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Registering your company in Sri Lanka expands the business to the Sri Lankan mainland. To summarise, you do not need to be a Sri Lankan Citizen. Any foreign national can register or set up a company in Sri Lanka as an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or Incorporation (Inc) by following the due procedure. Today, entrepreneurs seeking to take their businesses to a global level are eager to set up a company in Sri Lanka. However, it may not be as simple as one may think. Given the multi-dimensional nature of the registration process, one needs to be aware of the registration process and other related requirements.

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Challenges to Expect

Financial modeling Services

Corporate Bank Account Assistance

Opening a bank account in the name of the company for its operations in the mainland of Sri Lanka is the first step of company incorporation, which is eventually a challenge due to alien local laws. Therefore, assistance is needed to successfully proceed with this stage, which is another challenge for finding the proper help.

Financial modeling Services

Business Model Selection

Business Model Selection is an essential part of company incorporation as it decides the benefits and the losses offered to your company by the government regimes in the future times. Moreover, the selected model must match the nature of business operations.

Financial modeling Services

Tax Regulatory Compliance.

Tax compliance must be handled; otherwise, neglected and missed-out compliances can further challenge the company's incorporation. Therefore, it becomes a challenge to abide by all the compliances for the smooth functioning of your company

Financial modeling Services

Local Address Registration

The local address is a mandatory requirement for the company's incorporation in Sri Lanka, which becomes a challenge for non-S Sri Lankan residents looking forward to incorporating a company in the mainland.

Types of companies

Sri Lanka laws and regulations specify a range of types of companies for incorporation that have been designed as per the needs of the economic market of Sri Lanka. This range of companies varies per the number of directors on board, paid-up capital, liability, shareholding, and business size. Following are a few such forms of companies to be registered in Sri Lanka:

1.Sole Proprietorship

In Sri Lanka, a sole proprietorship is a typical unincorporated business structure, meaning that usually just one person, the owner in place, owns these companies. Therefore, it lacks a separate or distinct identity from its owner. Consequently, all the decisions are made by the owner, and the profit and loss are associated with the owner's liability, resulting in considering business revenue as the owner's revenue.

2. Partnership

The partnership is an unincorporated form of company in Sri Lanka that asks for at least two individuals to come together to run the business. Here, only 2–20 individuals may be partners, and their partnership is governed by a contract that outlines the partners' obligations and responsibilities. The partners generally share equal liability regarding, either financial or legal. The same contract managing the partnership's operations also governs the profit-sharing ratio.

3. Private Limited Company

Going by the name, this company holds limited liability, and the number of directors or shareholders is also finite. This form of company is ideal for small businesses with limited liability and a smaller number of shareholders. You are not allowed to sell your shares via the stock market. Moreover, the minimum requirement for the board is two members, where one should be a shareholder and one should be a director. The upper limit for the number of shareholders also lands at 50.

4. Public Limited Company

A public limited company is a company that is open to public shareholding and is registered on a stock exchange. In such a company, shareholders shall range from a minimum number of seven to a maximum of any number, and for directors, there should be a minimum of 2 directors.

5. Company Limited by Guarantee

In this form of company, the Guarantors own the company rather than directors or shareholders. Moreover, there exist limitations of share issuances. A Company Limited by Guarantee's members operates for their contribution to the company's assets according to the specifications prescribed in its articles of incorporation.

necessary papers required for registration

Company necessary paper

Utility Bills Such as electricity, municipal tax receipts, or water bills, Memorandum of Association (notarised), Articles of Association (notarised), Board Resolution (If required), Publication of the decision to open the company in the National Gazette, Trade name for your company

Cash flow
Cash flow


Application Form for Registration and Fees, Application forms issued by the Trade Registrar.

Members’ related details

Passport Copies of all the Shareholders, Passport Copies of all the Directors, PAN Card (in the case of an Indian national) of all the desired Shareholders/Directors, Photo Identity Proof (Driver's License or any other registered photo ID card) of all the chosen Shareholders/Directors., Specimen Signatures of all the desired Shareholders/Directors, Passport Copy for NRIs/Foreigners Directors.

Cash flow

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At Enterslice, we're committed to giving our customers excellent service and ensuring that their financial needs are satisfied precisely and accurately. Our group of committed experts goes above and beyond to produce outstanding outcomes. Our top goal is to make sure you're satisfied. Therefore, we work hard to surpass your expectations by addressing your needs and worries and offering individualised solutions. We appreciate your trust and put in great effort to ensure you're delighted.


Benefits of company registration in Sri Lanka

1. Corporate friendly Atmosphere

Sri Lanka laws have been knitted to create a corporate-friendly atmosphere for businesses to breathe and grow. The environment assists in transparency and flexibility to the operations. This allows more businessman to stand their feet in the Sri Lanka market with a significant amount of ease.

2. Justifiable taxes

Sri Lanka's trade market is justifiable in terms of rates. Tax exemption is also available to provide a friendly economic state for entrepreneurs to enter and establish companies and businesses. This improves the business experience by reducing the tax burdens.

3. Strengthening Economy

Sri Lanka rules and regulations have drafted the Sri Lanka Political Climate to be stable, eventually attracting more and more investors to the companies. The Sri Lanka Market has witnessed a fair range of investors, human resources, customers, collaborations, etc., boosting the economy.

4. Diversified talent pool

Sri Lanka has a diversified range of Human Resources, so businesses use Sri Lanka as a go-to-market. Sri Lanka's emphasis on education has produced skilled professionals across various fields, ensuring a talented pool of skilled resources is accessible.

5. Liberal Market

The Sri Lanka Economic System has been regulated by such laws that produce a Liberal Market for investors to be attracted. The Sri Lankan market is considered one of the most liberal trade markets among the south Asian countries. This allows all sort of businesses to establish their foot into the market to stand with the market operations.

6.Foreign Investment Allowed

In most sectors, foreign investment is permitted up to 100%. The consequence is that foreign businesses' operating conditions are pretty lax. Moreover, Foreign investors are allowed to have ownership control over the company.

Company Incorporation Advisory

Enterslice offers a wide range of services, including company incorporation advisory services. With the help of a team of experts, we ensure that your needs are met and requirements are complied with, as customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. Company Incorporation Advisory includes the process of understanding and creating a plan of action for successfully bringing the company to the state of incorporation by understanding the local and respective regulations. Understanding the laws allows the team to serve the requirement plan for the successful incorporation process in any of the states in Sri Lanka, as the rules and structure differ from state to state and even city to city.


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Researchers have found that organisations adapting to the changing canvas of market practices and trends have better results than traditional and old approaches. Complying with the recent technological trends in the Sri Lankan industry, Enterslice focused on emerging start-up companies and brought innovation to their traditional Chartered Accountants and legal profession services, disrupting traditional Chartered Accountants' practice mechanisms and lawyers.

Know the Incorporation Steps


Pre- Incorporation:

  • Consultation Phase
  • Planning Phase
  • Company Structure [Company Name, Company Secretary, Registered address, company constitution]
  • necessary paper Preparation

Incorporation Steps

  • necessary paper Submission
  • Incorporation Approval

Post-Incorporation Steps

  • Public Notice
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Licenses and registration [Register as a taxpayer, Register for VAT, Stamp duty, Employee provident Fund, license application]
  • Engagement Completion

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Registration process

Step 1: Company Name Approval

Before proceeding with the other Paper works process, you must obtain the name clearance for your Business or Company name to be incorporated under Sri Lanka Laws. The name may be checked on the Department of the Registrar of Companies website. Once obtained, the reservation is valid for three months from the issue date.

Step 2: Registration Form Submission

Once the name is approved, you may submit the following forms: Form 1 [Company Registration], Form 18 [Consent and Certificate of Director], and Form 19 [Consent and Certificate of Secretary or Secretaries]. The form must be printed or typewritten according to section 475 of the Companies Act; otherwise, DRC does not accept handwritten forms.

Step 3: Articles of Association Submission

As per the company's act no. 7 of 2007, each company must have an Article of Association with specific details such as the company's Objects, the shareholders' Rights and Obligations, and the company's management and administration process. You may either adopt a pre-drafted PR standard set of Articles of Association mentioned under Table A of the Companies Act of Sri Lanka or draft your specific Articles of Association. You are required to submit two copies of the necessary papers.

Step 4: Public Notice Issuance

Under Sri Lankan laws, it is mandatory to issue a public notice mentioning the company's details, such as its name, registration number, date of incorporation, registered office address, etc. Such notice must be published in a local newspaper [all three languages: Sinhala, Tamil, and English] and at least one issue of a Gazette as well. Lastly, this announcement is supposed to be circulated within the Business area.

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Tax structure for incorporated companies

Corporate Tax

Regarding corporate tax, where the company's taxable profit exceeds Rs. 5,000,000, the rate for public Quoted is 30%, and for Others, it is 32.5%. For the dividends, the tax is liable at the rate of 10%


Necessities 5% Not eligible, except production machinery and motor vehicles for transportation, 15% Standard Rate 15%, 18% Luxury Rate 15% only. Exports and the supply of services from Sri Lanka used abroad are subject to a zero rate.

Withholding Tax

Another tax in Sri Lanka is withholding tax, which is charged on all dividends. It is set at 10% for dividends, 10% for Lottery Prize (> Rs.500,000), 10 % for interest, 10% for Treasury Bills, etc.

Frequently Ask Questions

Setting up a company in Sri Lanka is an east hunt if the following way is followed:

Select your company name < permission < Choose an enterprise type < Directors & Shareholders details submission < Prepare necessary papers and other forms < Fill online application < Incorporation < Issue a notice in the public newspaper

The cost of establishing or incorporating a company in Sri Lanka can vary between LKR 4,000 to LKR 40,000, which runs as per the type and size of the company.

Along with a few others, there is a requirement of the following necessary papers for incorporation of a company in Sri Lanka: Business Registration Certificate [original and photocopy]; Form 1 with photocopy [If a company is registered under the company Act]; VAT registration [Original with photocopy]; EDB certification [Original with photocopy].

Yes, an Indian can open a company in Sri Lanka, as incorporating a company in Sri Lanka is quite a hassle-free process compared to many other countries. It offers 100% foreign ownership for foreign individuals without any requirement of Sri Lankan Resident, but it comes with certain restrictions in some sectors for foreign Businessmen.

FORM 48 in Sri Lanks is the form for a statutory declaration by the director for Entry to qualification shares.

Sri Lanka is considered an investor-friendly state, providing tax relaxation and a stable and growing market and economic zone for investors and entrepreneurs looking to establish or expand their businesses.

Colombo, the heart of Sri Lanka, is the best city to start your business in, providing an economic environment with a stable political climate. It is the unquestioned central business hub in the country, where you will find government institutions, global corporations, and bust streets.

The pharmaceutical industry is the finest in Sri Lanka, with 50 billion rupees worth, 70% of which is owned by private institutions, and the rest, 30%, is managed by the public sector.

Doing Business in Sri Lanka comes with risk baggage, but it doesn't mean that no companies operate in Sri Lankan Market. There are companies doing export business and ranging in promising companies in the global market.

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