What is Company Registration in Panama?

A Panama company is a separate legal entity incorporated under Panama's stringent laws. The Republic of Panama boasts a wealth of well-established pure tax havens in the Caribbean due to stringent regulations governing the nation's financial services and offshore jurisdiction. There are over 300,000 registered firms in Panama, and a sizable fraction of them are involved in trading or associated offshore banking or shipping activities. Foreign investors find the jurisdiction appealing for various reasons, including the complete flexibility to transfer funds without any limits on currency and the lack of exchange controls. The country has low inflation rates, and income tax is exclusively applied to earnings from domestic businesses. Capital, stocks, bonds, and other corporate investments are not subject to taxes. With 93 operating banks, Panama's financial sector is among the biggest in the area. The US dollar is Panama's official currency. The government is democratically elected and encourages international investment in the nation's numerous large-scale development projects. Generally, registering takes six business days, and the associated expenses come to roughly USD 600. Panama is a relatively safe country compared to other nations in the region.

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Zero Taxation

Panama has a territorial tax system, which means companies pay taxes on the income they generate in Panama. When obtaining earnings from sources outside Panama, Panama companies guarantee zero taxation. Enterslice helps you form a company and makes you eligible to benefit from the privileged and territorial taxes.

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Secure Operation

The incorporation process is simple to implement and doesn’t need much research, and Enterslice, as the front-runner, takes all the responsibility for the incorporation. We complete the process safely, and your presence is not necessary. Everything will be safe with us.

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Global Trade

Like any other company, companies in Panama will get access to global and virtual trades. Once the registration process is completed on our side, you are ready to conduct any legally permitted activity worldwide while protecting privacy, just like any other offshore business.

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We provide customised packages that can be adjusted to match your unique requirements and corporate objectives for forming a company in Panama.

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We remove all your confusion and register your business by complying with the legal procedures with the help of our international legal consultants.

Perks of Registering a Company in Panama

The benefits of registering a company in Panama include the following:

1.Simple Formation and Consistent Economy

The nation's economy has grown steadily over the past few years and is now competitive with other Caribbean countries. The simple process of registering a company in Panama encourages business owners to do so.

2. Easy Company Administration

Due to the lack of requirements for maintaining accounts or having meetings in Panama, local company regulations allow flexible business management.

3. Favourable Taxation Laws

Panama's tax system is appealing since it does not impose taxes on foreign corporate transactions or activities. Companies only pay taxes on the income they generate in Panama. The tax rates are low, and there is a uniform tax rate on business income.

4. Trade Advantages

In addition to trade liberalisation and the signing of multiple free trade agreements, Panama has established a free trade zone in addition to other special economic zones.

Procedure in registering Panama company

Choose business name

Giving your firm a distinctive name that no other organisation uses is crucial. You can browse the public registry to determine if a character is feasible.

Cash flow
Cash flow

Get necessary necessary papers

Acquire a copy of the articles of incorporation for the business, which need to be notarised and signed by the incorporator(s). Additionally, you must provide identification, such as a passport or ID card, for each incorporator

Activate and obtain TIN

Send the articles of incorporation to the Public Registry together with any other required necessary papers. Usually, the registration procedure takes two to three days to complete. You must obtain a TIN from the Panamanian tax authorities after the firm is enrolled.

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Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Panama

The business owner must meet the following requirements for their company to be registered in Panama:

  • A minimum of three directors
  • A secretary, treasurer, and president (who will also be called dignitaries)
  • Two subscribers (each of whom must consent to subscribe for a minimum of one share at the time of registration)
  • According to the Social Pact (El Pacto Social), the president, an associate, or a director may serve as a legal representation.
  • A resident agent (having a Panamanian lawyer is required by law)
  • Establish a corporate fiscal address. 
  • Compile and submit your yearly tax returns.
  • A minimum of two shareholders or associates. 
  • Payment of an annual account to the Public Registry.

Types of Company Structures in Panama

The many company structures that can be created in Panama should be known to an entrepreneur planning to start a business there. Enterslice helps you choose a proper business structure according to your requirements and ideas.

1.General Partnership (also known as "Sociedad Colectiva")

The partners in this business are jointly and severally liable for all business operations. Consequently, it would indicate that all the partners may be sued even if just one of them committed an error that hurt the partnership. The words "Y compañía", "Y hermanos", "E hijos", or something similar, including acronyms, are typically said after the name.

2. Limited Company (“Sociedad Colectiva Limitada”)

Limited Company ("Sociedad Colectiva Limitada"): This type of business is also referred to as a Limited Liability Company (LLC in the US) and can have two to twenty partners, either legal or natural, who are required to register with the Public Registry Office. The partners' contributions combine to form the share capital, which can be any currency. The word "Sociedad de Responsabilidad Limitada" or its abbreviation "SRL" must be appended to the company name; otherwise, the denomination is free to pick.

3. Limited Partnership (“Sociedad en Comandita Simple”)

Limited Partnership ("Sociedad en Comandita Simple"): This type of partnership functions similarly to a cross between a joint stock company and a general partnership. It consists of general partners who provide capital but do not participate in management (referred to as "comanditarios," limited to the capital contributed by each partner) and partners who contribute labour (referred to as "comanditados," who are jointly and unlimitedly liable for the company's obligations). "Sociedad en Comandita," or "S. en C," or "S.Com," must be included in its name.

4. Limited Partnership by Shares (“Sociedad en Comandita por Acciones”)

It is a business whose capital is divided into shares based on the partners' contributions, with one partner managing the business's operations and bearing financial responsibility. The other partners do not share this obligation. Like a limited partnership, liability is split between "Comanditarios" and "Comanditados." "Sociedad en Comandita por Acciones" or its abbreviation "S.Com. p.A." or "S.C.A." are included in its name.

5. Stock Company (“Sociedad Anónima”)

The most popular form of organisation for Panamanian company registration is the stock company, or "Sociedad Anónima." Because of this structure's tax advantages, over 90% of businesses were founded under it. Its capital stock is split into shares and is determined by the individual financial contributions of each partner. It doesn't have to have two or more people who live in Panama; it can have people of any nationality.

6. Foreign Company ("Sociedad Anónima Extranjera")

The Panamanian statute offers the advantage of validating foreign corporations by registering certain papers at the Public Registry Office.

7. Individual Limited Liability Companies (“Empresas Individuales de Responsabilidad Limitada”)

The sole proprietor may choose to form this firm. When someone like that transfers the business's assets, their civil liability is only as much as the whole amount of transferred assets.

necessary papers Needed in Panama to Register a Company

Enterslice prepares the following necessary papers which are necessary for registering a company in Panama:

  • Articles of Incorporation and the charter (which contains the names and residence addresses of the founders, the amount of charter capital, the purpose of the business establishment, the legal address, etc.);
  • Protocol for appointing the Director (a decision made at the initial shareholder meeting); 
  • A copy of each incorporator's and director's ID card or passport for identification purposes.
  • A utility bill or leasing agreement is evidence of the business's registered address.
  • A list of the directors and shareholders, together with the percentage of each stock held.
  • A power of attorney should the business collaborate with a lawyer or agency.
  • A copy of the business licence and TIN.
  • A letter of bank recommendation should the business decide to open a bank account in Panama.

It's crucial to remember that the paperwork needed to register a company in Panama may differ based on the kind of business and its location.


Select the appropriate company structure with Enterslice.

Choosing the best organisational structure for your company is the first step. There are numerous companies in Panama from which to select. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each is crucial, as is determining which structure best suits all of your company's requirements. Considering that the most common sort of company is a "stock company," Enterslice assists you in choosing the proper business structure to register the business. Also, we are providing post-registration support for business development and planning.

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necessary paperation and Processing

Our group guarantees simple Paper works. We gather the required necessary papers and distribute the relevant drafts to ensure timely filing and delivery. We expeditiously prepare and file your application as soon as we obtain the required paperwork and data. You are notified of developments regarding your application


Successful Registration

We fulfil what we commit. After the matter is resolved, we give you access to all pertinent digital and physical papers and promise to reimburse you if something goes wrong.

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Panama Tax System Support

Territorial Tax System

The territoriality concept is the basis for imposing income tax in Panama. Accounts, annual returns, and tax returns are not required as long as the business does not operate in Panama or possess assets there.

Fixed Rate

Corporations pay income tax at a fixed rate of twenty-five per cent. For businesses whose taxable income exceeds 1.5 million US dollars (USD), the tax base (i.e., the amount to which the tax rate will apply) is the greater of net taxable income calculated regularly or 4.67% of the gross taxable income (excluding exempted and non-taxable income and foreign-source income). This is the alternate income tax calculation (Calculo Alternativo del Impuesto sobre la Renta, or CAIR).

Attractive Tax Regime

To take advantage of the tax benefits, many investors have been lured by this tax environment to register corporations in Panama and create foreign-invested enterprises back home. Before offering assistance with company registration, Enterslice carefully examines every component.

Post-registration Support from Enterslice

Offering market intelligence

Enterslice provides accurate research reports on businesses in Panama and general sector information. Possesses potential development options for businesses in Panama and can respond to particular trade queries from enterprises.

Panama Business News

This email contains as much information as possible about upcoming projects and open bids. By allowing our service, you can obtain the Panama Business News to function quickly in a particular industry.

Promotional Activities

To help firms become more competitive in the market, we conduct trade missions, networking events, matchmaking, and social business reach, among other efforts to help them compete.


Enterslice assists companies encountering specific problems when doing business in Panama. Please contact us if we are trustworthy to help you overcome all the challenges.

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Panama Offshore CompanyFormation

Offshore corporations based in Panama can be used for various purposes, including international trading, settling trusts and foundations, opening an offshore bank account or investing account, owning real estate or intellectual property, and holding any asset. Sometimes, clients use an offshore asset protection corporation in Panama to conduct private and sensitive commercial activities, like moving funds to another country for asset protection. In these situations, clients incorporate a Panama corporation. In other cases, our customers create multiple Panama corporations collaborating to meet their asset protection requirements.

Investors face challenges in Panama

Investors should be ready for the benefits and difficulties of registering a business in any market. There are some difficulties associated with registering a company in Panama. One must battle corruption and bureaucracy. Dealing with the Panamanian authorities can be expensive, requiring significant time and financial resources. Additionally, there is a dearth of transparency and lucidity regarding public tender. The delayed court system and copyright difficulties in Panama may make it difficult to conduct business there. Some businesspeople are also not very professional, and dealing with locals might be difficult. Dealing with locals in business can be difficult because very few speak English. After all, Spanish is the primary language in Panama. Finally, it may be difficult for investors to locate skilled workers in Panama. Getting expert support is the right decision to form a company in Panama. Enterslice helps you throughout the process. Also, you can rely on us for any difficulties after the company formation. We have all the potential to bring you back on the road in your business journey.


Cost of Forming a Company in Panama

Numerous variables, including the kind of corporate entity, the company's location, and the services needed, might affect the price of registering a company in Panama. The intricacy of the registration procedure and the services required will determine the legal and notary expenses. In addition, the government may charge costs for registering a company with the Public Registry, acquiring a Tax Identification Number (TIN), and obtaining a business licence, depending on the nature of the company and its location. Get the efficient support of Enterslice, and we will make you feel worth the money.


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Our services should be continuously improved and evolved to be ahead of the curve. Our staff is committed to remaining current with industry trends and best practices so that we can provide you with creative solutions that drive your business forward.

Some Lucrative Reasons for Choosing Enterslice

Forming a company in Panama is an appropriate choice if you search for a jurisdiction with tax benefits and increased privacy. The cost is the first thing you should consider when planning to establish a company in Panama. Comparatively, establishing a business in Panama is inexpensive. With Enterslice's cost-efficient service, you will set a one-stop solution for all your company registration and post-registration support difficulties. We ensure you have no complaints and offer the best services possible to our clients. Get in touch with us and send your plan if you intend to launch a company in Panama. Even if you don’t have an idea about formation, we have the right team of professionals to lead, assist, and fully explain everything to you.


Frequently Ask Questions

To start doing business in Panama, foreigners must register a corporation. Furthermore, citizens of any nation may act as executives, shareholders or directors in a Panamanian corporation.

A Panama Corporation's name should contain words designating it as a corporation, such as "Corporation," "Incorporated," or "Sociedad Anonima," or their abbreviations. It should not be the same as the names of currently operating companies. Using "Limited" or "Ltd." would be inappropriate. 

Panama is regarded as an offshore territory and tax haven providing foreign investors with various tax advantages and financial secrecy. However, governments and international organisations have been examining Panama more closely lately, so before forming a company or opening a bank account in Panama, weigh the advantages and disadvantages.

Yes, foreigners can own enterprises in Panama. Panama has no limitations on foreign ownership or management of companies. A foreign person or business can easily register a business in Panama through a simple process. Panama is also a desirable place to do business because of its stable currency, low tax rate, and advantageous business environment..

Obtaining Panamanian citizenship involves several prerequisites and legal processes, making it a complicated and drawn-out procedure. Generally speaking, you must fulfil specific residency requirements, live in the nation for a predetermined amount of time, and pass a background check before applying for citizenship.

The Public Registry in Panama, which is in charge of company incorporation and registration, is where a company's registration is verified. 

When a business is incorporated in Panama, the Public Registry issues a unique identification number known as the company registration number.

To confirm a company's registration number, Enterslice legal experts will get in touch with the "Public Registry Office in Panama" and collaborate closely with them (including online business formation).

The Public Registry Office grants permission for a company's name to be registered in Panama. They are responsible for writing the name and ensuring that it doesn't clash with any already-registered companies and satisfies their requirements for the goods and services provided. 

It takes a week to three weeks to register a Panama company. 

The type of company, where it is located in Panama, and a few other variables affect how much it costs to register a business in Panama. The starting price is $1400. The entire price includes a thorough review, a company registration service, and a certificate, all included in the registration fee.

Yes, because of its stable political environment, easy company formation, trade benefits and tax advantages, Panama is a fantastic spot to register a business.

Name of the company, information about the legal representative, share capital, company activities, registered or legal address, management structure, details of extinction and liquidation, and other general dispositions.

Yes, Enterslice's professionals can help you draft the necessary necessary papers from start to finish.

General partnerships, limited companies, limited partnerships by shares, stock companies, foreign corporations, and individual limited liability companies are among the business structures that can be registered in Panama.

To carry out the company's daily operations, a corporate bank account must be opened.

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Panama is an excellent place to launch a business because of its robust economy, convenient entry, advantageous tax system, and welcoming business atmosphere. Our professionals can support you with the formalities and compliance requirements of registering your business in Panama. Our team of corporate professionals has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and organisations in writing their businesses in Panama, and we have a successful track record in all of our services. We make company formation in Panama simple. By offering a hassle-free online company registration process, Enterslice seeks to simplify business registration and address the challenging company formation procedures.


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