An Overview of Company Registration in Jordan

In the Middle East, Jordan is regarded as the second-smallest market for various resources. As a result, there are not many resources in this nation. After Iran, Yemen, and Palestine, Jordan has the fifth-lowest yearly purchasing power on the Arabian Peninsula. In Jordan, it is quite easy to register a corporation because it only needs one shareholder and one director to get started. Any nationality is acceptable for the director and shareholder. Jordan has formed notable trade agreements with nations like the United States of America. 100% free trade with the USA is permitted under the USA-Jordan free trade agreement. Businesses can be easily incorporated in Jordan with ease with Enterslice's proper assistance.

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Eligible Business Structures for Company Registration in Jordan

The following are the eligible business structures for company registration in Jordan:

1.Jordan LLC (WLL)

A Jordan LLC can be formed with a minimum of one director and one shareholder. This type of entity must have a minimum capital of JD 30,000, which must be divided into indivisible shares with a minimum value of JD. This kind of entity's directors' and shareholders' liability is restricted to a certain degree. To create this kind of entity is simple.

2. Jordan Public Limited Company

A joint stock company that lists its shares on a public stock exchange would be equivalent to a Jordan public limited company. This kind of entity can only be formed with one shareholder. In addition, a previous contract needs to be signed with the business. A Jordan Public Limited corporation needs to have paid-up capital of at least USD 100,000. This type of entity's directors' and shareholders' liability is restricted to a particular extent.

3. Branch office

An extension of the overseas parent firm is a branch office that is established in Jordan. The parent firm is responsible for the branch office's liabilities. It is permissible for a branch office to engage in profitable operations in Jordan. This kind of company would have to file annual reports. To incorporate this kind of corporation, the foreign parent company needs to designate a representative from Jordan. In addition, the foreign parent business needs to demonstrate that local operations will be conducted in Jordan. The Companies Registrar must receive audited financial statements.

4. Jordan Offshore Company

An offshore firm in Jordan would only be established to undertake contract signing tasks with businesses outside of Jordan. A simple lease agreement is needed to establish this kind of organization. These businesses would be exempt from payroll and corporation taxes. These businesses must still provide yearly financial statements, though. If an investor wants to create an offshore corporation, he might register a business in Jordan.

5. Representative Office

An extension of the overseas parent firm is a representative office established in Jordan. The parent firm is responsible for the representative office's liabilities. A representative office is not permitted to engage in any profitable operations. The representative office is only authorized to do marketing and promotional tasks on behalf of the overseas parent firm.

Minimum Eligibility Criteria for Company Registration in Jordan

Minimum Number of Directors and Shareholders

When registering a corporation in Jordan, an applicant must designate a minimum number of shareholders. For instance, an LLC may only be established with a single shareholder in Jordan. As a result, the application must meet the minimum shareholder requirement. Additionally, an applicant needs to meet the prerequisites for directors of a corporation. In Jordan, an LLC could only have one director. The minimum statutory requirement for registering a company in Jordan is this.

Cash flow
Cash flow


To create a branch office or representative office in Jordan, a foreign parent business would need to designate a representative. The foreign business needs to demonstrate that it does domestic business.

Comply with The Companies Law No. 22 of 1997

An applicant who wants to create a company in Jordan must comply with "The Companies Law No. 22 of 1997

Cash flow

necessary papers Required

The following necessary papers are required for company registration in Jordan:

  • Application Form- Fully Filled:
  1. Information on the company
  2. Capital Information of the company
  3. Information on the promoters and directors of the company
  • Any other relevant information about the company.
  • Draft Memorandum of Association
  • Draft Articles of Association
  • Lease Agreement 
  • Information on shareholders
  • Foreign Directors and Shareholders Passport and Visa.
  • Information on Appointment of Representative.

Procedure for Company Registration in Jordan

The applicant must adhere to the following steps to register their company in Jordan:

1. Name Approval

The name of the company must be reserved first and foremost. The name of the business must comply with Jordan's Companies Act.

2. Minimum Capital

The applicant must meet the minimum capital requirements after obtaining the company's name. The AOA and MOA would make mention of this.

3. Deposit Money in Bank

The required minimum capital must be deposited if a foreign shareholder establishes the company. Certain firms are exempt from certain regulations when it comes to bond deposits.

4. Obtain Ministry of Trade and Industry Directorate approvals

Following this phase, the Ministry of Trade and Industry Directorate must be contacted to obtain the required approvals.

5. Make an application

The completed application must be submitted with the appropriate paperwork. Following this, the ministry would review the supporting papers and, if everything is well, would issue the application with a certificate of incorporation.

The incorporation of Free Zone Companies

The Investment Law No. (30) of 2014 governs the incorporation of businesses as free zone corporations. Thus, a designated and segregated area of land inside Jordan that is especially devoted to luring in investment and commercial activity is referred to as a "free zone". Free zones are not subject to customs regulations or their enforcement, which permits products located in these zones to be legally considered to be outside of Jordan to apply the Investment Law. For the Investment Law, a Free Zone Company is considered a "Registered Company," defined as an individual registered at the "Investment Commission" founded by the Investment Law.


Reasons for Starting a Business in Jordan?

In Jordan, people choose to launch their enterprises for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons for this is that business owners think local markets are safer than international ones. Jordan provides numerous opportunities for prosperity, including free trade zones and a free economy, which is another factor. Additionally, company owners would rather work with Jordanian partners than with foreigners. Their chances of success in their business endeavours are increased as a result. Additionally, because the majority of businesspeople work inside their social circles or local groupings, they frequently use word-of-mouth marketing to advertise each other's companies.

Benefits of Company Registration in Jordan


USA-Jordan Free Trade Agreement

Jordan has engaged in many free trade agreements with other nations. The USA and free trade agreements are among the most well-known. As a result, US multinational corporations can reexport goods with little levies. This has numerous advantages for investors.


Renewable Energy Companies

For the first ten years, businesses that produce and distribute renewable energy are exempt from taxes.


Free Trade Zones

Jordan is home to more than ten free trade zones. Therefore, if an investor registers a company in Jordan and the company is incorporated in this free trade zone, the investor will receive a lower corporation tax rate. There is no VAT imposed in this free trade area, and corporate tax is imposed at a rate of 5%.

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Compliances for Company Registration in Jordan


Meeting of Shareholders

A shareholder meeting must occur at least once a year. The Companies Registrar must receive copies of every shareholder meeting. Statements of Finance - The Ministry of Finance must receive all company necessary papers and financial accounts.


Lease Agreement

In accordance with Jordanian law, every business needs a lease. This agreement has to be in effect for a full year.


Articles of Association

The company's articles of association must be accessible to the public for perusal by Jordanian regulations. There must be information about the directors and stockholders.

Corporate Tax

In Jordan, the corporate tax rate is a mere 14%. Comparatively speaking, this tax amount is lower than that of other Arabic Peninsula jurisdictions. The Jordan Investment Promotion Act, also known as the Jordan Investment Promotion Law, offers a 3% corporate tax reduction to businesses engaged in specific industries, such as tourism and agriculture. The duration of this business tax is ten years.

Jordan Company Formation Cost

Numerous variables, including the kind of corporate entity, the company's location, and the services needed, might affect the price of registering a company in Jordan. The intricacy of the registration procedure and the services required will determine the legal and notary expenses. Get the efficient support of Enterslice, and we will make you feel worth the money.


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Forming a company in Jordan is an appropriate choice if you are searching for a jurisdiction with high business opportunities. The cost is the first thing you should consider when planning to establish a company in Jordan. With Enterslice's cost-efficient service, you will set a one-stop solution for all your company registration and post-registration support. Get in touch with us and send your plan if you intend to launch a company in Jordan. Even if you don’t have an idea about formation, we have the right team of professionals to lead, assist, and fully explain everything to you.


Frequently Ask Questions

Every company in Jordan has a distinct minimum capital requirement. The minimum capital required for an LLC is JD 30,000.

The "Companies Law No. 22 of 1997" is the primary statute governing company registration in Jordan.

After Bahrain, Jordan is thought to have the second-smallest market in the Arab world. Therefore, the Middle East would be a fantastic place to invest if your business wishes to launch operations there at a low cost.

The following are the benefits of incorporating a company in Jordan:

  1. USA-Jordan Free Trade Agreement
  2. Renewable Energy Companies
  3. Corporate Tax
  4. Free Trade Zones.

An LLC is the most often used business structure in Jordan since it is very easy to incorporate.

An example of a business model is the LLP form, which:

  1. It is set up and functions according to a contract.
  2. Offers freedom without enforcing complex procedural and legal obligations.
  3. Makes it possible to mix financial risk with professional/technical skill and initiative.-using capability creatively and effectively.

A major benefit of starting a business in Jordan is the extensive network of support available. "The kingdom now has a strong startup ecosystem, with the government providing tax breaks and other initiatives to assist business owners in launching their ventures."

You must go to the Central Registration Directorate and the closest Ministry of Industry, Trade, and Supply office to register your business in Jordan. The trade registration officer will electronically complete your application there. These are the necessary papers that you will require: an ID card if it's not a Jordanian passport.

According to this study, the most significant challenges faced by entrepreneurs in Jordan are those related to funding and logistics, labour distribution, operating experience, information acquisition, establishing business relationships, and networking.

The official investment promotion organization of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is called the Jordan Investment Commission (JIC), previously known as the Jordan Investment Board.

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Companies in Jordan can be formed with just one director and shareholder, making business registration very easy. A shareholder and director may reside in any nation. Thus, it is clear from the above that establishing a business in Jordan is straightforward. Our team of corporate professionals has extensive expertise in assisting individuals and organizations in registering their businesses in Jordan, and we have a successful track record in all of our services. By offering a hassle-free online company registration process, Enterslice seeks to simplify business registration and address the challenging company formation procedures.

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