Company Formation in Malta

Dream company formation in Malta can be laborious for an outsider. Enterslice handles all the paperwork required for international business owners for your dream company registration in Malta.

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Walkthrough Company formation in Malta

Company formation in Malta provides the best corporate framework for conducting business. The island of Malta is found in Southern Europe. Malta has become a hub for a wide range of sectors. With a population that speaks English as their primary language, this incredible and peaceful nation is appealing to investors worldwide. Malta offers numerous lucrative business prospects that draw in a variety of investors. The process is simple because just one shareholder and one director are needed for company formation in Malta. No resident director or shareholder is required for company formation in Malta. A firm can also benefit from the ability to register for EU VAT, which opens up several incentives for managing and operating the business. Entrepreneurs who can make money anywhere are especially drawn to the island. On the other hand, you must fulfill a few prerequisites to establish a business in Malta. Our area of expertise is offering corporate services and solutions to businesses of all sizes, from small startups to established multinational corporations. Our ultimate goal is for your company formation in Malta and to be prepared for proper operations.

Enterslice Company Formation in Malta Services

We are known for our foreign business incorporation desk and our past credentials have been testimony to our services-


We will perform and function in the best possible manner without wasting your time and effort. With Enterslice, make your business prudent and efficient.


We remove all your confusion and register your business by complying with the legal procedures with the help of our international legal consultants. 


We handle all administrative and formal procedures on your behalf, freeing you to focus on running your business and not worry about anything.

Enterslice Services for company formation in Malta

Well-structured Plan

With the help of Enterslice, you can engage in company formation in Malta with a well-structured business plan to achieve your business objectives. This will impact the ease of doing business and operational maintenance in Malta.

Secure Operation

The company incorporation in Malta process is simple to implement and doesn’t need much research, and Enterslice, as the front-runner, takes all the responsibility for the incorporation. We complete the process safely, and your presence is not necessary. Everything will be safe with us.

Global Trade

Like any other company, companies in Malta will get access to global and virtual trades. Once the company formation in Malta process is completed on our side, you are ready to conduct any legally permitted activity worldwide while protecting privacy, just like any other offshore business.

Strategical Tax Planning 

After the Company formation in Malta, many clients hired Enterslice consultancy services for accounting and tax services. Without requiring you to travel, we will promptly finish your company’s financial statements and corporate tax returns and manage audits on your behalf.

Procedure for Company Formation in Malta

Choose a structure for your company formation in Malta

Selecting the business structure for your company formation in Malta is one of the first steps in the Company formation in Malta process. You can form an overseas company, limited liability company, partnership, sole proprietorship, or any other type of business permitted in Malta.

Choose a name for your company

Choosing a name for your organization is the next stage after deciding on the business structure; however, the name you choose cannot be precise or similar to the names of organizations that already exist. It shouldn't use any terminology that the majority of people find offensive. Regarding the kind of business the organization does, its name shouldn't be misleading. You can get help from our specialists at Enterslice in choosing the best name.

Share capital deposit for company formation in Malta

For company registration in Malta, the founder must open a bank account and deposit the required shares.

Paperwork for company formation in Malta

Collect the paperwork needed for company registration in Malta, including the company's articles of association and memorandum of association. If any of the company's investors are corporate entities, the founders of the business must submit Form BO1, an additional form, with their application. 

Company formation in Malta application

Send the Documentwork and a request for the company's incorporation to the Malta Business Registry (MBR).

Obtain the Registration Certificate

The Registrar will check the Document; if it is genuine and authentic, the certificate of registration will be issued. This proves the company is legitimate and has been granted authorization to operate.

To Register for Tax Purposes after company registration in Malta

The business must apply for VAT registration after receiving its certificate of incorporation from the Registrar of Companies. The VAT rate is 18% if the company is set up as a "trading entity" rather than a "holding entity."

Obtain business licenses after company registration in Malta

After company registration in Malta, the company must get various business licenses to operate in the country.

Eligibility Requirement for company formation in Malta

The following is a description of the requirements that must be met for a company formation in Malta:-

Directors and Business Secretary

Public corporations are mandated to have a minimum of two directors, but private firms only need one. In Malta, all businesses must have a corporate secretary.

Capital requirements

A publicly traded company must have a minimum of EUR 46,587.47. For a private company to register in Malta, it must have a minimum capital of EUR 1,164.69.

Annual general meeting and registered office

Every company founded in Malta is required to maintain a registered office there. All corporations are obliged to hold annual public meetings in Malta.

Accounting and Tax Service after Company formation in Malta 

Following company registration in Malta, many foreign clients hire Enterslice for Malta's accounting and tax services. Our foreign clients can save overhead expenses while guaranteeing timely reporting and filings by outsourcing their accounting and tax responsibilities to Enterslice. Before the engagement begins, our accounting team will review all the necessary dates and expectations with you. After that, our staff will prepare the required filings beforehand to guarantee that we meet all deadlines. Enterslice will inform everyone of impending deadlines by providing our clients with a weekly or biweekly update. It's critical to adhere to the dates the Commissioner of Revenue for Malta set forth. There will be fines and late penalties for noncompliance. Reach out to us right now.

Documents Needed for Company Formation in Malta

The following paperwork is needed for company formation in Malta-

  • Articles of Association
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Form BO1
  • Proof of paid-up share capital (name of the company information should appear on the bank's advising slip)
  • Documents proving the identity of the directors, secretaries, shareholders, and other persons and officers of the firm, such as copies of their passports or identification cards. The company registration body requires a certificate of good standing from each foreign resident director and shareholder.
  • Form of Beneficial Owner
  • Good bank references for the shareholders who don't live in the European Union.
  • A cheque for the cost of registration
  • A notary public or attorney must certify each Document intended to be submitted in copy. 
  • Additional paperwork and forms requested

The following paperwork is needed for an international business company formation in Malta:-

  • A genuine copy of the overseas company's articles of association, charter, statutes, memorandum, and any other Document outlining its structure. A translation must be provided if the Document is not in Maltese or English law.
  • A list of the overseas business's directors, secretaries, administrators, and other individuals with the authority to represent the company abroad. Names, regular residence addresses, nationalities, and business occupations are among the details about these individuals. If the individual is a corporate body, its registered name or registered office address is included.
  • The foreign company's returns must also be provided.
  • If the trade name of the business is different from the name of its parent company, the name under which the branch office will be opened
  • The branch office's Malta address. The address of the company's main branch, if several offices are operational.
  • The kind of business operations the Malta branch office will undertake.
  • The proof of identity and address of the local permitted to represent the branch in Malta.
  • The extent of the person above's authority to act alone or in concert with other corporate officers. The name of the additional individual, if there are more than two.
  • A return that includes details about the foreign company's legal structure and the name of the register where it is registered.

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Appropriate company structure during company formation in Malta

Choosing the best organizational structure for your company before company registration in Malta is the first step. There are numerous companies in Malta from which to select. Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each is crucial, as is determining which structure best suits all of your company's requirements—considering that the most common sort of company is a "Limited Liability Company" among small businesses. Enterslice assists you in choosing the proper business structure to register the business. Also, we are providing post-registration support for business development and planning. 

Malta Free Trade Zone & Company Formation in Malta

The sole Malta Free Trade Zone was created in 1988 when the Malta Freeport was established. To facilitate the creation of a customs-free zone and draw in foreign investment in the industrial and logistics industries, the Malta Free Zones Act was passed in 2019. Businesses in the region can import items from outside the European Union without paying import duties or additional taxes due to these free zones. This implies that the Malta Freeports Act will still be in effect and control the Malta Freeport.

Our Three Easy Stages of Company Registration in Malta

Get Enterslice Assistance for Company registration in Malta

For company registration in Malta, first, get in touch with Enterslice. Our team of professionals will provide appropriate assistance throughout the registration procedure. Our team of experts will give you a flawless experience through the Company formation in Malta procedure.

Documentation and Processing for company registration in Malta

Our group guarantees simple Paper works. We gather the required Documents and distribute the relevant drafts to ensure timely filing and delivery. We expeditiously prepare and file your application as soon as we obtain the required paperwork and data. You are notified of developments regarding your application.

Successful Company Registration in Malta

We fulfill what we commit. After the matter is resolved, we give you access to all pertinent digital and physical papers and promise to reimburse you if something goes wrong. On successful registration, you can start the business in Malta as soon as possible and plan for your future with Enterslice. We provide services for future development with prior planning and execution.

Benefits of Company Formation in Malta

There are many benefits of company registration in Malta which have been mentioned below for your perusal-

Tax Refunds after company registration in Malta

Malta’s corporation tax rate is 35%. On the other hand, tax refunds may cause it to decline. Owners of businesses are eligible to refund up to 100% of corporation taxes paid.

Quick Company Registration in Malta

Registering a corporation in Malta takes about two weeks. Additionally, it can be completed remotely as well as from Malta.

Double Tax Treaties

Malta has agreements to prevent double taxation with 81 nations, including the United States and the United Kingdom. Investors can avoid paying taxes to both states at their total rates.

Low VAT Rate

Malta’s VAT rate is among the lowest in the European Union. It is 18%, compared to this region’s average VAT rate of 21%. There are other nations where the VAT rises to 25%.

Post-registration Support after Company formation in Malta

Enterslice offers post-registration support after the successful company formation in Malta- 

Offering market intelligence

Enterslice provides accurate research reports on businesses in Malta. Possesses potential development options for businesses in Malta and can respond to particular trade queries.

Business News

It contains as much information as possible about upcoming projects. By allowing our service, you can function quickly in a particular industry.

Promotional Activities

To become more competitive in the market, we conduct trade missions, networking events, and social business reach, among other efforts to help them compete. 


Enterslice assists companies encountering specific problems when doing business in Panama. Please get in touch with us. We are trustworthy enough to help you overcome all the challenges.

Annual Reporting Requirements after Company Formation in Malta

Within nine months of the financial year's conclusion, your company must file its yearly financial statements and tax filings. Businesses whose fiscal year ends between January 1 and June 30 will have until March 31 of the subsequent year to file their tax returns. Businesses whose fiscal year ends on July 31st or later will have to meet the deadline of nine months after the year ends. You might be audited based on your number of employees and annual turnover. To find out if your company is exempt, contact us. The Maltese Companies Act and the General Accounting Principles for Small and Medium-Sized Entities (GAPSME) will be in effect.

Fees for Company registration in Malta

The entrepreneur needs to consider the cost of company registration in Malta. The standard company registration fee in Malta that needs to be given to the Malta authorities is EUR 245. However, this might alter depending on the company's selected share capital level. Monthly accounting charges could come to about 160 EUR. 

Maintaining Compliance after Company formation in Malta with Enterslice

When Enterslice handles your Maltese business's accounting and tax services, you can be sure you are in the right hands. Enterslice will promptly create corporate tax filings, bookkeeping, and financial statements for your company. We will finish your company's tax returns and annual filings by the dates specified by the government. Also, we will get you a Malta work permit if you intend to be physically present and work there. To learn more about company incorporation in Malta, contact us.

Design Your Business Future with Enterslice by Company Incorporation in Malta 

Malta is one of the most enticing nations in Europe for entrepreneurs looking to launch a new business. Our professionals can support you with the formalities and compliance requirements of registering your business in Malta. Our team of corporate professionals has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and organizations in writing their businesses in Malta, and we have a successful track record in all of our services. We make company formation in Malta simple. By offering a hassle-free online company registration process, Enterslice seeks to simplify business registration and address the challenging company incorporation in Malta procedures.

Our Credentials in Company Incorporation in Malta

We have more than ten years of experience with licensing, business planning, and other legal compliances in addition to domestic and international business registration. Our journey is filled with success stories we have accomplished over the years by making the right decisions for new or established businesses. Our first-rate assistance will guarantee a smooth and timely company incorporation in Malta and help you to realize your vision of the company in Malta.

Frequently Asked Questions

Malta is a member of the European Union and has a strategic location in the middle of the Mediterranean. It is understandable why businesses choose to locate in Malta, given that the island has a strong work culture and that English is the predominant language.

The company incorporation in Malta typically takes five to ten days if all the Documentwork is in order and the Office of the Company Registrar is pleased.

The cost of company incorporation in Malta ranges from €245 to €2250, depending on the share capital of the business.

The Registrar of Companies handles company incorporation in Malta.

The Malta Business Registry is in charge of registering legal entities and partnerships, registering Documents about business partnerships and certificates of good standing, reserving names for companies, collecting registration fees, publishing notices, and imposing penalties. It is also responsible for carrying out the inquiry and maintaining the partnership's and company's registration.

In Malta, the 18% VAT rate applies to businesses registered as trading entities rather than holding entities.

For the company incorporation in Malta, a Maltese private limited liability company needs a minimum of two shareholders, one director, and one company secretary.

Foreign companies must designate at least one Maltese resident as their representative for all actions taken within the country.

Maltese businesses must pay corporate tax on their profits from commercial activities in Malta at a rate of thirty-five percent. On the other hand, companies whose owners do not reside or have their domicile in Malta may be eligible for a rebate equivalent to six-sevenths of the appropriate tax rate, which lowers the net effective tax rate to 5% in cases where the profits are derived from trading operations. The net effective tax rate is 10% in cases where profits are obtained from passive activities.

A lower corporation tax rate, a lower registration barrier, double taxation avoidance treaties, a geographical advantage, exemption from duty on paperwork, a visa-free zone, a Mediterranean climate, and cultural variety are just a few advantages of company incorporation in Malta.

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