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MNC’s are increasingly affected by tax, legislative and regulatory developments.

Therefore to understand the impact of these business operations and transactions plays a vital role in company’s success. Thus we shall help in structuring the business, both locally and globally in the process of international structuring process.

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When international structuring is required?

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  • International structuring is required when the organization is planning the cross- border acquisitions, disposals etc.
  • When the organization needs to repatriate profits and manage circulation of cash within the group, or in case to reinvest it.
  • It helps in analyzing and understanding the problem area.
  • When an organization needs advice on tax when organizing a group of companies.
  • When intellectual property and intangible assets needs to be managed.

Our framework of International structuring includes:

  • Inbound and outbound structuring
  • It is useful in determining the demands, expenses, operating costs, legal costs, revenues and financial benefits
  • Coordination of various country specific structuring
  • Implementation of effective and tax efficient cross- border strategies for both inbound and outbound investments.
  • Keeping in view the new developments within the international tax arena.
  • Full support on tax compliance and accounting matters.
  • Optimizing the business model.
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