Why do you need Founders' Agreement?

There are many things involved in a business setup. There are times you incur losses, and sometimes you will make huge profits. The agreement will play a crucial role in indicating the percentage of profit or liabilities each founder will bear. It makes things easy for you to know the way forward from your startups. Reasons why you need Founders' agreement?

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Patent registration - why you need one for your invention

Inventing is not something everyone does, but apparently something everyone wants to take credit forAnd by everyone, we mean anyone from the closest of friends to a family member through to a good neighbor-turned-eavesdropper. Of course, it is wise to first seek the opinion of the people around you before executing an authentic idea but it’s also worthwhile taking into account the possible consequences of your gullibility.

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Why Some Startups Win?

The era of the Millennials has been accompanied by an increase in the number of entrepreneurs. Consequently, the number of startups has also increased. Despite the increase, Patel, Neil, a contributor to Forbes magazine, asserts that approximately 90% of the startups today fail and only 10% succeed. Currently, potential entrepreneurs want to understand why only a few startups succeed. This article discusses some of the major reasons that contribute to startup success.

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Traits of a Successful Salesperson in Startup

B2B sales can be a tough road to pursue with more and more startups coming onto the market each day. The only way you are going to be successful in such a tough, competitive world is to be a stand-out in an otherwise crowded field.

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Private Limited Company vs. LLP: What’s Best For Your Startup?

One of the essential decisions startups need to make when starting their business is in the organization of the business. Many startups face a dilemma whether to choose Private Limited Company or Limited liability Partnership (LLP). The decision you make will determine how the business is taxed, who can share ownership of the firm and who is held accountable for the company’s debts. The essentials enumerated in this article will guide you to decide on the structure of business.

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