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The major challenge nowadays is to manage the cost of business. Therefore cost management is required in an organization as it is a process of planning and controlling the budget of a business. It is a form of management accounting which allows a business to predict impending expenditures to help reduce the chances of going over budget. Thus it is a planning, estimating, budgeting, financing, funding, managing and controlling costs so that the tasks can be completed within the approved tenure and budget. This helps in ensuring competitiveness in long run. Activities performed by Enterslice shall include:
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  • Analyzing of business objectives
  • Establishing budget costs, reports, preparation of charts etc.
  • Evaluating cost savings, excessive costs, efficiency etc.
  • Comparison of actual cost and standard costs.
  • Identification of scope of areas to improve cash flow cycles.
  • Reviewing the cost structure.
Strategic Graph
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