Accounting services are important aspect of the organization as accounting, turnaround, costing are all dependent upon it. It is a mode that can help in assessment of organization's financial.
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Operational Support

Accounting Health check
The accounting health check means a complete assessment of the financial and accounting aspects of the organization. For this process an eminent professional in the management is required, so that he can prepare a comprehensive data relating to the accounting practices followed, preparation of data, and other accounting policies. Areas of strengthening is required to be assessed, in order to achieve to the next level. Preparation of various policies and implementation of strategic ideas are required in order to have a well-defined accounting health check. In this process proper guidance relating to current turnover and profit, business aspirations, operational and accounting systems, key performance indicators are discussed and evaluated. The business structure, tax efficiency, growth prospective are also considered in accounting health check.

Accounting Policies and Procedures
For a comprehensive framework of internal control in the organization, a well-designed and properly maintained system of accounting policies helps in enhancement of accountability and consistency in the organization. Accounting policies and procedures help in formulating and implementation of well-defined accounting and management in the organization.

Internal Controls
A proper guidance in respect of growth of the companies by way of streamlined internal control system helps in continued reliability of the organization. A proper and accurate accounting record, well informed financial decision, financial reporting is required as a part of internal control system to be effective. CFO of the company helps in assessment and implementation of these above mentioned processes.

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