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Effortless Company Formation in Bangladesh with Enterslice's Expert Guidance

Explore the burgeoning exchange panorama of Company formation in Bangladesh! Bangladesh stands as a promising vacation spot for worldwide commercial enterprise expansion due to its strategic importance, value-effective operations, and ample assets. With compelling benefits inclusive of competitive labour charges and streamlined right of entry to overseas investments, it emerges as a super ground for advancement.

At Enterslice, our challenge is to optimize your pleasure in company formation in Bangladesh, Bangladesh's swiftly developing market. As a main consultancy firm, we offer comprehensive and tailored steerage services. We empower companies of all scales, from start-ups to mounted establishments, to thrive by facilitating seamless company formation in Bangladesh established order and turning in pinnacle-notch economic, regulatory, prison, and advisory help.

Easy Access to International Air and Sea Routes in Bangladesh

Bangladesh's strategic seaports and airports serve as pivotal hyperlinks connecting several global destinations throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. These gateways play a vital role in company formation in Bangladesh, facilitating global exchange, streamlining the motion of products, and improving tour experiences. Efforts are consistently underway to enhance and extend these transit hubs to hold up with escalating demands. 

Specifically, seaports remain instrumental in bolstering global alternatives by efficiently coping with full-size volumes of box site visitors and numerous shipments. Despite huge improvements in Bangladesh's air and marine connectivity, ongoing infrastructure improvement is imperative to satisfy the escalating demands of company formation in Bangladesh in the worldwide economic system.

Furthermore, lively engagement in worldwide trade agreements and collaboration with neighbouring international locations' global representations function as catalysts for expanding connections and assisting transformative adjustments. This cooperative method promises to elevate company formation in Bangladesh in the global trade arena.

Repatriation of Income and Profits to Home Country

Bangladesh lets foreign businesses transfer their earnings and earnings returns to their home nations, albeit through a wonderful policy and approach. The capability to repatriate dividends and profits holds huge importance for foreign buyers, and Bangladesh has mounted express protocols to facilitate those transactions. To repatriate their income, overseas buyers must adhere to the suggestions mentioned by Bangladesh Bank, US authorities, and foremost banks.

Typically, a repatriation request is routed via a licensed provider, frequently a commercial financial organization. However, the feasibility of repatriation hinges on assembly-specific conditions and furnishing important Paper works consisting of audited monetary statements, tax-exemption certificates, and various relevant reputable duties. It's important to highlight that repatriation techniques in company formation in Bangladesh are regulated using forex policies, emphasizing the criticality of compliance with regulatory frameworks.

Growth Oriented Economy

Bangladesh distinguishes itself as one of the globe's fastest-developing economies, owing to several pivotal factors riding its prosperity. Specifically, the fabric and apparel sector will be the linchpin of Bangladesh's financial prowess, drastically bolstering its energy and position inside the export marketplace. This quarter is central to Bangladesh's financial system, making sizable contributions to exports, especially to the US.

Bangladesh is a main arena and primary exporter of cloth and apparel globally, supporting the economic increase in the US and concurrently developing a great volume of employment possibilities for company formation in Bangladesh.

Company Formation Landscape in Bangladesh

When considering organizing a company formation in Bangladesh, it's critical to be aware that the major company incorporation in Bangladesh is a non-stock enterprise. Additionally, there's an option for establishing a sole proprietorship. The non-public restrained business enterprise shape presents a favourable prison status, ensuring shareholders with restricted liability.

According to the Companies Act of 1994 in Bangladesh, individuals aged 18 and above are eligible to register an organization. Before registration, an invitation from an organization approved by way of the Bangladeshi authorities is required. A minimum variety of directors is important for a privately restrained organization, and they can be both Bangladeshi nationals and foreigners. Directors ought to meet stringent criteria, being at least 18 years old and owning an easy financial record without prior convictions of financial disaster or misdemeanours.

Benefits of Company Formation in Bangladesh

Strategic Location

Bangladesh offers numerous blessings in terms of its proximity and connectivity, mainly with neighbouring and international markets. Its geographic region locations are near essential South Asian markets, which include India and China.

No minimum capital is required

In Bangladesh, there may be no mandatory minimal capital requirement certain for company incorporation in Bangladesh, specifically for a non-public confined business set up in Bangladesh, underneath the Companies Act.

Foreign Investment is permitted in all sectors except a few

Bangladesh keeps a good stance closer to Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) and has welcomed overseas capital across numerous sectors. This approach aims to stimulate economic increase, facilitate an era switch, and generate employment opportunities in the United States.

Tax exemptions and subsidies for entrepreneurs

To foster entrepreneurship and inspire commercial enterprise establishment, the Government of Bangladesh has carried out numerous tax incentives and subsidies. These tasks include tax exemptions brought for brand-new industries and particular sectors as a method to incentivize and sell economic increases in the United States of America.

Types of Business setup in Bangladesh

Private Limited Company

A personally restrained company incorporation in Bangladesh offers restricted legal responsibility, restricting its participants' economic and legal responsibility to the quantity of capital contributed. It lets in for full foreign possession, and the minimum paid-up capital requirement stands at USD 1. This sort of organizational structure is flexible and might engage in a wide variety of sports. It necessitates a minimum of members to provoke this entity formation.

Public Limited Company

A publicly restrained agency differs from a personally constrained business setup in Bangladesh. In a public confined company, it is registered with a stock trade, and its stocks are publicly traded. A minimum of 7 shareholders is needed to set up this form of organization. The minimum proportion of capital needed for the formation of any such agency in Bangladesh is USD 1. This company incorporation in Bangladesh, the shape is flexible and can interact with diverse types of activities

Subsidiary Company

A subsidiary corporation is a company that is beneath the manipulation or ownership of another business enterprise, referred to as the determined employer. In Bangladesh, overseas funding starting from 50% to 100 hundred% is permissible in a subsidiary business enterprise. To set up a subsidiary, not less than shareholders is required, and the capital requirement is USD 1.

Branch Office

A department workplace serves as a possible choice for market exploration before starting up full-fledged operations in Bangladesh. Establishing a department office in Bangladesh does not necessitate a distinct minimum funding amount. Furthermore, contributors may not be required to open a department workplace because the foreign figure employer controls the entity. This form of business setup permits one hundred% foreign direct funding in Bangladesh.

Representative Office or a Liaison Office

A consultant workplace generally engages in advertising, studies, and improvement activities on behalf of the figure/main office. To begin a representative workplace, no minimal capital is remitted. Additionally, there is no duty concerning the minimal number of individuals essential to establish or function in this workplace.

Pre-requisites of Company Formation in Bangladesh

Type of Structure

The critical preliminary step in company formation in Bangladesh is choosing the most appropriate shape. This involves a comprehensive evaluation of the pros and cons of each machine available, ensuring a cautious assessment of their blessings and drawbacks earlier than you make a decision.

Minimum Capital

The minimum capital required for both private and public groups to comprise a commercial enterprise and join the Memorandum of Association (MOA) in Bangladesh is USD 1.

No. of Shareholders

The required number of shareholders for a private limited company is two.

The required number of shareholders for a public limited company is seven.

Eligibility Criteria for Company Formation in Bangladesh


The number of minimum directors required in company formation in Bangladesh is 2. For a public limited company, it is more. The directors must be at least 18 years of age and must not be bankrupt or criminally convicted for any offence.

Minimum Shareholders

The minimum number of shareholders required for a company is two, and the maximum is 50

Authorized Share Capital

There is no minimum amount of capital that should be authorized.

Paid-up Capital

The paid-up capital for a company formed in Bangladesh is 1 Taka for a local company and USD 50,000 for a foreign-owned company.

necessary papers Required for Company Formation in Bangladesh

To initiate company incorporation in Bangladesh, the following critical files must be furnished:

Name Clearance Certificate, Articles of Association (AOA), and Memorandum of Association (MOA) obtained from the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC).

An announcement about the organization, approximately 450 words long, in step with RJSC suggestions.

Completion of all schedules associated with the gadgets clause.

Complete and correct statistics on Form IX.

Details regarding the subscribers and directors concerned within the company formation.

Registered cop with records associated with the enterprise's Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Details of shareholders, consisting of passport facts for overseas nationals conserving shares inside the organization.

The process to register a Company in Bangladesh

Name Clarification

The initial step for obtaining name clearance includes the applicant visiting the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) website. On the RJSC website, the applicant can apply for name clarification or clearance. Following the submission of the software and payment, the RJSC website will problem and legit clearance for the chosen organization call.

Business Bank Account

A business financial institution account is needed if the business is included as an overseas entity in Bangladesh. During this system, the organization's shareholding shape is considered. If the company incorporation in Bangladesh, plans to rent a foreign worker, an incoming charge of USD 50,000 is essential. Following this transaction, the bank issues an encashment certificate. This certificate turns into a pre-requisite for the incorporation technique with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC).

Business Registration

The very last step in the procedure of company formation in Bangladesh entails company incorporation in Bangladesh. This is performed by submitting all the required information electronically at the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC) internet site. After the submission, RJSC verifies the provided files. If no troubles or discrepancies are found for the duration of the verification method, the certificates of company incorporation in Bangladesh will be issued for the enterprise shaped in Bangladesh.

Challenges to Expect while Company formation in Bangladesh

Bureaucratic Processes

Company incorporation in Bangladesh, calls for navigating through various bureaucratic approaches, which may be time-consuming because of bureaucratic purple tape. The approval technique includes engagement with a couple of authorities’ bodies, mainly to prevent delays in obtaining vital approvals. These bureaucratic intricacies can contribute to the lengthier period of setting up a commercial enterprise in Bangladesh.


Corruption poses an extensive mission in Bangladesh. It is critical to stay vigilant and make certain that all transactions and interactions adhere strictly to legal and ethical requirements. Despite efforts made through Bangladesh to address corruption and decorate its business environment, times of corruption may additionally persist. Remaining conscious of these challenges and continuously adhering to lawful and moral practices is critical for engaging in company incorporation in Bangladesh.

Language Barrier

Even though English is widely utilized in company incorporation in Bangladesh and official files, there may also nonetheless be a language barrier, particularly whilst coping with authority officials or local government who won't be fluent in English.

necessary paperation Requirements

The agency formation manner in Bangladesh includes sizeable Paper works, necessitating the education and submission of numerous essential necessary papers to the applicable authorities, notably the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and Firms (RJSC). It is vital to ensure that all these necessary papers are meticulously organized, assembled with precise requirements, and in proper order to facilitate a clean and compliant enterprise registration procedure.

Tax Structure for Incorporated Companies in Bangladesh

In Bangladesh, numerous taxes, corporate profits tax, and others are imposed on business operations. Corporate earnings tax is usually implemented on the taxable profits of corporations, both nearby and overseas, at the standard corporate tax price. Dividends dispensed with the aid of companies to shareholders are concerned with withholding tax, with varying prices.

Moreover, organizations are generally mandated to gather and remit Value Added Tax (VAT) on items and services they offer. The popular VAT rate is applicable, even though exemptions or decreased rates may apply to particular items or services.

Companies might also be required to make improved tax bills based totally on their predicted annual income, with these bills credited in opposition to their final tax liability. The National Board of Revenue oversees tax regulations and ensures compliance.

Bangladesh imposes diverse taxes, along with Corporation Tax, VAT, Customs Duty, Excise Duty, Social Security, Payroll Tax, Transfer Tax, and Stamp Duty, which affect groups running within the USA.

Company formation Services Provided by Enterslice in Bangladesh

Incorporation Services

Our experts assist with the entire company incorporation in Bangladesh process, including name reservation, memorandum and articles of association preparation, and submission of necessary necessary papers to the relevant authorities.

Business Structuring

Enterslice provides advisory services on choosing the appropriate business structure based on the nature of the business, such as a private limited company, sole proprietorship, or partnership.

Legal and Regulatory Compliance

Enterslice ensures that the newly incorporated company complies with all legal and regulatory requirements, including obtaining necessary licenses and permits.

Bank Account Opening

Enterslice facilitates the process of opening a business bank account, including the preparation of required necessary papers and coordination with banking institutions.


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Why are Enterslice services best for starting a company in Bangladesh?

Customer focus

Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services

It is very important in terms of customer focus. While providing commercial services, our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services prioritize customers’ needs and complaints.


Enterslice attaches importance to time management as it is essential on the path to personal success and even more important for business management. Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services focus on the needs of all our customers to exceed the agreed deadline.


Enterslice has a unique advantage in adapting to different management levels and business environments. Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services believe that the synergy created by business setup in Bangladesh services can help organizations succeed.

Benefits of working with Enterslice that you cannot miss!

High-quality and reliable team

When working with professional services, there is a professional team, and Reliability is a must for either efficient or successful work. A Construction company is for compliance or other business services. In-depth knowledge and understanding of local regulations

Compliance and marketing Link with Thai authorities

Enterslice has a strong Thai presence and connection with Thai authorities, which is a valuable asset for display businesses. The organization facilitates better interactions, increases compliance, and helps build relationships with government agencies.

Our Commitment to Excellence Quality


Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services are committed to providing first-class service to our customers and ensuring that their business needs are met with truth and accuracy. Our team of professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional results.

Customer satisfaction

Your satisfaction is our priority. Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services strive to exceed your expectations by listening to your needs, addressing your concerns, and providing personalized solutions. Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services value your trust and work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.

Continuous improvement

Our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services believe in constantly improving our services to stay ahead of the trend. Our team is dedicated to understanding new business setup in Bangladesh and best practices to deliver innovative solutions that lead to success.

Frequently Asked Questions

The process of starting a company in Bangladesh involves three different steps: Name clearance, Opening a bank account and reporting capital payments, Company formation.

The cost of starting a company in Bangladesh varies between 60,000 Taka and 400,000 Taka.

Entrepreneurs must apply for a name certificate from the Registrar of Companies and Companies (RJSC). After receiving the certificate, the next step is to pay the tax to the selected bank and apply for business setup in Bangladesh with the RJSC.

Yes, Indians can start a business in Bangladesh.

The nine steps to start a business in Bangladesh are Approval from an RJSC Bank account in Bangladesh, a Business license from the local government, Obtaining a Business Identification Number (BIN) and Tax Identification Number (TIN) and buying an office in a business. Describe the map and business map for permission to build a factory. Import and export license Fire protection certificate for factory or corporate office Approved by the appropriate organization for BRCL business contract

Registry officer of joint stock companies and trade names. Talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services for further guidance.

Company details can be checked with the help of external experts or by visiting the Department of Business and Administration (BIDA) website. Talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services for further guidance.

Yes, Bangladesh is a good country for business. It allows companies to easily export their products at affordable prices. Talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services for further guidance.

Bangladesh's main industries include cotton, textile, jute, clothing, tea making, printing, cement, fertilizer, sugar, light industry, etc. is located. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

The main problem of business setup in Bangladesh is the short supply time of suppliers. Delay in payments by commercial customers Inadequate work Ignorance of commercial customers Fraud. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

Bangladesh's most important source of income is agriculture. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

The textile and garment industry is the best in Bangladesh. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

Bangladesh's main export products are jute and jute products. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

Yes, foreign companies in Bangladesh can employ foreign workers. However, for this, you need to contact BIO. Companies must send $50,000 to the bank to confirm hiring. For further guidance, talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services.

Dhaka is the best place to start a company in Bangladesh because it has the most traffic. Talk to our experts from company formation in Bangladesh services for further guidance.

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