a minimum of a fundamental bank system in place. You can be required to pay 1,200 SEK per year.

Sweden's Economic Benefit

Sweden is the economy in Europe. Trading with foreign countries is vital in this nation. International investors who founded businesses in Sweden add around one-third of the nation's GDP to the GDP. According to the World Bank, Sweden is ranked third worldwide for friendliness and market accessibility.

Our Commitment to Excellence

Reliable Professionals - From opening bank accounts to incorporating businesses in Sweden, our seasoned specialists produce outstanding outcomes supported by their vast experience and professionalism.

Excellent Service - At Enterslice, we're dedicated to giving our customers exceptional service and ensuring that their financial demands are satisfied precisely and accurately. Our group of committed experts goes above and beyond to produce outstanding outcomes.

Client-Centric Approach - To guarantee that you are always completely informed about the status of your application, our proactive team of specialists prioritises continuous and transparent communication. 

Continuous Improvement - Our services should continuously improve and evolve to be ahead of the curve. Our staff is committed to remaining current with industry trends so that we can provide you with creative solutions.

Design Your Business Future with Enterslice by Incorporating a Company in Sweden

Due to its well-regulated business climate, Sweden has one of the most alluring economies in Northern Europe, attracting a lot of foreign investors who choose to establish their businesses here. There are several opportunities available in Sweden across all industries, with the industrial and services sectors being particularly active. Our team of corporate specialists has a proven track record of success in all areas of our business registration services, and we have vast expertise in helping people and groups register their enterprises in Sweden. Enterslice aims to streamline business registration and tackle complex company formation procedures by providing a hassle-free online company registration process.

Frequently Asked Questions


The Swedish government provides many advantages for registering a corporation. Grants and subsidies for starting a business are a few of the incentives.



A minimum of 25,000 Swedish kronor is needed for capital. This might be expressed in comparable European money. This would be equivalent to almost 2,500 euros if it were in euros. The minimum capital required for a public limited company is 500,000 Swedish Kronor.



No, you can incorporate a firm without having to reside in Sweden.



It is not mandatory for directors to be nominated as residents of Sweden. However, at least half of the directors must be citizens of the European Economic Area.



Incorporating a public limited company allows you to issue shares to the general public.



Bolagsverket will verify that the business name satisfies the standards. The name of the company must be unique from other names.



A Swedish company formation requires a minimum of one shareholder and one director. For the corporation to be approved, at least one of the directors must reside in Sweden.



No, you can register a company in Sweden without travelling there because you can complete the process online.



Any limited company, regardless of size or status as private or public, must submit annual accounts to the Patent and Registration Office. Furthermore, an annual report audit is only required if the company has a registered auditor in its records and its sales have exceeded a specific threshold.


While interest-free loans may be available for investment in regional development zones, there are no universal incentives for foreign enterprises operating in Sweden. 

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