Overview of Recovery of Shares from IEPF

The amount transferred to the IEPF fund can be returned to the claimant. The shares, dividends or any interest on the debentures that remain unclaimed for more than 7 Years are transferred to the IEPF account of the Investor Education and Protection Authority. The IEPF authority is set up to provide education and promote awareness among investors.

The amount that remains unclaimed by the shareholders or the claimant can be transferred from the IEPF to the account of the claimant. Before dematerialisation, the shares were held in physical form and the chance of them getting lost or misplaced was high. Hence, it becomes impossible to recover shares from the IEPF authority. It may include deceased shares, unclaimed dividends, unclaimed shares, unclaimed interest or any other unclaimed amount that is liable to get transferred into the IEPF account.

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Services Offered


Recovery of Investment

Our recovery professionals helps in the recovery of unclaimed shares, dividends, interests on debentures, PPF and other amount deposited in the IEPF. Our professionals will try to recover all the amount from the IEPF without any hassle.


IEPF claim

Our recovery professionals will aim to bring the unclaimed investment back from IEPF and assist them in searching for uncalimed shares. The recovery from IEPF requires a lot of effort. Our recovery professionals will ease the investor’s efforts and consult them in every step.


Transmission of shares

Our recovery professionals will assist the investors in transmitting the shares in their name that are in their ascendant’s name. This includes transmission to the legal heir(s) through succession certificate, will or probate of a will.


Dematerialisation of shares

Our recovery professionals will assist the investors in converting their physical shares into dematerialised form. All the compliance assistance will be provided by our experts required in the process of dematerialisation.


Search of Unclaimed investment

Our recovery professionals will help investor search for their unclaimed investments with companies and IEPF authority. This enables the investor to claim their shares fully.


Assist in preparing necessary papers

Our recovery professionals will assist the investor in preparing the succession certificate, will, the probate of will and other certificates that need to be submitted with the IEPF.


Recovery of lost investments

Our recovery professionals will assist in recovering investments that got lost due to unforeseen circumstances. They will assist the investor in tracing the lost shares, dividends and interests.


Mismatch of signatures

Our recovery professionals will assist in recovering shares from IEPF that are stuck due to a mismatch of signature or any other information in the share certificate.


Filing with IEPF

Our recovery professionals will assist investors in filing IEPF form 5. The filing of the form is a complex task and requires professional assistance.

Enterslice Procedure


Estimating the Total Claim

We will first calculate the total unpaid amount that is transferred to the IEPF authority and differentiate between the different amounts receivables.


Filing a claim

We will then make claim against all the amount at the IEPF authority and file IEPF Form 5 form along with the required necessary papers.


Assist in Compliance

We will comply with all the necessary papers and aims to resolve the issues associated with the process in a timely manner.

Why choose our service?


Successful recovery

We aim to provide full assistance to our clients. Being professional in the area, we try to recover all the amount of clients that are transferred to the IEPF.


Expert Individuals

We are committed to our clients and aim to provide their best experience. We have recruited recovery professionals who have years of experience in the field and have a higher success rate.


Personal assistance

We have customer friendly approach to our clients. We make personal interactions with our clients to assist them in every step. The personal interaction with the client clears all the doubts and increases their confidence in us.


Legal expertise

We have legal experts who will provide assistance in case of any dispute. They will help in the preparation of legal necessary papers and initiating any legal action.

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necessary papers required form you

  • Self-attested copy of Pan card
  • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar Card
  • Original Share certificate
  • Cancelled Cheque or a copy of Passbook
  • Marriage certificate or Gazette Notification, if there is change in the name
  • Self- Attested Copy of Address proof
  • Original Death Certificate, if joint holder is deceased
  • Copy of transaction statement in which the previous transaction takes place

Clients That Rely on Enterslice Solutions

Our Clients include some of the biggest brands in Insurance, Software and IT, Banking, Financial Services, and Environment sectors.

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