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Limitless growth opportunities to facilitate your company formation in Morocco

At Enterslice, our services know no boundaries. Having a presence on all 6 continents, we provide our clients with the joy of expanding out of their resident jurisdiction into foreign countries. Our expert professional services are tailor-made to your needs. Whether you are a listed company, startup, an MSME unit, or a Solely owned property, you can access our hand-picked services and expert professional support required for company formation in Morocco. Whatever we do is backed by rigorous diligence, and our research analysts conduct an in-depth analysis of the data and information on the target country to determine the best possible structure for company formation in Morocco. As an incorporation and compliance services provider, we have strategically positioned ourselves to provide a holistic set of services for company formation in Morocco.

Navigating Business Opportunities in Western Sahara

We believe that opportunities are abundant the world over. With the rapidly growing global tech economy and manufacturing economy growing by leaps and bounds, setting – up a production arm or your business in developing nations is a very wise business decision. Also, the relaxation of global trade barriers and improving trade lines make the import-export of exotic goods or offshoring of services a very lucrative business opportunity. At Enterslice, we offer bespoke transactional and financial services that help you expand to the world's farthest corners without much hassle. Our strategic services line helps you save on operational revenue, tax, and other expenses in the course of setting up your overseas business. Enterslice is the one-stop shop for all your Paper works and advisory requirements while you take up company formation in Morocco.

How can you make an entry into the Moroccan market?


A registered corporation in Morocco can be set up as a private limited or a Limited Liability Company. A Public Limited corporation must have a minimum of 5, and a Private Company/LLC must have 2 stakeholders to be incorporated as a c

Branch Office

A branch office acts as your official representative in Morocco. A branch officer heads it and is generally set up to take up future projects or plan commercial activities.

Liaison Office

The Liason office acts as a non-commercial entity whose sole purpose is to carry out market research and collect information about setting up and expanding business activities in Morocco. A branch office, however, cannot undertake commercial or revenue-generating activities.

Requirements for Company formation in Morocco

Selecting a Company Name

Enterslice helps you choose a valid name for your company by checking with the Trade Register, which would be subsequently registered with the National Electronic Registry required for company formation in Morocco. .

Company structure

Enterslice helps you decide which legal structure would best suit your business needs for company formation in Morocco. Our professional team would advise on which capital structure would best suit your business goals.

Tax Identification Number

In order to obtain a valid Tax certificate for company formation in Morocco, you must have a valid government ID and details of past returns. Enterslice would file to obtain a tax certificate from the Tax Department.

Enterprise Registration Certificate

Enterslice collects all necessary corporate necessary papers from you, such as tax certificates, ID proof of directors, articles of association, bank account numbers, and business licenses, and provides you with an Enterprise Registration Certificate from the government for company formation in Morocco.

Procedure for Company Formation in Morocco

Selecting the Capital Structure

Enterslice can help you ascertain which business structure would best suit the requirements of your enterprise, whether it be a private limited company, an LLC, or a sole proprietorship.

Obtaining Negative Certificate

Enterslice obtains a negative certificate by suggesting a unique name for your company formation in Morocco.

Charter necessary papers

Enterslice can help you draft the Articles of Association and necessary papers required for corporate governance and company formation in Morocco.

Registered Office and Commercial Lease

Enterslice helps draw up commercial lease and license agreements for your registered office in Morocco.

Tax Registration Certificate

We proceed with obtaining the Tax registration Certificate from the tax Department required for applying for incorporation certification and annual filings.

Certificate of Incorporation

After submitting the requisite necessary papers, we will obtain a certificate of registration for the Centre for Investment, Morocco, on your behalf for company formation in Morocco.

Bank Account

Enterslice would open a bank account for your company and obtain authorization from the bank that the minimum paid-up capital has been received.

Business Licenses

We can help all necessary licenses and permits required for your business sector from the relevant authorities and departments.

Registration with the Morocco Chamber of Commerce and Industry (MCCI)

At Enterslice, we can help you obtain a registration certificate from the MICCI and Company Registrar for company formation in Morocco.

Types of Commercial Enterprises Existing in Morocco

Private Limited Company (société à responsabilité limitée – SARL )

Enterslice provides services for company formation in Morocco in the form of Pvt. Ltd. Enterprise. We can help you in obtaining necessary approvals from various regulatory bodies such as the Ministry of Commerce, Tax Department, and Incorporation Registry required to obtain a Certification of Enterprise Registration.

Limited Liability Company (Société à responsabilité limitée - SARL)

Limited Liability is the most common and popular form of company in Morocco. The reason for its prevalence among foreign investors is easy company formation in Morocco, cost efficiency, and better administrative controls. A SARL must have a minimum of two shareholders, except for a one–person company. For the purpose of company formation in Morocco, Enterslice will help you select a name, registered address, and preliminary Paper works for your company.

Joint Stock Company (Societe Anonyme - SA)

A Joint Stock Company require a minimum of 5 shareholders to be incorporated as a legal entity in Morocco. The minimum paid-up capital required for a Joint-stock company is MAD 300,000. A Joint Stock company is ideal if you wish to enter into a collaborative business venture with a Moroccan resident or company. Enterslice would help you set up a joint stock company in Morocco by providing Paper works support and tax planning for your company.

Challenges to new businesses

Company formation in Morocco can be a daunting task for small enterprises. International regulations, local laws, government approvals, and legal check listings are all crucial areas that require diligent research and analysis of the country's corporate landscape. We at Enterslice are equipped with all the right tools and skills to help you set up your enterprise in Morocco in the least possible time and cost-efficiently. Our customer-centric services are specially designed to enable you to tick - off all major compliance requirements as prescribed by the Ministry of Commerce, including selecting a name and company type, setting up a registered office, applying for registration certification, and obtaining regulatory approvals required for company formation in Morocco.

necessary paperations required for Company incorporation in Morocco

Identity Proof of Directors

Enterslice collects ID proof, such as PAN, Tan and CIN of the Directors of the existing enterprise for the purpose of submitting an application with the Ministry of Commerce.

Articles of Association

Enterslice held draft and notarised the charter necessary papers of the company, such as AOA, partnership/LLC deed, shareholding pattern and capital structure, and address proof, for obtaining a Certificate of Incorporation required for company formation in Morocco.

Certificate of Deposit

Enterslice opens a bank account to receive the minimum paid-up share capital of the company and funds. Thereafter, we collect the receipt from the bank confirming the deposit of funds in the account and notarize the necessary paper.

Proof of Business Residence

Enterslice would stamp and notarise the lease deed of the property leased out in Morocco as your company's registered office.

Tax Identification Number

Enterslice helps obtain the tax identification number from the Authorities, which is required to obtain a certificate of incorporation and comply with various tax, customs and transfer pricing regulations for company formation in Morocco.

Incorporation File

After obtaining all the necessary necessary papers from you, we will proceed to file them with the Regional Investment Center for approval (CRI). CRI approval Is necessary to file annual returns with the Foreign Exchange Office.


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Tax implication in Morocco

In Morocco, foreign entities setting – up their business have to register themselves with the commercial registry and comply with the minimum tax requirements of the Tax Tribunal. While forming a company in Morocco, you need to be acquainted with the taxes and accesses that operate here. Corporate Income Tax is levied at the rate of 20%, whereas the Value Added Tax on Goods and Services produced and imported is currently at 10%. Tax on withheld gains and profits is charged at 10 – 20% on certain components such as dividends and interest. Our team of tax experts at Enterslice helps you make diligent tax plans and ensure the corporate and capital gains taxes are paid as per regulatory guidelines.

Why go for Company formation in Morocco?

Strategic Location

Morocco is centrally located at the intersection of West Africa and Europe, two of the world's most commercially and locationally gifted regions. It is also a culturally and artistically rich country. Hence, Morocco makes an ideal destination for both heavy–duty import export and cottage industrial production for your expansion plans. At Enterslice, we can help you complete your search for an ideal investment destination by assisting you in finding the right business model for company formation in Morocco.

Affinity to Foreign Investment

Morocco has historically remained a region which is receptive to foreign direct investment and inbound capital transfer. As a result, the present foreign trade and commerce policy is fairly supportive and hassle–free for investors. We can help you further the process of setting up a business through our dedicated professional services boutique.

Cost of production

Company Incorporation in Morocco is a very inexpensive affair and subsequent business activities. Readily available raw materials and reasonably priced finished goods, coupled with the low cost of transfer, make it a very lucrative destination. Our Team at Enterslice is dedicated to providing a holistic set of services advisory and incorporation to Paper works support and financing. We are strategically placed to provide you with the best quality services.

Explore our Services

Advisory Support

Confused about how and where to start? Our dedicated team of professionals at Enterslice are equipped with vast knowledge and professional ground-work experience, which enables them to deliver quality services in response to your queries relating to selecting a capital structure, identifying a viable sector to break - into, setting up a registered office, obtaining statutory approvals and permits, planning tax outputs based on applicability and in proportion to the revenue share, conducting post incorporation due-diligence. We at Enterslice provide quality support across all sectors so that you can focus on your growth while we take care of the compliances.

necessary paperation assistance

Our team of legal and secretarial experts would cater to all your Paper works and filing needs, such as drafting charter necessary papers, AOAs, MOA, partnership deeds, lease agreements, supply and service agreements, employment agreements, vendor agreements, and notarising and registering necessary papers. At Enterslice, we are committed to providing your venture with timely and cost-efficient approvals from regulatory authorities without any hindrances.

Bespoke professionalism

We provide services that are tailor-made to your needs and ensure you are prepared for your new venture in the best possible manner. Our 24x7 dedicated customer support services are there for you at every issue you face while looking for the right balance of ingredients you require for your business.

State Incentives to Businesses in Morocco

Rebate and Exemption on Taxes

Morocco has several Free Trade Zones, which enjoy exemptions from various categories of taxes and charges, such as Corporate Income Tax, VAT, Withholding Tax, etc. These Free trade zones are designed by the government to encourage foreign investment in certain key sectors of the country. Enterslice provides a wide array of services, including registration for obtaining a Tax Identification Certificate, which is required to avail of investment-based tax benefits for company formation in Morocco.

Trade Agreements and Treaties

Morocco has entered into several tariff reductions and trade promotions with countries around the world. These agreements facilitate the import and export of goods to and from Morocco by reducing customs rates and also provide incentives to foreign investors. At Enterslice, our transfer pricing and corporate advisory services are strategically placed to provide you with the best possible trade strategy related to company formation in Morocco.

Liberalized Investment Policy

The government of Morocco has recently relaxed entry barriers to the country's local economy by making approval - obtaining process simpler and less rigorous, along with making regulatory filings easier and less intensive. We Enterslice deliver to perfection and ensure that you get the benefit of all the state incentives available to overseas investors for company formation in Morocco.

Cost of Company Formation in Morocco

The company Incorporation process in Morocco is quite simple and inexpensive due to the favourable exchange rate of the local currency. The one-time incorporation cost of a company in Morocco is MAD 10,000, which needs to be paid to the Regional Investment Centre. Furthermore, the minimum paid-up capital required is MAD 300,000. Other additional overhead charges include

  • MAD 230 for obtaining a Negative Certificate
  • MAD 35 for registration at the Commercial Trade Registry
  • MAD 200 for the Company seal
  • MAD 20 for Stamp Duty

Free Trade Zones for company formation in Morocco

Morocco is one of the few unique countries in Africa that operate free trade and tax-exempt zones. Setting – up your company in these FTZs can allow you to avail up to 5 years of tax holiday and various other sectoral rebates, subject to fulfilment of conditions. Currently, 12 FTZs are operational in the country, each having its unique significance. For example, the Atlantic Free Zone (AFZ) is built to promote maritime trade and tariff, Technopolis is a tech, and IT services hub, and Midparc is situated near the industrial centre of Casablanca. The utilities of these Free Zones heavily influence the choice and location of your business in Morocco. Our company's unique business intelligence and advisory services assist your enterprise with multiple crucial decision-making aspects, such as selecting the right business structure and sector, choosing the best location in order to avail tax and tariff-related benefits and helping formulate employment and HR policies for your company that benefit your company's finances.

Employment benefits in Morocco

You can avail benefits for your employees working in your company in Morocco as well. In the Midparc Free Trade Zone, there is a training subsidy available between EUR 2000 and 6000 per person annually. Our experts can help you formulate your employment contracts and policies, such as hiring, probation, termination, wages, etc., to make sure you stay compliant with the local employment and labour laws.

How our services help you stay ahead of the curve

Mitigating business risks

Our financial strategy team would assist you in identifying the key risk areas and mitigating them with sound financial forecasting and compliance upkeeping with our unique VCFO services.

Capitalizing state benefits

Our tax advisory services can help you in the best possible way to ensure that you make use of all the available incentives and benefits in tax-exempt zones and free trade areas.

Cash Flow and Accounting Management

Our team of financial analysts would provide and detailed research report of your cash-flow projections and advise the most suitable financial model for your business to ensure certain future growth.

Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Our full service package also comes with a comprehensive litigation support process, which enables you to stay vigilant and prepared in the event of any legal proceeding or issue with respect to your company, as per the laws of Morocco.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum capital required is MAD 10,000 (992 USD)

Yes, Foreign Nationals are required to pay an additional 10,000 to obtain a work permit.

The Government of Morocco permits the following types of business to be incorporated

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Private Limited Company
  • One Person Company
  • One Person Company
  • Representative Office
  • Liason Office


The major taxes applicable to foreign business in Morocco are Corporate Income Tax, Value-Added Tax, Withholding Tax and Personal Income Tax.

Yes, Morocco has entered several free trade agreements with almost all countries of the world.

Company incorporation in Morocco is governed and regulated by the Regional Investment Centre.

In order to obtain the Negative Certificate, you need to apply to the Moroccan Office of Industrial and Commercial Property (OMPIC)

No, a branch office does not require a minimum capital.

  • Strategic Location
  • Access to Both African and European Markets
  • Low tariff and tax rates
  • skilled and talented workforce
  • Growing Economy


The average time taken to incorporate an enterprise in Morocco is 15-17 weeks.

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