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Seamless Service For Company Formation in Kazakhstan for Global Expansion

At Enterslice, we provide quality services for company incorporation worldwide. Kazakhstan is a picturesque nation located in Central Asia, with historical and commercial roots with Russia and China that continue to this day. Kazakhstan is a major producer of petroleum, oil, natural gas, minerals, and agricultural products. A vast landlocked country with abundant natural resources, Kazakhstan is a major exporter of consumer products, fruits, vegetables, metals, and heavy engineering goods to the rest of the world. Owing to a country with heavy Ease of doing business potential, white and blue-collar industries like IT, consulting, real estate, and pipeline systems have begun to permeate the country recently, making it an all-season investment destination.

Expand your business overseas to the most investor-friendly destination in Central Asia. To know more about company formation in Kazakhstan and seamlessly gaining entry to Asian and European markets. Contact us Today to know more.

Types of business structures available for company formation in Kazakhstan

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

LLP is the most common form of business entity for company formation in Kazakhstan. In an LLP, the members can be held liable for the company's functions only in proportion to their shareholding in the LLP. We can help you from an LLP Business in Kazakhstan by preparing the charter necessary papers and agreements and making requisite filings with the government authority. LLP is the most common form of business entity for company formation in Kazakhstan. In an LLP, the members can be held liable for the company's functions only in proportion to their shareholding in the LLP. We can help you from an LLP Business in Kazakhstan by preparing the charter necessary papers and agreements and making requisite filings with the government authority.

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

A Joint Stock Company issues shares to raise funds to carry – out its business operations and is formed to achieve a common objective of the shareholders. In JSC, the risks and liabilities of the members or shareholders are limited to their corresponding shareholding in the company. Our experts can help you draw up the shareholding structure, partnership deed, and other necessary papers with the concerned authorities for approval.

Sole Proprietorship/Tradership

Company formation in Kazakhstan can also be done in the form by a sole proprietor or a sole trader, which implies the requirement of only one person for the purpose of setting -up a business. Though Sole Tradership is not a legally registered or incorporated entity in Kazakhstan, if the annual business turnover of the company exceeds beyond a certain threshold, the owner of the sole trader ship company is required to get itself legally registered as per the laws of Kazakhstan .

One of the benefits of company formation as Sole Proprietorship/Tradership In Kazakhstan is that the control, management and profits of the company remains in the hands of the sole trader only

Branch Office / Representative Office

A branch office is your official representative entity in Kazakhstan. Though a branch/representative office is not permitted to carry out any commercial activity in Kazakhstan, they are most commonly used for conducting business research and market surveys in the country. At Enterslice, we are proficient in helping you set – up a branch office in Kazakhstan by obtaining all the necessary approvals and permits from the Local Government.

Reasons for choosing Khazasktan as your business destination

Ease of Doing Business

Kazakhstan ranked number 25 on the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business Report in 2023 due to fewer trade barriers, Government incentives to foreign investors, and less corporate compliance. At Enterslice, our job is to make the filing and obtaining approval for Company incorporation in Kazakhstan less complex for you.

State Incentives on certain projects

The Govt. of Kazakhstan provides lucrative benefits to businesses working jointly with them in certain sectors. Businesses that complete a contract with the Ministry of Industry and New Technologies for infrastructure and energy projects enjoy exemption from corporate income tax for up to 10 years. Our experts at Enterslice ensure that your tax and financial planning is pitch-perfect to enable you to capitalize upon any incentive/gains provided by the state.

Industrial and Commercial Hub

Kazakhstan sits at the strategic hotspot of natural minerals and man-made manufactured end products hub. It is a sought-after nation for heavy-good industries and the fossil fuels market. If you are looking to set up your business in these sectors, Kazakhstan can be an affordable, accessible, and stable resource base. We at Enterslice can help you set up your enterprise by obtaining the necessary industry-specific licenses and approvals required for your industry.

Investor- Friendly Climate

Khazatan is making strides to attract foreign investments by making territorial penetration easier and smoother. The Foreign Investors Council (FIC) is a nodal body that promotes dialogue between the government and foreign investors. At Enterslice, we represent your company's interests before regulatory bodies to obtain their approval and enable you to set up your subsidiary/company in Kazakhstan.

Process of Company Formation in Kazakhstan

Step:1 Selecting Type of Business

Out of the four business types available to foreign investors in Kazakhstan (LLP, Joint Stock Company, branch Office, representative office, etc.), our experts at Enterslice help you choose the structure that best suits your long-term business goals,

Step: 2 Selecting a Company Name

We would verify the unique name you requested and check its availability with the Ministry of Justice (MOJ). Our team would apply for registration of your desired company name and verify if the authorities do not object to it.

Step: 3 Identify Company Representatives and their Details

To incorporate an LLP or JSC in Kazakhstan, you must nominate at least one director or shareholder, whereas, for a branch/representative office, one local resident must be identified. We at Enterslice collect the details of the official representatives of your company and submit the same to the MOJ for approval.

Step: 4 Fee Submission

After submitting all the required necessary papers at the MOJ MOJ online portal, we shall pay the registration fees of the entity being incorporated in Kazakhstan. The price for setting - up a company in Kazakhstan as a JSC is KZT 17,000, whereas, for all other business types, it's KZT 11,000.

Step:5 Obtain a Digital Signature

After paying your company's registration fee, we shall obtain a digital signature for your company by registering with the National Certification Authority (NCA). The NCA is the national registry for applying, verifying, obtaining and revoking a digital signature certificate in Kazakhstan.

Step:6 Registration for Taxes

After obtaining the Digital Signature Certificate, we shall apply for a tax registration certificate by making an application to the State Revenue Committee (SRC) by applying the e-link. A Tax certificate is necessary to apply for tax rebates and make annual return filings.

Step:7 Obtain Licenses and Approvals

Depending on your business structure and the type of business activity you are involved in, you are required to obtain necessary licenses and approvals from the relevant ministries and govt. Department Enterslice would help you apply to obtain the required clearances based on your business model.

Step:8 Bank Account Opening

For the purpose of receiving the minimum paid-up capital for a company in Kazakhstan, we shall coordinate with the local banking entities and open a bank account in your company's name.

Operational Requirements of Setting Up a Company in Kazakhstan

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP)

To set up a company in Kazakhstan as an LLP, you must invest a minimum share capital of USD 1. The company requires at least one director as its authorized representative and can be a non-resident of Kazakhstan as well.

Joint Stock Company (JSC)

A Joint Stock Company in Kazakhstan requires a minimum paid–up capital of USD 483,000 and one director and one shareholder to complete the incorporation formalities.

Branch Office

A branch office in Kazakhstan can be set up by appointing a local representative as a proxy representative of your interest in the country. There is no minimum paid–up capital requirement to set up a branch office in Kazakhstan.

Representative Office

A representative office is a foreign-owned entity that is only allowed to carry out market research and promote a parent company in Kazakhstan. You are not allowed to engage in commercial activities directly through your company’s representative office in Kazakhstan.

Business taxes in Kazakhstan

The Government of Kazakhstan has reduced or abolished certain taxes for the purpose of attracting foreign investment and cross-border trade. Corporate Income Tax (CIT) is charged at 20%; however, the same can be lower for smaller companies or companies generating revenue below a certain threshold. The VAT on revenue generated from the sale of goods and services is charged at a rate of 12%. However, VAT has been exempted on certain goods that fall under specific categories as specified by the government. Apart from these, one of the major tax relations is the formation of businesses in Special Economic Zones (SEZs) that enjoy huge tax rebates and holidays on multiple components of the sale and production of goods and services. Our tax experts at Enterslice help you avail the necessary tax rebates in Kazakhstan and annual filings.

necessary papers required for Company Formation in Kazakhstan

Charter necessary papers of the Company and Personal Details

Enterslice helps you draft and notarise the charter necessary papers of your company – The Memorandum of Association, LLP Deed/shareholders agreement, ID proofs of directors, passports and address proofs and registered address of the company and submit the same with the MOJ for verification.

Bank Account details

In order to open a bank account in Kazakhstan, we would assist you in making an application to the concerned local bank by attaching all the necessary IDs and incorporation necessary papers with the application form, along with a power of attorney.

Business License

At Enterslice, our specialized compliance and regulatory services would assist you in obtaining necessary approvals and permits from the concerned regulatory authorities and bodies according to the business activities of your enterprise.

Tax Registration

You are required to register your entity with the State Revenue Committee of the Ministry of Finance. A tax registration would help you avail yourself of several tax rebates and Ease of registration while setting – up a company in Kazakhstan within the Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Our experts at Enterslice would make the required filings with the concerned tax department and obtain the tax identification number on your behalf.


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Company Formation in Kazakhstan within Special Economic Zones (SEZs)

The Republic of Kazakhstan has several designated Special Economic Zones (SEZs) where foreign business can set up their interests and avail of tax benefits and tariff reductions. At present, there are 11 SEZs and Software Technology Parks in Kazakhstan that offer zero-rated VAT implications on select items and 100% exemption from Social Tax on the income of employees working in the companies situated in these SEZs. Additionally, the government has waived off several other taxes from the companies operating in SEZs as well, such as Land Tax, Property Tax and Corporate Income Tax (subject to conditions). Enterslice helps you obtain the necessary registrations with the SEZ tax authorities by providing the necessary papers and disclosures required for your company formation in the Khazakstan process in these specified Free Zones.

Why consider Kazakhstan For Business Setup?

Kazakhstan is an ideal destination for you if you wish to expand your business overseas, both in the service sector and production sector. With the presence of several tax avoidance treaties and relaxed trade barriers, the economy is moving towards more technology and a digital, accessibility-based industrial base. As a result of several multilateral treaties with countries the world over, Kazakhstan is expected to experience a massive inflow of investment in the IT and Outsourcing consulting market. Our skilled experts at Enterslice can help you set up your company in Kazakhstan by obtaining all the necessary business licenses and transfer pricing approvals from the Foreign Exchange Department necessary for company formation in Kazakhstan.

Challenges to company formation in Kazakhstan

Complex license procurement procedure

Being a major producer of primary goods, Kazakhstan has an abundance of natural resources and mineral reserves and, at the same time, a strict preservation policy by the government. Therefore, it can become tedious for some businesses to procure government licenses without plausible difficulties. At Enterslice, our job is to make use of our local resources to help you obtain those permits and licenses in a timely manner and without much hindrance and make your company formation in Kazakhstan process swift and seamless.

Translation of necessary papers

The local government mandates that the necessary papers necessary for Company formation in Kazakhstan should be notarised and presented in the local language of Khazaki or Russian. This can pose a challenge for foreign investors who might not have a team of professionals proficient in making necessary papers or translating them into the local language. Our experts at Enterslice are adept at translating company necessary papers of your entity in Cyrillic script and getting them notarised with the local bodies to facilitate your filing process.

Tax Registration and Filings

Company formation in Kazakhstan entails a complex process of registering for various taxes and periodic filings. Also, if your company is incorporated in an SEZ, you are required to comply with even more registration requirements with the designated authorities in the SEZ. Our Tax experts at Enterslice can assist you in procuring the requisite licenses and permits required in the process of company formation in Kazakhstan and in these tax-free zones.

What makes our services stand apart?

Efficiency and pragmatic approach

We understand that no straight-jacket formula can cater to everyone's business needs. Every client has a different enterprise and unique needs therein. Our efficient business and financial services can help you shape your company the way you desire.

Over a decade of experience

At Enterslice, our work speaks for itself. What an experience it was to incorporate over 100 high-value enterprises across the globe! We can assert that our services are trustworthy, and you can rely on your business in our hands without any worries.

Pan – Global Presence

Our team at Enterslice conducts in-depth research and analysis of about 200 jurisdictions of the world and provides a comprehensive analysis of all possible aspects of incorporating a company in a particular country. Enterslice is truly your global partner when it comes to setting up a company in Kazakhstan and all other allied services.

Licensing Regime in Kazakhstan

Reduced licensing requirements

The government has recently reduced the number of industrial activities that require compulsory separate licenses and permits. Currently, there is a requirement for only one composite certificate in the company formation process in Kazakhstan.

Single–window clearance system

The single-window licensing system makes procuring all required clearances easier in one go. This has made it easier for foreign investors to procure the statutory clearances required for company formation in Kazakhstan.

Time-bound approval system

State administration mechanism in Kazakhstan is very efficient in ensuring businesses do not face issues with obtaining industry licenses. As per the state policy, your business shall receive an incorporation license within 25 days of submitting all the necessary papers, whereas in the case of small companies, the same is seven days for company formation in Kazakhstan.

E-license application process

Industrial licenses in Kazakhstan can be procured online through the Republic of Kazakhstan's e-filing system. Through the e-filing portal, your company formation in Kazakhstan application process becomes seamless and cost-efficient.

Cross border trade and Tax – Avoidance Treaties

Eurasian Economic Union

Kazakhstan became a founding member of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) in 2014 and entered into a customs-duty reduction treaty with Belarus, Russia, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. The objective of the trade bloc was to lower tariff rates on select trade commodities among these former Soviet States. The policies and tariff rates of EAEU comply with the principles laid down by the World Trade Organization.

World Trade Organisation

Being a signatory to the WTO accords, the Republic of Kazakhstan has assented to over 44 bilateral agreements on goods and services. These agreements help facilitate cross-border trade, reduce tariffs on essential commodities, promote regional cooperation, and make Kazakhstan a reliable destination for foreign investment.

Information Technology Agreement (ITA)

A by-product of the WTO accords, the Republic of Kazakhstan has been a party to the ITA since its inception in 1996. The agreement aims to lower tariff rates and cross-boundary customs pricing on the export and import of IT-related products and services. As a result of the accession of the agreement, there would be a complete elimination of tariffs on trade in IT Products.

Double Taxation Avoidance Treaties (DTAC)

The Ministry of Finance is the key body responsible for forming and implementing treaties to avoid double taxation on international trade. As of now, there are treaties with 55 countries and states in place that prevent dual tax liability on the import and export of goods to and from Kazakhstan.

Business Potential in Kazakhstan

In recent years, state policies in Kazakhstan have seen a shift from primary, industrial-based production to more technology and outsourcing activities. With the establishment of Software Technology Parks, Special Economic Zones, and Trade-Free Areas, foreign investors are incentivized to consider Kazakhstan an ideal business destination and consider company formation in Kazakhstan to be a prudent business decision. Several projects like the National Entrepreneurship Development Project and Business Roadmap 2025 are steering the economy towards a holistic technology-complaint hub for IT and financial services in the coming years. The proliferation of the startup ecosystem in the country accentuates new-age technology-based growth, which is infusing foreign investments from global technology giants and multinational corporations. Also, an abundant, skilled and educated workforce makes executing ground operations an even easier task for your business. Our job at Enterslice is to assist your business in devising a strategy to enter the local market at the right time and place so that you reap the best rewards and benefits available to businesses opting for company formation in Kazakhstan.

What our clients say

Our organization is a key player in the startup and financial services advisory market, with years of experience in assisting our trusted clients in setting - up a company in Kazakhstan and ventures in other foreign jurisdictions. Our esteemed clients hail our services as cost-efficient and effective as desired. Purposes. Our team of highly proficient and skilled experts are adept in positing your company in the right manner to be 100% business compliant and structurally compatible with the regulatory needs of the target country. Our specialized Virtual CFO financial and audit analysis system and corporate advisory services are uniquely designed to cut on both time and cost and help you focus on your business while we take care of the ancillary requirements. At Enterslice, you will find solutions to all your business needs under one roof.

How do you choose your business structure for company formation in Khazakstan?

Selecting the right business type for your company in Kazakhstan from all the available options can be challenging. While a Limited Liability Partnership is beneficial if you wish to keep your business operations limited and retain control over a few key people of the company, a private limited company can help you obtain statutory licenses easily if your business activity falls within the ‘regulated activities' category. On the other hand, a sole proprietorship helps you save taxes and avails you of state benefits available to small-scale industries in Kazakhstan. At Enterslice, our professionals provide dedicated advisory support to your team and ensure that your choices are best suited for your own growth. We provide a complete forensic and analytical analysis for your company to identify all possible risk areas and work out the best possible solution for your needs.

Socio/Geographic factors conducive to company formation in Kazakhstan

Stable Economy

Kazakhstan ranked no. 25 on the Ease of Doing Business list of World Bank in 2022. A stable political climate and drive towards urbanization have given a boost to the technological revolution in Kazakhstan after the country's formation. With steady projections of future industrial growth, Kazakhstan is an ideal space for businesses to set up.

Sound Resource Base

Kazakhstan has a vast natural and man-made resource base, ranging from metals, oil and natural gas reserves, textiles, FMC goods, real estate, and services such as tourism, business outsourcing, and consulting. Also, the resources are being well–utilized due to the abundance of skilled workforce.

Ease of Cross-Border trade

With the presence of several Tax Avoidance Treaties, Tariff-reduction agreements, and a Central Location, Kazakhstan has become a highly attractive destination for an influx of trade and trade-related activities. Setting up a company in Kazakhstan as a Liason office or company formation can enable small businesses to expand their activities through a virtual presence and limited capital requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • Limited Liability Partnership
  • Joint Stock Company
  • Branch Office
  • Representative Office


The Ministry of Justice is the major agency responsible for granting certificates of incorporation to companies in Kazakhstan.

In Kazakhstan, Corporate Income Tax is charged at 20% on corporations, and VAT is 12% on the sale of goods and commodities. However, these rates can be lower as well based on exemptions for certain categories of goods and smaller companies.

  • Exemption from CIT, VAT, property tax and land tax
  • Conditional Exemption from social tax for five years
  • Exemption from customs duty
  • 100% reduction in Social Tax


Yes, Kazakhstan was ranked no. 25 on the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index in 2022

  • Articles of Association/partnership deed
  • Local Bank Account details
  • ID proof of Directors and Shareholder
  • ID proof of local representative
  • Tax Registration Certificate
  • Notarised copies of all the abovementioned necessary papers in the local language


  • necessary paperation and advisory services
  • Financial analysis and risk mitigation
  • Local Residency and membership approval
  • 24x7 Dedicated Customer assistance
  • Skilled and Experienced Professionals
  • Time-intensive delivery of services.
  • End-to-end transaction support


It takes around 4-6 weeks to get approval from the E-Business Registry of your Company Incorporation in Kazakhstan.

Currently, you can incorporate a company in Kazakhstan with a minimum paid–up capital of 100 Tenages ($0.70)

The most popular form of business in Kazakhstan is LLP.

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