Overview of Issue of Succession Certificate

Without a will, the heirs must prove their claim against the deceased's property. In such cases, the heir is required to submit a succession certificate. A Succession certificate is a document that certifies the particular individual to be the rightful successor of the deceased individual. This certificate enables the rightful claimant to realise the debts and securities of the deceased person. The court issues it for claiming movable and immovable properties. The heir(s) or the successor of the deceased is eligible to apply for the succession certificate if the deceased has passed away without intestate or making a will.

The competent court issues the succession certificate under the Indian Succession Act, 1925. The holder of the succession certificate is entitled to receive benefits that accrue from the property. Issuance of the certificate does not give the right to the holder of the certificate to claim right, title and interest over the claimed property of the deceased.

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Services Offered


Filing of Petition

The petition will be filed in court along with the necessary documents. Our professionals will assist in preparing the petition and filing it on behalf of the client whilst managing all the appearances.


Legal consultancy

Our professional agents are skilled and have expertise in the legal domain of the succession certificate. The professionals will provide legal consultancy in every step of the succession certificate.


Managing Appearances

The process of a succession certificate requires a lawyer appearance before the court. We have professionally skilled lawyers who will make a court appearance on behalf of the client.


Bond Preparation

The court sometimes requires that a surety bond be submitted after the issuance of a succession certificate. Our agents will prepare a surety bond and file it on behalf of the client according to the instructions of the court.


Hearing of Objections

After hearing both the parties, the court shall publish a notice in the newspaper. We will appoint a lawyer who will hear all the objections on behalf of the client and prepare a rebuttal for the objections.


Documentation and Drafting Support

We provide end to end support in drafting of paperwork and arrangement of all required documents for seamless service experience for the customers.

Enterslice Procedure


Assist in Preparing the Petition

We will analyse the document of the client and prepare a suitable petition that determines the claimant’s best interest.


Publication of Newspaper

We will then help the claimant in the process of publishing the notice n the newspaper for the purpose of inviting any objections.


Advice on Drafting Replies

We have a team of seasoned Advocates who will draft the replies to objections and appear on behalf of them.

Why choose our service?


Skilled lawyers

We have a team of skilled lawyers with years of expertise in the field. They will provide a systematic approach toward the realisation of a succession certificate from the court. From the process of preparing legal documents to the process of appearing on behalf of the client, our legal experts will handle all the legal implications.


Consult directly with our legal expert

We aim to provide the best possible experience to our clients. Our client can directly contact the domain expert and acquire top-notch consultancy. The skilled legal professional will solve every problem of the client and provide the best possible solutions.


Maintain Confidentiality

Our agents will maintain confidentiality with the client and provide transparency in every step of the process. Confidentiality will build faith in our service and builds trust in the minds of the clients.


Worldwide service

We offer worldwide services in different domains. Our global service will include incorporation of NBFC, Recovery, legal consultancy, Company incorporation etc.

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What are the benefits of a Succession Certificate?

  • Proof of legal heirship for all the securities
  • Transfer of Easement Rights and attached rights of the property.
  • Claim Shares or Securities and other assets
  • Provides clarity to the nature of succession of the property of the deceased
  • Easy of transfer of all the shares and securities of the deceased to their Legal Heirs
  • Legal and undisputed division of property of deceased

Clients That Rely on Enterslice Solutions

Our Clients include some of the biggest brands in Insurance, Software and IT, Banking, Financial Services, and Environment sectors.

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