what is Public Limited Company registration?

A Public Limited Company has more credibility and transparency in business than a private limited company. Public limited company has high financial exposure to source capital from the Public as Equity or debenture or deposit. A public limited company can register with a minimum of three Directors, and Public limited always preferred if you have a broad vision from startup to IPO.

A public limited company has all the advantages of the Private limited company and the ability to have the unlimited number of members; shares can be quickly sold or and offer more transparency for shareholder lenders, creditors, and bankers.

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Advantage of Public Limited Company 

Limited Liability

Liability of Members and Directors of the Public limited company is limited to their shares. It means that if the company suffers from any loss and faces financial distress because of primary business activity, the personal assets of shareholders / Members / Directors will not be at risk of being seized by banks, creditors, and government.

Continuity of Existence

The life of a business is not affected by the status of shareholders and even after the death of the shareholder, the Public limited company continues to exist.


Borrowing Capacity

A Public limited company enjoys unlimited source for the borrowing of funds. The public limited company can issue debentures, equity and can also accept deposits from the public. Financial institution, even prefers to render financial assistance to large public limited company


Company Registration Process:


DSC (Digital Signature Certificate)

All Propose directors  of the company should have a digital signature and digital signature will use to file the registration forms, ROC compliance E-forms, and Tax returns.


Director Identification No (DIN)

You will get an approval email from the Registrar of companies that you are now eligible to be a director of a company. .


Company Name approval

After a Trademark search, we will proceed to file a Name Approval form to ROC on your behalf. 


Final Incorporation & CIN

After Name approval from the Registrar of Companies, we will file final incorporation form to the Registrar of Companies. 



Then we will file PAN Application. 


Documents required

From All Directors and Shareholder.

For Proposed Registered office (Residential or commercial)

FAQs on Public Limited Company

1. Do I need to be present during this registration process?

Company registration is a 100% online process. No need to be present physically to our office or ministry of corporate affairs. We will send our person to your home or office for document signature.

2. What are AOA and MOA?

AOA refers to articles of association which defines the internal constitution of the company, and MOA defines mission, vision, business objectives of the company in the log run.

3. Do I need to hire a full-time CA/CS?

No. you need not hire a full-time CA or CS. We will offer your annual compliance package thru you will get the right advice from our team.

4. How much time is required for registering a Public limited company in India?

Usually, we register a company in 15 business days.

5. What are the rules for picking a name for a Public limited company?

As Per companies act 2013, company Name should be unique, and business objectives should be added to the name. Also, do care that business name and legal should be different.

6. What documents are required for registration of a Public limited company?

All proposed directors should provide identity proof (like Aadhar/ Passport / DL/ any other government issued ID, Utility bills as address proof, a copy, PAN Card (for Indian Nationals) and Passport (for foreign nationals). No-objection Certificate must be submitted by the owner of the registered office premises.

7. What is a DSC & DIN?

The DSC is an electronic device issued by CA by which you can sign electronic documents. DIN is a director identification number, for registering a company at least two proposed directors should have a valid DIN.

8. What is the validity of the registration of a Public limited company?

A registration certificate issued by the registrar of the business is valid until infinite until you are meeting applicable compliance.


Compare Your Options

Particular Public limited Company Private Limited Company Limited Liability partnership One Person Company
Recommended For Growth Stage and also for early stage with broad business vision Early-stage entrepreneurs  with broad business vision Professional service firms Small business and owned by a single promotor
Venture capital Funding  Very easy Very easy Not Possible Not Possible
Limited Liability Protection Yes Yes Yes Yes
Dividend tax Yes Yes No No
Deposits from Public Yes No No No
Share listing in stock exchange Yes No No No
Strategic Alliances and Joint venture Yes Yes No No
Credibility 10/10 7/10 3/10 2/10


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