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Company Formation in Mauritius

For company formation in Mauritius, you might have to follow certain procedures and abide by the country's legal requirements. In addition to its advantageous tax structure, strategic location, and political equilibrium, Mauritius provides purchasers with an alluring business climate and many incentives.

Here's an overview of the system for agency formation in Mauritius

Select Your Business Structure: Choose whether to form a Global Business Company (GBC), Private Limited Company (Ltd), or Public Limited Company (PLC) as your commercial enterprise entity. Due to its favourable tax implications, the GBC is typically utilized for offshore operations.

Save the Name of the Company: Choose a special number for your company and confirm that it is available with the Mauritius Registrar of Companies.

Prepare the Company's Records: Write the Memorandum and Articles of Association describing the goals of the company, the amount of shares, the internal management procedures, and other details. To ensure adherence to local regulations, get legal advice.


Select Directors and Shareholders: Designate a minimum of one director and a minimum of two shareholders (two for a public employer and one for a non-public company). Shareholders may reside locally or abroad, and directors may be private individuals or corporate entities.

Registered Office: As your company's registered office, provide a local physical address in Mauritius.

File Registration necessary papers: Get ready and send the required incorporation necessary papers to the Registrar of Companies. This includes the Articles of Association and Memorandum, the Compliance Announcement, the Director and Shareholder Identity Information, and so forth.

Pay Registration Fees: For agency registration, pay the appropriate fees. Fees may also differ according to the agency's kind and share capital.

Tax Registration: If relevant, register for Corporate Income Tax and Value Added Tax (VAT) with the Mauritius Revenue Authority (MRA).

Open a Bank Account: To facilitate business transactions, open a corporate bank account in Mauritius as soon as your employer registers.

Compliance Requirements: Make sure that all ongoing obligations are fulfilled, such as submitting taxes and keeping statutory records, monetary statements, and annual returns.

Business friendly environment for company formation in Mauritius

Mauritius has dynamic commercial enterprise environment makes it the most sought-after vacation spot for international traders for agency formation in Mauritius. The predominant contributors to its business-pleasant surroundings consist of the political stability of the government, favourable economic rules, and a favourable regulatory framework. Mauritius is also a hub for the monetary offerings region and the authorities. The authorities here have a robust recognition of offshore banking and corporation formation in Mauritius services. Therefore, we at Enterslice can help you with speedy and problem-loose organization incorporation in Mauritius so that you can be cognizant of all your energy doing the middle operations of the enterprise.

Offshore Business Entities for company formation in Mauritius

Mauritius offers Global Business Companies (GBC) for offshore functions, providing tax blessings, confidentiality, and ease of worldwide transactions. GBCs require a local registered agent, adhere to minimum reporting, and revel in tax treaties, fostering attractive surroundings for worldwide investments and economic activities.

Global Business Corporations (GBC)

These corporations are ruled under the Mauritius Companies Act of 2001. These agencies are tax residents in Mauritius and must follow the tax resident certificate. The advanced classifications of GBC 1 and GBC 2 are no longer to be had.

Mauritius authorized companies

This is a non-resident agency whose management group is positioned outside of Mauritius, and its business is also conducted outside of Mauritius. Therefore, it's exempt from company tax, capital benefit tax, and withholding tax in Mauritius.

Onshore Business Entities for company formation in Mauritius

Mauritius enables onshore business entities like private limited companies (Ltd) and public limited companies (PLC) to foster local operations. These entities function inside Mauritius, follow neighbourhood policies, pay taxes, and frequently benefit from the country's solid business surroundings, infrastructure, and numerous government incentives.

Mauritius Limited Liability Company

This type of company is easier to set up, and investors who want to carry out their business activities with the help of locals should consider this option.

Mauritius Free Zone Company

These are mainly trading companies, and they are given duty-free and VAT exemptions on the goods imported to Mauritius.

Mauritius Branch Office

The figure organizations can install a department workplace in Mauritius if they need to penetrate the Mauritian market. It is considered as a resident enterprise; therefore, it will likely be subjected to a corporate tax rate of 15%.

Eligibility for company formation in Mauritius

For enterprise incorporation in Mauritius, you have to make sure the following stipulations

  • At least one director of any nationality
  • At least one shareholder of any nationality
  • One resident company secretary
  • Minimum capital requirement of USD 1.
  • Registered local office address

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necessary papers for company formation in Mauritius

Following necessary papers required for company incorporation in Mauritius successfully

  • Memorandum of association for company formation in Mauritius
  • Articles of association for company commission in Mauritius
  • Address proof of directors and shareholders, such as utility bills
  • Constitution of the shareholding company
  • Photocopy of ID, cards, and passport of directors of the company

Steps for company formation in Mauritius

Once Enterslice has completed due diligence on the Paper works you have supplied to us, we will assist you in completing the company incorporation procedure in Mauritius within a week. We will now walk you through the procedures required to create a corporation in Mauritius.

Choosing an appropriate business entity

We will first understand your business requirements and then conduct a business entity search to recommend the most appropriate business model per your specific business needs.

Company name reservation

We will first search and check if your chosen company name is available or not. If it is available, then we shall reserve it with the company registrar.

Keeping up with the Paper works

We will be requiring the following necessary papers so that we can start your company registration in Mauritius

  • Personal information of the director
  • Personal information of shareholders
  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Bank statements and the company's financial statements

If you cannot submit the original necessary papers mentioned above, you must submit the copies that are notarized.

Company registration in Mauritius

We at Enterslice shall complete all the company incorporation in Mauritius on your behalf so that you don't have to travel and appear in person. After successful company registration in Mauritius, we will send you all the necessary papers, which include your certificate of incorporation, articles of association, and business registration card, to your address.

Obtaining Licenses

We should help you obtain the required licenses and permits for the successful operation of your newly incorporated company in Mauritius.

Opening a corporate Bank account

A team shall help you open a corporate bank account with a reputable bank in Mauritius so that you can take your business activities to some new heights.

Compliance with the laws

After your successful enterprise formation in Mauritius, our group will ensure that you comply with the land's nearby legal guidelines.

Post Registration Compliances for company formation in Mauritius

Changes within the directors, charter of the organization, and certified agent of the organization have to be special to the registrar of businesses within one month from the date of such trade.

  • Every organization in Mauritius is mandated to hold an annual trendy meeting of shareholders once every 12 months within six months.
  • The foreign businesses in Mauritius have to submit their final account reproduction to the registrar within 3 months from its ultimate annual General meeting of shareholders.
  • All the corporations in Mauritius must preserve statutory registers and records along with proportion registers, organization statistics, and accounting records.
  • Every employer in Mauritius must maintain an economic statement and post a copy of these monetary statements duly signed to the registrar of agencies.
  • Every organization in Mauritius ought to submit its annual profits tax return within six months before the end of the accounting period of 12 months. Companies are loose in picking out their accounting for 12 months. However, this sort of year needs to not be more than 12 months.
  • Every company ought to necessary paper enhanced payment device quarterly returns.
  • It is mandatory for each organization in Mauritius to set up a Corporate Social obligation fund that's 2% of the chargeable earnings of the enterprise within the preceding year.

Services we offer for company formation in Mauritius

It takes around 15 to 20 days for company formation in Mauritius, and we at Industries can help you in this regard. We offer you the following services for your stress-free company formation in Mauritius

  • Local registered address services for company incorporation in Mauritius
  • Preparing necessary paper checklist for company incorporation in Mauritius
  • Company registration in Mauritius with the Registrar of Companies
  • Company secretary services for company commission in Mauritius
  • Annual tax filing services after company formation in Mauritius
  • Applying for tax residency certificate after company incorporation in Mauritius
  • Corporate bank account opening after company incorporation in Mauritius

Tax Considerations & company formation in Mauritius

The corporate profits tax price in Mauritius is charged at 15%. Depending on the commercial enterprise entity, the enterprise set up in Mauritius can declare both an eighty per cent tax exemption and a one hundred per cent tax exemption. The businesses must pay their taxes each quarter within six months before the economic 12-month stop. Companies are also required to necessary paper annual tax returns, and in the case of any delay, a high-quality tax is levied on the one's group. Dividends paid with the aid of a Mauritius resident employer are exempt from earnings tax, but the foreign dividends are taxable; furthermore, organizations must be audited by using the Mauritius Institute of Professional Accountants, and the audited assertion should be submitted to the above-referred authority within six months before the financial 12 months-cease. VAT is likewise charged at the price of 15%.

Benefits of company formation in Mauritius

In the last couple of years, Mauritius has proven excellent development in the subject of business and investment. If you're thinking about why you should recollect business enterprise incorporation in Mauritius, we might provide you with many reasons for the equal.

Tax Regime

Mauritius is a low-tax jurisdiction. Therefore, overseas buyers are drawn to agency incorporation in Mauritius.


Mauritius is thought for its democratic authorities and its political balance.


The literacy in Mauritius is 80%Therefore, foreign investors seeking company incorporation in Mauritius have a pool of skilled and highly qualified labour force.

Easy process

The process of company incorporation in Mauritius is simple and easier.

Favorable Policies

The authorities of Mauritius have enacted many favourable regulations to attract overseas traders for enterprise formation in Mauritius.

Well regulated framework

Mauritius is well regulated in terms of conducting global business and company formation.

Convenient Time Zones

The time zone in Mauritius is convenient for both Eastern and Western countries for company incorporation in Mauritius.

Hurdles during company formation in Mauritius

There are some hurdles during company incorporation in Mauritius. But you don't have to worry, as our robust team of panel will take care of all those challenges and ensure hassle-free company incorporation in Mauritius for you

  • Applying for construction permits is a tedious procedure in Mauritius because various committed authorities have to be consulted to conduct the inspections for allotting any permit or license.
  • Getting electricity and installing meters are other hurdles during business setup in Mauritius.
  • Property registration for company incorporation in Mauritius is also time-consuming.
  • Getting credit and protecting the investors are other hurdles during company incorporation in Mauritius.
  • Contract imposing takes a lot of time in Mauritius.
  • Insolvency proceedings and polishing off of the organization additionally take a variety of time in Mauritius.

Best regions for company formation in Mauritius

The most preferred regions for company formation in Mauritius are given below

Ebene Cybercity: This is Mauritius's technology hub, and therefore, many statistics technology agencies opt to install an agency formation in Mauritius in this region. This location is properly prepared with contemporary infrastructure facilities.

Port Louis: Mauritius's capital city, and it's far a first-rate enterprise hub and monetary centre. It's desired through agencies that are engaged in financial services, just like the banking and coverage sectors.

Freeport area: The Mauritius government designed these areas for trading and distribution activities. It is a duty-free region, making it attractive for logistics and warehousing sectors.

Agribusiness Parks: These regions can be preferred by companies with core operations in every business sector.

Smart cities of Mauritius: The global investors must consider company formation in Mauritius in these proposed smart cities, as they have a well-developed and efficient infrastructure and transportation network.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Registrar of Companies of Mauritius and Mauritius Revenue Authority are a number of the statutory organizations charged with overseeing post registration compliances of Mauritius corporations.

Yes, it's miles obligatory to necessary paper annual tax returns after agency formation in Mauritius within six months before the end of the accounting year.

It is mandatory to keep a CSR fund after enterprise formation in Mauritius. Such a CSR fund is equal to two of the chargeable earnings of the organization within the preceding year.

An annual General assembly of shareholders needs to be held at least once a year after organization formation in Mauritius.

Yes, you could change the constitution of your agency after employer formation in Mauritius. However, this kind of trade should be specified to the registrar of agencies within one month from the date of such exchange.

Yes, renting a resident company secretary for your enterprise formation in Mauritius is obligatory.

You should not journey to remote places for your corporation formation in Mauritius. You can engage a registered agent on your behalf if you have a successful enterprise registration in Mauritius.

The corporate tax fee after organization formation in Mauritius is 15%.

Yes, VAT at 15% is charged after organization formation in Mauritius.

The tourism zone is one of Mauritius's most worthwhile groups for business enterprise registration.

Yes, a foreigner can interact with organization registration in Mauritius.

The fee for business enterprise formation in Mauritius relies upon the kind of commercial enterprise entity that you choose.

Company registration in Mauritius is becoming complete with the aid of Mauritius community offerings.

Company registration in Mauritius takes around two weeks.

Bank account commencing in Mauritius takes around four weeks.

Yes, at least one local director of any nationality ought to be appointed for employer registration in Mauritius.

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