Overview of Recovery of Dividend from IEPF

The dividends from part of returns on the shares. It can be understood as the income generated from the investment made in the shares of a company. However, these dividends remain unclaimed for many reasons, including the death of a shareholder, lost share certificate, remain in transit for a long time due to the transmission of shares.

Due to this, these shares remained unclaimed for many years. Therefore, after some time, the company transfers these unclaimed dividends to the IEPF funds. Now, the claims must be made to the IEPF authority to recover these dividends. The transfer of dividends to the IEPF account protects the investor's interest, restricting the company from forfeiting these amounts. The dividends can be claimed by the shareholder/nominee(s) or legal representative after submitting necessary necessary papers at the IEPF authority and are transferred directly to the respective DEMAT accounts.

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Services Offered


IEPF Form 5

We will assist the claimant in filing the IEPF form 5. We will file the form on behalf of the claimant so there will be no mistakes.


Connecting with the Nodal Officer

We will connect with the nodal officer of the company and handle all the Paper works processes involved. It will include submitting a copy of the IEPF form and other relevant necessary papers.


Compliance advisory

We will advise the claimant in every step of the process so that their recovery process is smooth due to non-compliance with any Laws and Regulations.


Litigation Services

There are chances where the recovery of dividends could not get initiated due to some legal complication. We will provide the claimant with legal advice and litigation service so that the recovery can effectively be made.


Connecting with IEPF authority

We will visit the IEPF authority on behalf of the claimant. It will ensure timely submission of necessary papers and direct liasioning with the regulatory authorities.


Improper Execution of Shares transmission

Due to improper execution of the transmission request, the dividends remain unclaimed for many years. We will provide assistance to the claimant so that the shares transition request can be executed properly.

What is the procedure adopted by us?


Filing IEPF Form

We will assist the investor in filing IEPF form 5 and submit other necessary papers, including share certificate, KYC necessary papers, Succession certificate, legal heir certificate, will etc., with the IEPF authority.


Arbitrate with the RTA

We will then connect with the RTA/Company to facilitate the recovery process and assist in sharing necessary information on the matter.


Assistance with Nodal Officer of IEPF

We will mediate with the nodal officer of the IEPF in case any complexities arise during the recovery process.

Why choose our Service?


necessary paperation Expert

We have a team of necessary paper experts who are well-versed in the normalities involved in the process. They are professionally skilled and do the job without any mistakes.


Liasioning Officers

We have a team of liasioning officers who are dedicated to performing recovery activities with the companies or regulatory authorities. They have years of experience with the relevant process and aim to recover the whole amount from the regulatory bodies.



We believe in maintaining good relationships with our clients. We diligently focus on every client and provide the best solutions to their problems.


Legal Experts

We have employed legal experts who will handle the disputes of the client and maintain secrecy at all levels. They also aid the teams with various compliance procedures.

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What necessary papers are required from you?

  • Copies of Dividend Warrants
  • Copies of Share certificates
  • Copies of Bank statements
  • Self-attested copy of Aadhaar card
  • Self-attested copy of Pan Card
  • In case of the death of the holder, a duly notarised death certificate
  • Will left by the holder

Clients That Rely on Enterslice Solutions

Our Clients include some of the biggest brands in Insurance, Software and IT, Banking, Financial Services, and Environment sectors.

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